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 Thanks for the heads up!  I just picked up a pair of brown suede Peal and Co wingtips for $119.  Crazy deal!
Ordered the tan Strandmok today from the shoebank sale.  I needed a versatile, durable shoe that could be worn with jeans and chinos.  The dainite sole is a plus.  The reviews of the shoe on AE.com have been very positive.   Will post pics when I receive them.  They should arrive tomorrow.   http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF4026_1_40000000001_-1_4028  
New boot on the site called the First Avenue.  I think this will be a fan favorite.  Wish it came in brown.  
 I'm in.  @DJTraveler
FYI - The Strand is available in Chili calf from Nordstrom.  I don't see it available directly from AE.  Might be a special make-up exclusive to Nordstrom.
 Good to know.  Thanks for the update!
 Yup - the blue leather neumok is on sale for $182.90. None of the Filson duffels are on sale.
 If you're not already one, you need to be a Nordstrom Rewards cardmember to get access to the "Early Access pre-sale" July 10-17.  For me, after I log into Nordstrom.com and search for "Allen Edmonds Strand", the sale walnut Strand appears. 
 I'm able to see the walnut Strand on sale for $239.90 and the black McAllister for $242.90.
Early Access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started today.  They're selling a unique make-up of the Neumok.  Seems to be a rough collection type leather with a light brown welt.  The color is Acorn Hillfire.  Might be a preview of a new color leather coming to us in the Fall.  
New Posts  All Forums: