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  The rubber is stitched on.  A portion of the leather sole, from what I can tell, is cut out so that the rubber sits flush.  So yes, from what I can tell, there is a leather sole above the rubber.
  Yes.  Lately I've been getting mine re-soled with the v-tread tap sole.  I typically hand-write the sole I want at the bottom of the order form I download from the website.
  I actually typically use the Natural edge dressing.
Save an additional 20% off the Kenilworth, Dalton, Norwich, Sanford, and Fifth Street at Amazon.com using promotion code "MARSHOES".  Promotion ends March 31st.
  I like the red ones the best.  I think they're pretty sharp.
Heads up - some new Webgems were just added to the site, as well as the Spiaggia and the Brady.
The Neumok MLB webgem we've been hearing rumors about is listed now under the Custom section of AE's website for $199.  Basically just a neumok with an MLB logo imprinted on the side of the shoe.    
  I've been having all my re-crafts done with the v-tread tap sole lately.  Good call!
      It's a bay near the Allen Edmonds factory.
While browsing Shoebuy I came across this new Whitefish Bay model.  Looks like something you'd see from Sperry or Sebago.    
New Posts  All Forums: