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    Hmmm - they should be open on the weekends.  You could also try the other Shoebank near Milwaukee.  Call 262-785-6666 and ask for Adam.  He's one of the best SA's I know.
  I'd call the Shoebank first.  They may have some 2nds still available.  The next option would be Nordstrom Rack or eBay.
  Thanks again for following up on the possibility of bringing the Soho or Evanston back from the dead! :)  Those Leeds look amazing!
  How did you get your hands on the Franciscan in brown?  AE's site only has it in black and walnut at the moment.
    Another potential alternative to the Soho is Grenson's Lewie.  Although both are goodyear welted, I still much prefer the fit and quality of AE over Grenson any day.    
  Wearing my recently re-crafted walnut Evanstons today.  Really hoping we can get this or the Soho custom ordered for us!    
    I wear a 9D in both the 0 and 5 last.  In my opinion the 0 last has a tad bit more room in the area around the ball of my foot in comparison to the 5 last.
    I'm for sure in.  My #1 preference would be the Soho in bourbon with the v-tread tap sole.  But you're right - it's a discontinued model so not sure they could bring it back from the dead.  Really appreciate your willingness to take this on!
    I would buy either the Soho or Evanston as a special order in a heartbeat.  Especially in bourbon!  Who else wants in?  I remember someone else on this thread did a group custom order.  Perhaps we can reach out to their same contact at AE. 
  One of my favorites!  I have the Soho in saddle brown, cognac, and black - still wear them all the time!
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