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  I picked up bourbon Dalton 2nds for $199 with this current sale.  It appears the $199 price for calf is not limited to walnut.
  Similar to the Strand but with a double oak sole.  Very interesting!  It's also on the same last as the Dalton, which I prefer!
  Here ya go:  
A web search produced this definition:Brush-Off Leather: First the leather tannery adds color to the leather, and then in the boot manufacturing process a brushing wheel takes off some of the color for a richer finish.
  FedEx came early.  Here are my bourbon Dalton 2nds straight out of the box.  Can't really find any major defects yet!  VERY HAPPY!  In the 3rd picture thought I might as well show these off in front of my own bourbon.       
The stock photos of the bourbon Dalton have been loaded to the website.  I'll post my own photos later today once I receive my pair of 2nds.  
  Just received the FedEx shipping notification for my bourbon Daltons.  Should have them at my doorstep tomorrow afternoon.  Fingers crossed I get a good pair! :)
    They are on a different last, but personally I wear the same size in the Strands as I do in the Dalton.
Just purchased the Dalton in bourbon for $199 from the Wisconsin shoebank.  Will post pics once I receive them.  Amazing deal!!
  Those were my first as well!  A gift from my uncle.  Also been hooked ever since.
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