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The stock photos of the bourbon Dalton have been loaded to the website.  I'll post my own photos later today once I receive my pair of 2nds.  
  Just received the FedEx shipping notification for my bourbon Daltons.  Should have them at my doorstep tomorrow afternoon.  Fingers crossed I get a good pair! :)
    They are on a different last, but personally I wear the same size in the Strands as I do in the Dalton.
Just purchased the Dalton in bourbon for $199 from the Wisconsin shoebank.  Will post pics once I receive them.  Amazing deal!!
  Those were my first as well!  A gift from my uncle.  Also been hooked ever since.
  Personally, I prefer the McAllisters because they have a single oak sole.  I feel the double oak sole on the Sanderson adds a bit more weight to the shoe - of which I am not very fond.
  This is a rather inexpensive option from Ikea: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S09908441/  
The Mora 2.0 is finally up on the website!  
  Man, that bourbon wholecut is a beautiful shoe.  I'm not particularly a huge fan of the 333 last, but I'll have to try it on nonetheless when it arrives at my local AE store.
  It's a scam website.  Do not order from them.
New Posts  All Forums: