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  Thanks for the heads up!  Big fan of the chili color!
Just purchased the bourbon Strands.  I'm leaning toward colored laces.  Any recommendations on color?
Does anyone know how I can bookmark this thread in IE or Chrome so that the most recent post appears on the page after clicking the bookmark?
  They typically drop to $7/pair around Black Friday.
  The rubber is stitched on.  A portion of the leather sole, from what I can tell, is cut out so that the rubber sits flush.  So yes, from what I can tell, there is a leather sole above the rubber.
  Yes.  Lately I've been getting mine re-soled with the v-tread tap sole.  I typically hand-write the sole I want at the bottom of the order form I download from the website.
  I actually typically use the Natural edge dressing.
Save an additional 20% off the Kenilworth, Dalton, Norwich, Sanford, and Fifth Street at Amazon.com using promotion code "MARSHOES".  Promotion ends March 31st.
  I like the red ones the best.  I think they're pretty sharp.
New Posts  All Forums: