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The new Rogue and Warwick have landed on AE's site.  They're on the 201 last like the First Avenue.   The 201 last is the newest last introduction from the Product Development team. This last has a higher cone, providing more room for a higher instep and contemporary shelf appeal. The toe down has fuller forefoot width for more comfort and slight chisel to the toe profile, providing a sleek looking aesthetic which complements our iconic 65 last.  
The walnut Hale has been brought back from the archives.  Available in AE's clearance section.  I own this shoe and love it.  It's on the 8 last.   Stock photo: ITW:
There's a 9D "Players 2.0" in brown grain available on the shoebank.  Looks like the Player's shoe is getting a reboot in 2015.  No image available online though.   I recall many had issues with the last feeling too tight in the forefoot.  Maybe it's on a new last?
AE's "After Holiday" sale is live.  Eagle River marked down to $197.
PSA: The Shoebank has a brown cordovan Townley in 9D available for $299.
 Thanks!  Wish AE would sell them on their website.
 Where do you buy your flat laces?
 And here's my bourbon pair to further entice others :)  
Crosspost from the AE Appreciation Thread: 
Some of the special Black Friday styles are hidden under the Online Exclusives section:   Eagle River (basically the Eagle County with a lug sole): The teak Long Branch that has been showing up lately on the shoebank: The McClain has been resurrected in a brown "polished" leather:
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