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We are pro's here, and are willing to help. Unfortunately your definition of help is not one we share.  This thread is dedicated to bragging about thrift finds.  Sure flip talk makes its way in, but its kept to a minimum, or surface remarks only.  And just to be clear, we do not help by doing your homework for you unfortunately.
Etro Gray Herringbone Hunting Tweed Throat Latch Hacking Sport Coat Jacket
Just catching up on the thread tonight - and I can't stop LOLing at Wes comment. You should start drinking early, more often. Haha
That suit is straight BALLER! You live in a warm area, you should hang onto it for a year and try and find a nice party to wear it to! Worse case you sell it in a year and probably won't lose much of anything.
In 5 years eBay TRS will require you to have your own personal drone unit to deliver interstate purchases in less than 12 hrs.
Is anyone else as excited to see Straight Outta Compton as I am?
LOVE that been-had sweater!!  Very cool!
Tben - I'd take that shaq jersey off your hands if it were a size bigger! I already have enough jersey outside my size in storage for collection purposes
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