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You can call eBay - explain to them why you need this return looked at. Whether you offer returns, no returns, have them escalate that into a case for you, and close it on the phone. Once it has been turned into a case, and decided in your favor - they can no longer leave any feedback.
Deets? What made him so good? I know there are some that just grasp the understand of selling / buying with a grounded & level headed approach. Was this the case?
Hell yea! Thanks guys. I search some abbreviation sites, but none has BB. That's going in the memory bank!
Does anyone know what the 40% BB stands for?
Shiny, do u have a pic of the content tag on the small blade?
To everyone that PM me about khaki proxies: I quickly went in again to check on things. A lot of stuff in ur sizes were cleared out - as I had found out this sale has been going on for over 2 weeks now. But on top of all that - I wasn't able to spend as much time as I really wanted because we had to head back home a bit earlier than expect. My son had gotten pretty ill overnight and we gotta get back to tend to him. So I'll respond to PMs later, but just as a heads up -...
That thing is insane lol. I guess it's a nice piece to lounge around the house in when the weather is frigid.
Oh yea, I also kop'd a christys brown rabbit fur pelt fedora hat. For about 80% off retail.
Yo Barrel - today was epic bro. Hella fun kickin it! Gonna hit up khakis again 2mor with the mrs - and prolly kop some more stuff.
I just wanted to say, when I had visited khakis today, I had a great time! Michael was super helpful with everything. I had spent over an hour downstairs at their sale items. I was blown away by the sale prices. Apparently the prices they had only happen every so many years! NWT selvedge jeans at 30$. Incotex, j Lawrence, ring jacket pants - flannel, donegal, etc; at 30-50$!! There was so much more. If anyone is in the area, I would highly suggest you take advantage of...
New Posts  All Forums: