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Wow eazy, that thing is sick!!
    Sweet mother of God, I just received the same feedback Looks like Wes was a target as well --But on a serious note, it appears the buyer had used that feedback verbiage for a specific seller in the past, named Hollysauctions.  Appears she never changed the words, and was auto inputting the same verbiage, of course until recently, when it seemed to have changed after we fell victim.
I didn't know your name was Holly!  I ran into this not too long ago.  It threw me off, when getting into larger sizes like yourself.  So I had the cap'n set me straight.  Basically, its never just a -10 and ur set.  The correct and accurate way to figure out the size is to multiply the eu size, x2, and divide by 2.54.  - I think I got that right... So in your case, a eu 64, would equate to roughly a 50 US
If you want to give a thread member a heads up about something you left at a thrift, requesting a PM will help us all out.
Wow that 3pc is fire. What's size spoo?
That jacket is sick! And the price seems crazy high
Bummer. I'd still grab the hanger lol
Can't wait for my kids to be of age to take part in video games. I have a ps4 that just basically sits here. Although I am looking forward to the new mortal combat.
now that's wassup. I still have my golden eye, along with super smash bros, which is prolly my fav.
I envy your night, I miss Mario Kart.  N64 ftw!  Shit I still have mine somewhere, should bust it out soon.
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