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  I can encourage you to certainly end that item and get the facts right.  That sizing is away off for a 42, even the waist is really big for a 42...that sounds closer to a 49-50L if that chest is accurate at 26 Pit to Pit. Also, if you keep the listing going as a 42R/L you are going to get a SNAD case because of the sizing not fitting anyone.  There is no size tag, so people will have to go based off your judgement of measurements and sizing, which is a sticky area, and a...
Your going to have a PM on that Ferrari Jacket 
Another set of Gold Buttons spoo?  Those look similar to the gold ones I found!  Great style.
  I can totally see the stain, and know where its at.  You can see the blob even in the first picture.
Try vans skate store for no show socks. I haven about 10 pairs for roughly 4 years. They hold up well. And very low profile.
Good looking out! Thanks a bunch!  I've yet to make a collection, and haven't invested enough time in research to see its benefits yet.  What do you know about it?
Zegna by incotex looks accurate! Well done, light gray are a real staple.  had those exact pants a few weeks back.
Ah lol those rings!! Naa not thrift, rather on consignment from a local where I reside.
I think this joke went over my head 
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