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Awesome Ty! I'm sure you recognize them lol. So the sizing should be listed as UK size, correct?
Love that belt!  [[SPOILER]] I have the sleeves of my shirt, still attached on my manni.  I usually will insert the sleeves of the shirt, into the sleeves of the jacket, to help fill it out, and allow it to sit properly.  Sometimes, there isn't much you can do.  Also, when pinning in the rear, depending on how the balance sits, it will affect the way the sleeves lay.  Just have to mess with it a bit, but all in all, I wouldn't spend too much time trying to create something...
Oh wow, I am actually surprised they removed it! Great job man!  Usually when the feedback is of a generalized opinion, such as how I read it to be, they won't remove it.  Doesn't state anything about the "stain" in the feedback, which is why I was hesitant in thinking it would be removed!   Give us a rundown of what you said to the rep to get them to remove it!  Would be helpful no doubt.
Tailoring arms on a shirt is pretty easy, and shouldn't run you too much.  If you can find a good fit in the neck, body, shoulders, the arms can be shortened.
Wow that's legit.
Try "over coat" - not "overcoat"
Those look pretty damn close to being the same, to my eyes. Do you have doubts, seeing it in person.
Holy shit this last page...most are single hauls!!! Minnesota Crüe be killin it!
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