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 Whats up Thrift Thread!  Had a long ass break from the thread, and now its time to get back in! I don't get to thrift as much these days, but still get out to scratch that itch! A few items in backlog I've recently gotten around to posting prl cashwool greatness    vtg 3pc tweed rrl   prl twill sicknastyreed tweed   zegna I don't always grab these, but the fabric is amazing.JwN LP cashcloud   older but hundo-cash   wish this fit...     Lastly, my favorite find in a very...
Does this bag come with the original strap?
Those emails are monthly from Ebay, telling you what defects they removed, what ratings they set to 5 stars, and how many cases they denied to be opened because the buyer attempted so prematurely. I assume most of those cases were about shipping or receiving their item, when not enough time had passed based on ur handling time + the shipping method.
Sup Crüe! It's been a few weeks since I've been able to check in here with u all. Fitting as my comeback is of a drunken state. Been a hectic few weeks here in RL shit, having lost a close family member and dealing with everything that comes about with that. So hug yo wife, huge yo kids, hug yo parents - never know when the tick tock of life decides to run outta batteries. That being Said, I know I got hella PMs to get to, hella text to get to - so I'm sorry for not being...
No time these days, but I do have plenty of screenshots to reminisce the pub pwning.
Yea no sharp objects near clothing. I use the back of a chrome writing pen. It's rounded, it's chrome, and doesn't take away from the presentation I think.
I miss dota2.
Hmm, I think the last photo is the best of the 3.
I love pc gaming over console! Always have always will. CS 1.3 stole my heart at a very young age! Don't play anything currently, but damn does it bring back memories.
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