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Yea no sharp objects near clothing. I use the back of a chrome writing pen. It's rounded, it's chrome, and doesn't take away from the presentation I think.
I miss dota2.
Hmm, I think the last photo is the best of the 3.
I love pc gaming over console! Always have always will. CS 1.3 stole my heart at a very young age! Don't play anything currently, but damn does it bring back memories.
Florian - if TM offers a good shirt that fits you well in the sleeves & neck, it may be worth it to have a tailor put a few darts in the back of ur shirts to slim them. Because it sounds like you are extremely limited in finding 38 sleeves! I think mine charges 10$ a shirt. So if you can get a good enough deal on their shirts, add 10$ to it and you'd be set. Gotta concur the hardest measurements and work out the rest as best as you can.
These were thrifted, but not by me. I wanted to share them, as I fell in love with that 50/50 wool-silk one!          
Yes Brioni seems correct.  They used that tag on the small keeper blade.  very very old though. EDIT: to add to this, I bet that keeper tag used to have the gold chain brioni logo on it, but had fallen off throughout the years!  This would be around the time brioni used that content tag with that dangling gold chain. EDIT#2: was able to find an old listing of mine that shows what I am talking about. - and as you can see the gold chain on this one is hanging on by one side...
Eazy - I have that vicuña book, and it's one of my favorites! So much history and a great source of knowledge beyond the fabric alone!
Checkin in!
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