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I thought the same thing.  I thought drywall, mud, float, spray texture, knock down, primer, paint was the norm these days.
Well shit, same boat as you. 2010 macpro... Any new models experiencing this?
Any Garage sale users having issues uploading listings?  Every few days, it just won't load a damn thing. stuck at step 1...   The only relief I get is trying later in the day, when things seem to be sorted out magically.
lol - keep her happy man.
Find the ground wire and attach it to some metal external part of the unit.  You need to ground out unit so there is no electrical current outside of the closed circuit inside.
Bump!! Just found this awesome thread and could use some suggestions. I am roughly a 10 eee in Allen Edmonds, And have basically stuck to AE because of the sack of convenience in finding shoes in that size. Now my foot is extremly wide with a high instep. My balmorals laces are never closed, and frankly I'm really not that close. The sizing elsewhere fit fine, but I am hesitant to jump into English shoes because of my sizing. Can you guys recommend a few lasts and width...
I have pogs...
The flu and pneumonia has my 96 yr old grandfather Hospitalized.  It is no joke, and some rough times here. Take care of yourselves guys and your families. 
Wow, time check watches more often!
Goodall is a joke.  Such a tool...
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