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I purchased these for personal use. http://www.ebay.com/itm/261135172902?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&var=560171981952&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I needed some more, and I prefer the breathable mesh with a charcoal filter to a straight plastic one.  Atleast for personal use that is.... I just purchased 5 to start with, and for the price, I was happy with the product.  I'll be purchasing another 15 or so down the road. Ill PM you for deets.
Hard for me to see that data, and even if I could, I doubt I'd fully understand it. So whats the verdict for you?  Are you going to up your marketing with them, let it ride, or cancel? Also, tell us more about Google Ads?  How has that worked out for you?
I thought my idea was pretty good....
Love my brown fifth streets. I need to purchase the black calf. Then have 3 shells made in them; black, brown, #8.My favorite boots as well.
That buckle is awesome! Totally want, but doubt id ever wear it...as a belt Dat shit would be on a chain around mah neck yo! Been had dat hustle!
Wowniceshirt has purchased from me many times in the past. What he does is truly an art, a master at flipping. Great seller, great products, stands behind his transactions which all leads to a great business. We could all learn a thing or 2. He takes e-flipping to a whole new fucking level...no joke. It's amazing how his sales prices reflect his confidence in making the purchase with the intent to resell.
My buyer has a home residence in CA, is traveling in Asia right now, and will be back at that hotel Thursday...apparently he's well traveled and has done this before, given all those PayPal addresses. He also shared with me that the airlines had lost his luggage with a few suits inside, and I guess that is why he is pressed to have it delivered mid-trip. ...that feeling you get when you feel a return or unsatisfied buyer on the horizon. God forbid it doesn't "fit" him...
Anyone even ship an item to a Hotel lol?   I have a buyer who address reads   Guest: John Smith 2800 American Blvd W Embassy Suites Bloomington, Mn 55431 United States     LOL.  My duty is to ship within my stated time, and not my responsibility to have the item arrive prior to the guest leaving lol.  Lets hope for the best 
Damn eazy, that is a fucking amazing haul.  SO many items that are fucking NUTSO!  - My fav is def been had dat Polo toggle.  details are so tits.   That Kiton is interesting.  Is that like a hopsack / worsted cashmere?
Holy hell, that is probably the longest address I've ever seen.  Good luck with that!  I've had my fair share of problems trying to shorten addresses to what is required.   I would start by contacting the buyer, and letting him know you are having trouble shipping the item because the address is too long.  Ask him if he's had trouble with this on previous purchases, but also inform him you are in contact with the postal service and eBay to try and find a solution as well.
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