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Try "over coat" - not "overcoat"
Those look pretty damn close to being the same, to my eyes. Do you have doubts, seeing it in person.
Holy shit this last page...most are single hauls!!! Minnesota Crüe be killin it!
Hey bros, I have a few shoes I am not familiar with the maker. Their UK made, but I suppose they could very well be nothing special of a maker. Hoping someone recognizes something offhand.   Shoe #1       Shoe #2  
Lets bump this guys!  We only got a few weeks left, and I know we have some KILLER hauls this year!   Keep it active so we got a hella large voting poll!
I've found a few of those labels, but this complete list will open up some more cherries to pop. So far I've gotten Patagonia Brown label north face Both class 5 And camp7.
Ty for those
Holliday & Brown ties are highly underrated.  I have on here, that ended I ended up moving to my personal collection.  Amazing heft and drape to them.
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