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Dibs on raiding Natakus house in 80 years.
It does make sense. The way your jacket is right now, is purely for decorative purposes, as it obviously is not functional. If you wanted it functional, and this was bespoken- your tailor should have made that latch, extended enough to use. Or, as the previous poster mentioned, should have cut you a separate latch to attach when needed.
Damn thats dope.  Yo Barrel, that jacket you traded was hella nice to!  Wish they had it one size larger, I woulda kop'd at that price!
Oh my, that is legit!  Love that tweed.
+1 to graphite, great stuff for locks and latches.  Just have a rag nearby incase more squirts out than needed (lol), and quickly wipe it up prior to it hitting the leather case.
Nice, why the change?
Yea no shit about the run lol. There's a few minor ones, not so obvious from a slight distance when wearing.
Is this pre-death versace?Title suggestions?  [[SPOILER]]
Haha - I'll see what I can muster up here. Oh really?  b-day self purchase?? I'll have a look!
That's for the birthday shoutout!I'll have to be a responsible person today - so all those who have the luxury to drink one, have one for me!
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