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Hah, very nice, I had to restrain myself from a PM from OP.  They look comfy I have those same exact Bally Spectators, and love em!Deets on the suede ones? To be able to wear a sweater this time of year...wow I'm jealous.
Unless I missed out on some rad eBay scavenger hunt, I think it was thrift store scavenger hunt! 
Wanted to let you guys know, I recently purchased some shoe bags from an eBay seller, and they are wonderful! If anyone is interested in purchasing some for personal use, I would recommend this seller and these bags. They are a single bag for both shoes to fit in.  But inside the bag, is a divider to allow the shoes not to touch each other!   Wonderful Flannel Cotton with a synch rope!   Click here - Best part is OBO is accepted, and if you can get them under 10$...
I believe the total was 82 for the 4th weekend in Chicago, I was watching CNN the other day and they were talking about it.  That kind of violence has been going on waay too long.
does that offer & counter offer in the messages use up a buyers 3 limit?Also, after 3 have been used, can a buyer message you, and then you reply back with the offer button?
I wonder if he(buyer) exploited the transaction because he understood there was no proof of delivery, and just took advantage of you and the situation  Its tough to keep remembering there are more good buyers than bad at times.  But one of the biggest deterrents we have as sellers, is to protect ourselves.  If we do everything we can from the beginning, such as tracking, uploading info, choosing a delivery service that offers all that, we take away the temptation from a...
What are you headed over there for Eazy?  Just a exploration adventure, or have an agenda?-I have family from Baghdad, and some still living there.  Its no joke right now, but I would never go. You should have just done what we did...drink!
I believe this is accurate.
 I was thinking the same thing with Texas..but then I'd have to deal with the boarder crisis going on right now 
Certainly deflated my day.
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