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True, for the front rise. - Back rise (seat) is much different and needs to be measured separately.
You don't pick up Milfs?  Thats sad to hear.
When you call eBay, say "buyers remorse" because not every shoe will fit comfortably on every person.  Say, "it sounds like this guy was trying out a new brand for the first time, and realized it did not fit his foot correctly, and is now claiming a defect, because of buyers remorse"   You can also ask the sales rep the question, like playing dumb, to get them to agree with you.     "You know what I'm talking about right?  Nikes can fit different from Adidas, or pumas,...
My Nikon rotates at times as well, but I can go into mac's "preview" and rotate and save just fine.  Doesn't mess with my image after.
Not sure if "we" will love them - but yes they will lower and come back.  Probably sooner than 10 yrs tbh.
Thanks for the support here guys, and the few of you who PM'd me with some inspirational stories and how you got through it. Keep em coming, I tell you it helps!
Completely agree, and prefer the look.Trouser flare was common, no doubt. But If a thrifted suit only warrants a quick, below the knee taper, it can be well worth the minor investment.I love those flannel chalk stripe vtg BBGF 3/2 suits.
Gents, don't fear the rise. Those older BB suits can be spectacular, and should have the corresponding button stance on the jacket for those high(er) rise trousers.
In the market for a few more as well. I've had good luck with barneys suede belts. Wait for the warehouse sale - they can dip around 35ish, if I remember correctly.
Yea it's rough - every time. The past has been successful, but only temporary. Congrats on 15 yrs! I hope to tell that same accomplishment.
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