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FTFY - too much win in the right sizes....how to decide.
I have a system in my acura.  Its been in there for over 10 yrs now, and still bumps.  Took me many blow outs, to finally throw down some cash and purchase some half way decent audio to last awhile.  Now I know nothing extensive about car audio, except what I like to come out of my speakers, and into my fucking eardrums.  And what I finally ended up with, has been exactly what I need.  A loud ass beat.   I run JLAudio's zr525's for the mids and tweets.  Have 4 sets of...
Camel Tan
Good looking out!  I was there over the weekend, didn't see a sale on any hangers.  But I do own a few of those wide shoulder ones you have.  They work great,  until you accidentally drop it and they split in half.  Just be careful! I did manage to grab a full metal double rolling rack @ BB&B for 10$.  Marked down from 70.  That was a great find!
Ebay buyers are at an increased risk of a coma prior to checkouts. Please play safe everyone. Your in my thoughts.
Bud light pacman looked fun.
Well thats a bit harsh.  But I guess bandwagoners do have feeling and emotions.
Well Brady's 9/10 game is much lower compared to Russell's 9/10 game career to career (percentage winnings).  When Lynch scores a TD in a game, they are 20-1 (now 20-2), in wins.  So I'll stick to my 9/10 - Seattle would have finished that drive correctly without that turnover. Neither team is one I root for, but I just left the game feeling that the winner was by default.  It is what it is, Patriots can celebrate another one.
After watching the game, I walked away with the feeling of the Patriots "didn't win", rather defaulted into the winner.   I guess they deserved it though.     Just have a hard time kicking the feeling of knowing that 9/10 times of replaying that down (drive), Seattle would have won that game.
Here we go! Should be a good game!
New Posts  All Forums: