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Gorgeous Suit...
haha, good luck with that proposal, because that can sound too good to be true lol.   Any help can make a big difference!  
When you click on "international shipping" that should automatically deduct the VAT.  The only time you will see the VAT in there, is if you have clicked one of the Euro shipping options.
Nice, looks fun.   I personally could never use a tripod for eBay...would take waaaaay too long.  I point & shoot and am on to the next shot within seconds.  Probably takes me about 3-5 minutes per item from start to finish to photo.  It goes on Manni, pin him up, 5-6 shots, then onto the white board to take some flat shots and then done.     I did something similar to you, in regards to putting in shelving.  Its been a few months, but I posted pictures of the before...
Yea I had about 90$ usd in my cart (included shipping), and was surprised at the quantities of what I was purchasing could purchase 
Yes, it does comes every year, but the first few weeks of getting re-acclimated does always suck.
Yes those are fantastic prices all around on all of their products!
Studio lights: after seeing that setup, I'm glad I didn't go that route lol. Personally, I'd need a lot of room to work with and always havin to hop around those pegged legs. But good results can be had from it, that's for sure.
+1, today was real hot here in the valley.
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