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Hate the new app...
Your better off going to a brick&mortar baby place like carters or something, and seeing if they have their Holiday gear out.  Usually u can outfit toddlers in a tux/suit attire with stuff there.  Or, a jack&jill will have some suiting, tweed, and possibly some formal wear.  But @green_machine  - if that jacket is still available, I'm down for it! Let me know what you want, and I'll certainly put it to good use!
Happy Labor Day! Spending my day at the beach with the family for a much needed getaway!
@Jompso - you can block email addresses inside eBay.  When you submit it, it should inform you whether it was successful or not.  More than likely, their PayPal email, is the same as their eBay email.  Just a thought...     One quick question about the 3pc suit sale - you mentioned you had your tailor write you a note stating the condition was not the same.     1st question: Was that evidence sufficient enough for PayPal to dispute the original decision?  What exactly...
I've considered the basket or bottom shelf, and may purchase that option on my next few, but with the 3 I currently have - I've had no issues with clearance.  They are perfect, and for the price, or premium for the taller option, it is really not astronomical in price.  I will most likely continue to stick with these that I have.
Very nice, looks like 6" isn't a whole lot. I wonder if it would ork best to have the upper rack clear "long" jackets, and the bottom rack be a bit shorter. I suppose long jackets hanging on the bottom would slightly fold into the z-rack frame. But that's a better solution than accidentally snagging a jacket sitting on the top bar by snagging a hanger on the bottom bar.
Hey guys- What's the full height on those specific double racks? I have 3 of them, but they measure 91" from the ground to the top. I had to purchase them from a specific site only that catered to very tall ones. Gives me clearance to hang suits of all sizes on both the top and bottom. Anyways, I'm looking to grab another 2 or 3 to help replace the 7 single rollers I have.
 Whats up Thrift Thread!  Had a long ass break from the thread, and now its time to get back in! I don't get to thrift as much these days, but still get out to scratch that itch! A few items in backlog I've recently gotten around to posting prl cashwool greatness    vtg 3pc tweed rrl   prl twill sicknastyreed tweed   zegna I don't always grab these, but the fabric is amazing.JwN LP cashcloud   older but hundo-cash   wish this fit...     Lastly, my favorite find in a very...
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