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Is this the TH I'm looking for? Catch & release Spotted something familiar... A few basic finds on a quick run New x4 NOS x2 Some random fodder AEx2 Few ties Harvest purposes
@Brianpore I've been on the hunt for a larger male form for quite some time now. It virtually seems impossible to find. I've seen that one you posted, but like you said, it is too long. Let me know if you find anything, and I'll of course do the same. Hell, I'd even settle for a 44+ at this point.
Grenson masterpiece I think
If the fabrics do not match up, you should probably return it for a refund. Contact the seller once your sure you want to go that route. Allow them a chance to accept the return. If they continue to deflect, open a case as item not described and go through the appropriate steps to return / refund. Do not ship the item back on a verbal agreement, rather go through ebays return process to ensure all parties are aware.
I have something to add to the box, I'll be passing it along from another member.. PM me deets to send it off.
As true as that may be, if my memory serves correct, the PI call was specifically stated to take place on the 2 yard line. Which the replays clearly show that field position. Bad call, sure, but as a Cowboys fan (/hide), I'll take it for now.
Call Ebay and have them close it out. Buyers have 5 days to upload a tracking number for returns. When they exceed that time, you can get the return escalated and closed in your favor. I would suggest doing that ASAP. Once closed in ur favor, no feedback, no returns, no refund.EDIT: my advice above is under the impression you went through ebays return window. Not just a verbal acceptance 10 days ago.
Very true. And to look at his career, I don't think he's missed a game in 11 seasons for the Giants.
I shoot my Nikon in small - then resize to roughly around 1200x800. Images are still good enough for eBay, plus it makes storing them on my computer much more affordable via hardrive currency. I'll keep images up to a year, and then delete them after that.
holyBOGLIOLImolly!!   That OJ plaid is the nuts!!
New Posts  All Forums: