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When Linda checks her traffic reports for those sales she will be delighted to know how much she gets lurked by us lol.
I recently had to do that for a pair of cowboy boots.  1 box for each boot, and tapped together lol.  Works great!
I wish that roll of paper Brian mentioned was easier to ship. Hell I could provide some to the whole forum. It's freaking huge!!
I'm looking to pick up a pair. Anyone know if the boots or that last has a forgivingly higher instep? Toes look generous, but I'm a wide fit and thinking of sizing up one to accommodate. Any insight is greatly appreciated!
careful with no warranty AE's.  They are usually in worse condition than seconds.  And usually it is not a cosmetic blemish, but rather a craftsmanship blemish that cannot always be fixed or corrected.    The last pair I purchased were a pair of loafers, and they had the worst heel squeak I've ever heard.  It was not in the sole or heel, but above where the leather wraps around and is sewn together.  The inner reinforcement had become dislodged from the outer leather...
@barrelntrigger I've been by that animal place in Ensenada! Never once did I think to stop by. Next time im down there to visit my dentist I'll try and go!
Banana Republic Black Ghetto Bird Chopper Neat Print Silk Tie
Wow that's amazing! Especially in that quantity!
That's happened to me many times before. I always just thought it was a glitch. I just made sure to type it in correctly and list. Example: if your listing "J.Crew" - make sure you type it in just as eBay populates it for you with the period etc. it happens in garagesale at times as well.
Damn that tie haul is one of the best e thrifts I've ever seen!
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