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-- I guess now is as good of a time as ever to say what I'm about to say. QUICK PSA As many of you know, I’ve had the honor of being apart of the Thrift Thread community on StyleForum for almost 3 years.  Throughout most of my time I’ve had my head to the grinding stone, learning and absorbing as much information as possible, and converting that into high quality eBay sales. As of the beginning of 2014, I took on this endeavor full time, thrifting, flipping, and having the...
Call eBay and see what they say.  But before, contact the buyer and say something along the lines "so I just wanted to double check, that the item was described correctly, but unfortunately didn't fit you well, right?"  Get him to respond, so you can confirm that point.  Then call eBay, and see what they can do. Tell me more about this 4/5 defect rate your going by?  Its even worse when your off by 1...especially when its a perfect title.
i thrift mine lol. usually can get 15 plastic ones for a dollar.  Sometimes they have some nice wooden ones, and rarely some cedar ones.
LOL @ Dota2 - Batrider ftw!! Count me in!  
His other jacket for sale is a dated Armani, apparently "nwt" lol.
If there is anyone who is remotely knowledgable in speed lights, I could really use some help. I have a Nikon SB600, have used it for a few years now. But I've somehow recently messed up some settings on it, and I cannot figure them out for the life of me. I've read many online guides, but non tell me what I am looking to so. Please if you can help, send me a PM. I'd greatly appreciate your time. Thanks.
There are some items, very rare, where I would want a stock image.  But, I'll never have stock photos, without also having real photos of the item. Look at this one for example.  These stock photos showed off the details of this jacket, so much better than I Could have ever pictured myself.here - You will notice, the last 5 are taken of the actual item. Like I said, its extremely rare where I'd want to use a stock photo, but for some items, it can have benefits.
You can ask the seller for a partial refund.  Then have your tailor remove one or both pleats 
I fell asleep during my SATs...
Modeling clothes won't help your casuse of claiming NWT. Only time I'd think of using something remotely close, is when using a stores stock photo for some reason. Or if your a hot ass women modeling your lululemon pants to sell lol.
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