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Hey bros, I have a few shoes I am not familiar with the maker. Their UK made, but I suppose they could very well be nothing special of a maker. Hoping someone recognizes something offhand.   Shoe #1       Shoe #2  
Lets bump this guys!  We only got a few weeks left, and I know we have some KILLER hauls this year!   Keep it active so we got a hella large voting poll!
I've found a few of those labels, but this complete list will open up some more cherries to pop. So far I've gotten Patagonia Brown label north face Both class 5 And camp7.
Ty for those
Holliday & Brown ties are highly underrated.  I have on here, that ended I ended up moving to my personal collection.  Amazing heft and drape to them.
omg no boundaries lol
LOL really?
fwiw I prefer the byrons last and punch cap placement.  I have them in a bitter choco suede, and its nice.
I think they are built on different lasts.  But double check.
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