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Supposed to be 73 here today...just like every freaking day in November  You know its sad when, Las Vegas gets colder than your climate.
 We can deduct another 75$ from my 300 pot... 135 used - 165$ available 
Regarding your question Brian, are you talking about auctions or BIN, or lot?
Since were on the subject of Stock images.  I recently decided to use some to showcase an item.   I followed up with the actual jacket, and also made note of it within the listing. What are you thoughts on it?  This was my first time, and likely my last. The stock images showcase the items details so much easier than what I'd be able to do.  That was the only reason why I wanted...
Am watching that as well.  Good showdown thus far.
Holy shit, I use to rock those in middle school and high school. Windbreaker with flag neck, and the half zip fleece pullovers LOL.
Thanks for sharing those pics PSG, they look awesome. Have any others from the tours?
Half the time, my SCAN for doesn't get used >_
They look sick.   Was looking for something similar (motorcycle) boots recently on eBay   came away with these, lets see how they work  
WOW - killer haul man..so much quality!   btw manni looks good, is it adjustable?
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