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Send in those chaps to luxire as a sample - get some badass tweed ones made.
I know my genius bar ain't full of squares.   I'd go as far to say - Whatever shape is furthest from a square is what flocks my local genius bar.
lol - I can't stop laughing at him!
That address is PayPal verified. Meaning it's retrieved through PayPal. And as we all know, PayPal the company is a separate entity of eBay. PayPal verified addressed are used more than just for Ebay. Ecommerce sites are flooded with PayPal checkouts, etsy, etc. So the character limits you see from printing from eBay, are restrictions given by Ebay, who retrieved that address from PayPal, who does not have those restrictions. Thus forcing you to edit that address to...
How are you guys shipping glasses / sunglasses without their original case?   Would love to hear some suggestions you guys use. Thanks.
nom nom nom...
DYMO, you cover incredible ground via the internet. That is impressive.
deets on those racks used for the ties and those shoes!  Looks good man!
I agree. Purchased my first MacBook pro in 2004 at the Mac convention in San Francisco. Have had 3 total since 2004, and it's now time for another one. I'll never go back to PC unless I have to.Mac just does what it is supposed to do, when told to do so. That right there, is more than enough to keep me purchasing.
Oh no doubt.  I visit Carmel a few times a year, and Khakis is the one place I spend the majority of my time.  Looking forward to digging through the new arrivals and possibly seeing whats new downstairs.  If anyone will be in the area the 21st & 22nd, PM me.
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