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They are gorgeous shoes, no doubt. I just don't know if I can justify a dressy pair of loafers...I do not wear suits very often these days, and they may be too casual for cotton or linen. I love the detailing on them though.
Saw these on eBay, and they are my size.  Certainly tempting... Can you explain how they were too big for you?  I only ask because I am usually a 10 EEE in every AE last, except had a bit of an issue in the Patriot (too low of an instep on that shoe)... Just curious if these would fit the same as most others.
You could probably get away with only using your upper torso for the wholecuts, and be buried wearing them!
 One of my favorite beers...wow very nice
Heres a new one to me...some sellers huh? This how to lose TRS status...   His response...  He fails to realize how terrible of a seller he is, and how terrible his listings are.  Listed as "used"  then described as new...I have every right to ask a question, when your listings are so terrible.  My response...  Here is the listing link  And his oh so great NEGATIVE feedback Neutral feedback He's on the right track as a seller, and won't last long...THIS folks, is how you...
I think you have to call in for them. And I'm sure ebay is banking on people not even putting forth the effort, as it would be to eBay's benefit. Why would they make it easy...
Shirt looks fine, block and move on...thats my advice at least o.O
Well thats cool
Spoo, you gotta get the date changed on that gorgeous watch.   EDIT: Wait a second () - Are you left handed?  if so, that makes 2 of us.  Rare to see a fellow lefty with a watch on the right wrist.
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