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That feeling when your photos are on freaking point today! 
Hmm, it is hard to notice much.  The only thing I can possibly see, is the bottom has a less of a blue tint?  But maybe not... I guess thats a good thing, that you didn't notice much of a difference!  I sure as hell needed to use it haha.
Yo, this is a great find right here.  I still have my Cortez that I used to c walk in. And 3 pairs from the 80s in my sneaker collection.  You rarely see the old ones anymore, so nice.
Well that is not a good postion for you to be in honestly.. That "threat" about feedback , will not get yours removed.  He is stating his next move, not threatening you with any leverage, atlas not explicitly.  And for whatever reason, if you do win a case, win the feedback, this won't stop him from initiating a chargeback with AMEX.  And from what I've read AMEX usually will side with their cardholders, not matter the issue.  If this was a "item not received case" that is...
Well there goes that once in a lifetime opp.  that cashmere 3pc - I maxed out at 602.00 - and that wasn't quite enough.  Oh well.
Because your image is cropped close to the subject, not in a square thumbnail.  So eBay fills the rest of the thumbnail in with white on the border.
Spoo, you keeping the head light? ()
That lardini is tha shit.  I'd have that swagger all tied up if that 48 was a US size lol.   That is an awesome find man!
Expand on this please.  Where did you see the "buyer has paid" - and where did you notice that the payment did not actually take place? Cancel his bid, block him, report him, and if you want, call eBay as well.
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