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^^ above is correct for belvest, and is their most current label (unless it changed in the last few months that I wasn't aware of)
All Fair points.  My experiences, although casual in its entirety was a bit different.  I had actually started dota durings its inception in wc3 (prior to frozen throne, think doom era) because many LAN centers played it.  So I was able to jump in when there weren't an abundant amount of heroes.  I can specifically remember SA (riki), razor, and a few other originals.  It was difficult at first, but as time went on the strategy developed.   I was always casually active in...
That polo is cool, I found something similar awhile back. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Polo-Ralph-Lauren-Cotton-Blue-Floral-Pineapple-Hawaiian-S-S-Casual-Mens-Shirt-L-/221501244629
^^ Love that jacket and its colors for tweed.
Almost changed all my bulbs in our house to LED, majority purchased from Costco because the prices were great.  So far Ive enjoyed them, although there are a few areas within the house I'd enjoy a warmer glow, but not gonna complain.  Having vaulted ceilings and high to reach areas, I'm excited to not having to change them for a few decades.  Now if I could just find something to replace 9volts for the smoke alarms in those same areas, we would be golden.  Don't really...
More Tweed Release from Winter Storage [[SPOILER]]
In your listing, did you specify how the shirt sleeve was measured?  maybe a reference as sleeve length from middle back or something? -- I only ask because on my listings for shirts, SCs, Suits, I always say "Sleeve Length from Shoulder Seam : XX inch" This makes for no confusion. - Also, the shirt in question, did it have a specific sleeve length in the sizing?
You have to appeal that
@tben  - those do look like church's, they are the only ones I know that have that kind of scribble.  Also, size looks like a 12?
Yea it was badass.  If it were a Large / XL I would have probably kept it.  Never seen a L/S Spooner Shaheen colab in a decent color way.
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