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Is anyone else as excited to see Straight Outta Compton as I am?
LOVE that been-had sweater!!  Very cool!
Tben - I'd take that shaq jersey off your hands if it were a size bigger! I already have enough jersey outside my size in storage for collection purposes
Depends on the bulge your able to muster up when packing it in tight.
Did you showem wuchu werkin wit?
Happy Birthday bro!! Enjoy ur day and have a freakin blast out there!
I've shipped to a few hotels before, both priority and express without a hitch. If the buyer has done this before (hotel shipments), they know to add their name to the hotel address along with their room #.
That avatar returns!
With those measurements, yes I'd call it a 44R.No on 46, imo. That waist measurement is way too small for a 46, and just about right for a 44.
It's tough to beat the 405 traffic. That shit is terrible almost all day. 10pm there is still enough traffic to constantly make you brake and speed up.
New Posts  All Forums: