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Damn eazy, that is a fucking amazing haul.  SO many items that are fucking NUTSO!  - My fav is def been had dat Polo toggle.  details are so tits.   That Kiton is interesting.  Is that like a hopsack / worsted cashmere?
Holy hell, that is probably the longest address I've ever seen.  Good luck with that!  I've had my fair share of problems trying to shorten addresses to what is required.   I would start by contacting the buyer, and letting him know you are having trouble shipping the item because the address is too long.  Ask him if he's had trouble with this on previous purchases, but also inform him you are in contact with the postal service and eBay to try and find a solution as well.
I still like calling him ATL 
My most expensive item was probably the Zegna Deerskin, Cashmere lined Leather Jacket for myself.  I think they run for about $5,500
I'd be careful with titles printing. Some buyers prefer discretion in packages upon delivery. Would hate to have a title "8k kiton suit" and then the item goes missing...
That's exactly what I do in regards to a simple word description.But you should be able to add the custom label after it's paid and ready to be shipped. The mothod I tried was exactly that.1. Open awaiting shipment page2. Fill in "custom label" with description3. Package / write same description on box3. Open bulk shipping4. Verify the custom labels translated over5. Fill everything out / print6. Match up labels with boxes.
It should be the custom label u entered Brian. When entering the labels, be sure to click save. If you print a blank custom label on ur shipping label, I think it will default to eBay's listing ID.
My current process won't be as in-depth as yours, but still be a positive time saver.  I am really only interested in this method to get into the bulk shipping.  So the SKU / custom label will allow me to pre attach the SKU to print on the label, and match that up with my packaged items.  I won't be pre packaging sales during the listing process, but will be bulk packaging daily for what needs to be shipped.  So during the packaging stage, I can package, weigh (if needed),...
You do not need to reach out to the buyer if he has not claimed his package.  As far as eBay rules are concerned, you sent a package, with tracking, and updates attempting delivery.  We, nor eBay, nor USPS can force a delivery.  You are in the clear.
She still getting scanned at the door...by you, you peeper!   I guess if she's the one who is going to be handling your packages, you have every right...
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