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That's for the birthday shoutout!I'll have to be a responsible person today - so all those who have the luxury to drink one, have one for me!
+1. I'm too fast with a laptop and touchpad - can't image a tablet. Hell freaking no!Also, the GS app for iOS is not fully functional nor does it input your templates into the app for you to work on. So, with GS being a program on Mac, it's virtually useless, unless downloaded onto a Mac computer to use. Would be nice if it was a web based login - to access anywhere.
This has been brought up before in the thread.  My best assumption is...if you are asking a supremely high price, or possibly a very low price for those said shoes - These buyers are BIN, to allow those pricing points to populate under eBays "sold" items - in order to benefit them somehow for their sales or their future purchases.  I know my assumption is probably way left field, but it one I've entertained as to why they do so.
Have fun tonight guys! The merchandise from Ring spring/summer is awesome. I was at the store over the weekend. Unfortunately unable to attend tonight, but you guys will have a blast with their new lines.
The guys with truck loads of kiton already have it sold with a money guarantee prior to showing off the merchandise in the back of some truck. Just sayin...
You can call eBay - explain to them why you need this return looked at. Whether you offer returns, no returns, have them escalate that into a case for you, and close it on the phone. Once it has been turned into a case, and decided in your favor - they can no longer leave any feedback.
Deets? What made him so good? I know there are some that just grasp the understand of selling / buying with a grounded & level headed approach. Was this the case?
Hell yea! Thanks guys. I search some abbreviation sites, but none has BB. That's going in the memory bank!
Does anyone know what the 40% BB stands for?
Shiny, do u have a pic of the content tag on the small blade?
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