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It is a lot of pictures no doubt, but it just has to be done!  I usually put on some music, and get rollin.  By the time I'm done, I'm covered in sweat from all the movement.  I don't stop for anything. 70$ is expensive, what service or option did you use?
Light shoulder padding, as in natural shoulder is a "standard issue" for their made suits?  This isn't the 90s where people want to look like football players.  A soft shoulder these days is much preferred.  Your "Serious Business Belvest Customer /buyer" must really have blinders on, and is inadequate of adaptation.
I make batch folders broken down by months throughout the year.  Each batch consists of a photo shoot of XX amount of items.   So I may have 25-30 batches in each month, and those month folders are stored in annual folders.  This is all on my hard drive.  From there I edit those pictures, and drag & drop those into GS.  Those files are stored at a smaller size, because eBay limits the size, and there is no need for me to store original image sizes...after all we plow...
@SpooPoker  Damn, nice Alden thrifts!  And who is BOB, whats so special about his belt buckle!?
Our platos closet sucks lol. It's full of skate brands and wack ass athletic shoes. No MC or SWD items.
What did eBay say was against policy here? "Misrepresented the sports jacket as excellent and it was badly worn. Stay away!"
Your condition description in the your body is misleading   Condition : Excellent! Feels rough due to the Silk-Linen blending.   -- You cannot put the word excellent, when the back seam is separating.  Even if that is a quick fix, it does need to be mentioned.   Sounds like you caught a big break by eBay!  But for future, I'd at least mention the flaw
You just never know when it comes to bids! We've all had our fair share of unusually explosions  of bidding wars, which we wish could be a consistency! I remember having an extremely dated old Armani Silk Jacket in an unusually size (I think a 40S or 38S) and it went for roughly 130$...Also duplicated that with a dated Canali cream jacket. Ride the wave my friend, ride the wave!
I'd totally rock that, great pickup!
^^^ Magnum a XL?  I'm interested if so!
New Posts  All Forums: