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Thanks Hans! After re reading that page, I vividly remember the issues! I'll stick to my guns and stay away.
Anyone recognize the blocked eBay ID reenilf? Had a random email from him asking why he was blocked, but I've never had a transaction with him. So I assume it was a tip from the thread. I should probably just go with my gut and not partake. Although I did see purchases made from Brian & gmmcl on his feedback.
  Might as just well show the screenshot...I normally don't read addresses, but glad I caught this one lol.
Just sold an item to Vanity Fair's Research Department in NYC. Thought that was pretty cool.
@Deusis - Could I inquire about having a wallet replicated into a shell offering?  It is a breast wallet, multiple slots, check book, etc.  Is this something you can take on?  I love the wallet, the style, and am having a difficult time replacing it.   Thanks!
  [[SPOILER]]   +1That label is very old.  I'd be careful labeling things new without tags.  It can get thrown around a lot, at times.  But when we see a label that old, its hard to believe its new, unless it actually has tags attached.  At that point, it would be NOS new old stock. And I would have still copped that B.  Tweed Alpaca corn, sure!
Slow dollar or fast quarter? A healthy balance is optimal, while staying realistic in your pricing. Big box stores practice this with their business model strictly on volume sales. Costco is a good example. They work off volume to minimize their markup to consumers.
Congrats Noble! That outfit looks perfect for a getaway resort wedding! You killed it!!
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