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Damn what a nerve wrecking journey...gives me even less faith in using ups. How the hell did they screw up the addresses so damn easily? I'd be extremely livid, and call them up and get my money back, at least...u paid them to create additional work for yourself. WTF is the point in using their service with such an Inconsistant track record.
Please tell me, how do you know it's the same buyer? You've yet to collect funds from the original id, thus not knowing their email, name, or address. I'm curious how u figure that out, incase it comes up for me in the future.
All this talk about these boots has sparked my interest,..anyone with w wider feet purchased them yet? I run into problems in width, and curious if they are forgiving a bit. I guess I can bite the bullet and walk into one. I always hated that store.
That's exactly what I was looking at. Super awesome boot trees!
Upload a pic of the tie. -- Sup sup morning Crüe!
    Travel out of Florida 
Congrats man, really excited to see you take off!
I've had a few made by zegna, and only by them.  But I'm sure others have made for Dunhill as well.
From my experience, you almost cannot read the inner script inside church shoes, where they list size, last etc. don't think those are them.
As I sport a beard basically year around (or at least from the past 8 months) - I'd look extremely scary not trimming it for a whole month. Keep the beard!
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