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Lol @ Ron
I see nothing wrong with self-promotion, in fact, I'd venture to say its welcomed 
KIller finds there!  That BB looks like Gren, and in a fantastic color! Everything else is superb as well!
Brian, you can also try wrapping the hose, similar to an insulation wrap used on exterior piping for extreme weather. That may help.
I have an upright steamer, that is bulky and produced constant steam, no trigger button. It works, but can be a hassle at times. What I use more is a handheld steamer, shark, nothing fancy. Reservoir is in te handle, it plugs in, as has a trigger button to release steam, or keep it inside until ready to use. 330ck gifted me with it, and it's fantastic! Wouldn't want to use anything else.
I don't mind the notifications, but more times than not, my phone is on vibrate only, when sleeping.
Oh snap, what happened? Hope for a speedy recovery.
I'm up 10 times a night anyways, because my mind seems to wander, I never mind the 3am payer, so long as they pay. Plus, it gives me a sense of making money all hours of the day. I get up screaming "BALLLLIN!!" Then my wife smacks me with the pillow.
Welp, I better get started 
I'll say my accusation may have been a bit premature to state, but I was going off my first impression.  I truly have no idea what the core values are of that other forum, and after poking around for 5-10 minutes, I'm still not understanding why it was created.  To each his own, and that forum seems to be operating with enough active members, that I suppose it does serve a purpose for some.  I just did not understand.  Maybe shed some light on the history, as I seem to not...
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