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This is so damn annoying - can't print shit.   eBay better give some leeway for tracking updates...LOL who am I kidding, eBay give any slack, how funny...
Anytime my friend!Just make sure you sign 1-3.  If not, they will get returned back for a signature prior to shipping. Yep. Same here.  Don't mess with it, just sign away, and put in the sleeve.  Never had any issues with it.
Dude, true thrift?  Either way, that is a ridiculous find at or near thrift prices! Threads first EG's of 2015??
^^Those shirts are awesome.  Have had a few roll through my hands recently.
Yes and it's annoying as hell.
They should be #'d at the bottom of each page (cut in half). So you should have 4 pages when cut. 1-3 go with the package, #4, is your receipt you keep. They should go in order from how you printed. So top page is 1 and 2, back page 3 and 4. Top is odd, bottom is even. So backside bottom of page 2, is copy #4, which is yours. Hope this helps.
 +1 man.  You consistently have some of the best quality hauls here as of late.
Really great finds there man!  That Loro is legit!  --Also, don't hesitate to trade/ buy with Sam!  He's been generous to me with a few items, and I am extremely grateful for them!  Shoutout for the ties my friend!  Oh my, you look like a Pornstar haha.  Are those glasses tinted the same color as your t neck? If so, total 70s pronstar vibe! Either way, it looks really good, and the proportions are spot on!  Your fits have dramatically increases since the beginning!btw,...
What I mean was, if you were looking to obtain that back rise #, you would have to actually measure the seam (whether that is accurate or correct or not).  My point was, you could not just use the out seam minus inseam.
True, for the front rise. - Back rise (seat) is much different and needs to be measured separately.
New Posts  All Forums: