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Put them nutz to yo chin...if you feel a tingle cold, they real.
I don't like leaving Benjaminz on the table... At the expense of Shyne... 
If your taking this on full speed, you need to start with what you know works.  As you go on, you can assess, and implement new and different tactics.  Its the circle of business, adapt, overcome, and produce 
sounds like a question for vox...
I don't have time to dream Crashed at 1am - up at 2 for a feeding(baby,not me) -work emails,best offers, inquirie responses. -slept at 3:30 - up at 5:45 to start packages...
I don't think those are Inco tags on those PS.
Both Corn and Canali have been known to have labels without drops, thats not a conclusive factor. pretty sure this is wrong.  Caruso has made for other RL lines, including RRL I believe.  But never their Blue Polo Label.
Yea no doubt!  I know he's had an amazing eBay run, and always did his Hermes thing.  I wonder where he's going, or what he's gonna be doing now...
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