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Ill chek for u dan! Good job on the interviews this far!
I pickup HF all day.  Old, vintage, new. 
Twice in a row Nat, you come through with some QUALITY!
Bert Pulitzer Reference
I need to get around to asking for a few rolls.  Normally my PO is so damn busy to wait in line.  I am able to set my packages on the very last window, and slide them around the corner out of reach without having to need a clerk.
Was tempted to purchase that brown Boglioli, but never pulled it.  I am afraid I'll be regretting it
I sometimes use the priority stickers  -especially when I sold something that was way under price, and hate using my purchased tape lol.  Its a mental persuasion.  
Has anyone tried shipping Regional Rate A Box via USPS website today?  I cannot even get the option to appear in the list of shipping options...I'm so frustrated with it...it will not generate regional rate A box as an option...   EDIT: Well amazon has a thread about it: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=212944&start=0&tstart=0&sortBy=date     EDIT 2: Amazon members quote "Finally got a customer care rep after 25-minute hold on the line....
Why the change of scenery?
wow Nat, what a haul!
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