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Oh my gosh, that was one of the best comeback games I've seen in a long time.  Seattle has so much faith in themselves, its ridiculous.  They earned it.  And its karma payback for matthews helmet hit to wilson early in the game.  He should have been ejected.
This warmup before the Seattle game has me pumped up! Should be a great game.
Well shit, I don't know. But I have an 80s Chicago Bears jacket that I've waited on selling because of how shitty their season has been. Now with John Fox taken, I'll prep it for pre season with all the hopeless wishing.
20 @ one joint = hot art
Don;t sell yourself short man!  That is still a KILLER find!  How big are xxl barbour coats?  Do some of their cuts/models run slimmer or less full?
I am spoiling my response below, as this is the incorrect thread for it. I thought we were discussing this in the eBay thread.Please move anything further into the appropriate thread guys. [[SPOILER]]
Spectacular pictures.   Any special attendees this year for Lunch for 25?
Its to your benefit to report any income made via selling.  If you made 10k this year, you can probably deduct more than 10k from expenses that were required to generate your 10k sales.  So that is a benefit to you.   Once you report your 10k made through eBay, you can deduct expense all your eBay fees, paypal fees, shipping costs, cost of goods (thrifting purchases), internet, phone, possibly a portion of your mortgage (place of business), and anything else that has to...
Uh no....tracking says delivered, so it is not his fault. Do not refund, block, call Ebay to escalate & close.
Serious question: if they are going to fake a garment, what's stoping them from faking the content tag?? Seems silly for them to leave that honesty on the tag when all else is fake.
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