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Holy shit thats where I live.  And that shop is literally like 10 minutes from me...thats so crazy!
That last quarter was good.  Ballsy call that ended up working out.  I'm not complaining as Bell is on my Fantasy.
Computer hardrive crashed...I'm soo F'd. Any Genius Bar experts on here who can walk me through recovering files before trying to reformat?
PayPal chargeback for unauthorized transaction. What's the laundry list of info to provide to the case? It's been awhile since I've had a chargeback.
Many online retailers purchase stock from Italy. But they can very commonly consist of seconds, rejects w/ tags, defects w/ tags (nwd) etc. purchased in bulk at probably 50k minimum.
Work Hard, Stay Humble. Pick & Choose Your Battles. In business, you have to learn how to take certain things as a compliment, rather than an insult.  It will allow you to sleep better at night. I don't see how he is directly hindering your business.  At the end of the day, there are only so many ways to picture a tie effectively. What is proprietary about the way you have taken your tie pictures?  You take this to court, they will argue to see sufficient evidence that you...
Yea no doubt! I've got some thinking to do as well. Those new PayPal fees will add up. Bummed about them not tiering their percentage anymore.
Find that content tag!!
Lol is it weird to think that if I were in your shoes - I'd hope they do not pay, so that I can block and relist to avoid the potential fraudulent return?No matter the outcome, I hope it goes smooth!
Thanks Hans! After re reading that page, I vividly remember the issues! I'll stick to my guns and stay away.
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