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Well there goes that once in a lifetime opp.  that cashmere 3pc - I maxed out at 602.00 - and that wasn't quite enough.  Oh well.
Because your image is cropped close to the subject, not in a square thumbnail.  So eBay fills the rest of the thumbnail in with white on the border.
Spoo, you keeping the head light? ()
That lardini is tha shit.  I'd have that swagger all tied up if that 48 was a US size lol.   That is an awesome find man!
Expand on this please.  Where did you see the "buyer has paid" - and where did you notice that the payment did not actually take place? Cancel his bid, block him, report him, and if you want, call eBay as well.
I really do not like kanye, especially because he thinks his music fame will automatically launch his designer fame.  I want true artists that design clothes, not fake ass wannabes thinking they get followers because they got famous off wack ass lyrics.  Oh, and his clothing line sucks ass.  The clothes look like something a homeless person would actually throw away...
Link buttons are a thing.
Legit man! 
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