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You should be fine.  Are you using the "hassle free return" system through eBay?  If so, eBay usually gives you up to 7 days from when the item shows return delivered, for you to make the refund.  If the packages are shown "delivered" the Monday after you leave, you should (call eBay, double check) have till the following Monday to initial the return.  And any day after that works in your favor as it will extend the refund deadline.
  Well, its been 41 days, but I think you can leave feedback up to 90 days...He hasn't threatened me with "negative feedback" but says "am now prompted to give you feedback...but feel bad about this"  is that a threat I can use against him?  
This thread has already discussed this in great lengths about a year back.  The result...we all still thrift, and no one boycotts goodwill, rather counters with purchasing more to exploit them for profits   Its the game of life...
I thinking of writing back with something like: I'm really sorry the shoes you purchased do not fit your foot. It sounds like you are an 11uk in sizing, which you brought to my attention. I am confused as to why you purchased shoes listed as UK 12. Especially since you are a UK11! The shoe size was in the listing multiple times throughout, even the measurements were given to help you make a sound decision. And on top of all that, I always urge buyers to send a message...
I'm not worried about a case, but rather feedback he's trying to threaten me with. What can I do to prevent feedback, is what I'm trying to figure out.
What can I so to protect myself here? Buyer sends me the following message. Also purchase was made may 25th. http://www.ebay.com/itm/221441385428?redirect=mobile Dear 1luxoticthread, The size of the shoes do not seem accurate,,, I have an EU/UK size 11., and these shoes are NO WAY Uk 12c. They possibly are 12c US... which should be about mys size, but arent... So I thus can not wear the shoes. Am now prompted to give feedback, but feel bad about this ... - buyer
Welcome to the thread!Niners Jacket = $$$$.
Damn nice, 509$ for the body seems reasonable!  I just use my stock lens on my 5200 for eBay shots...seems to work for all I need.
Depth of field looks fantastic!  I have a hard time with navy blues looking black!  What kind of lighting were you using for those shots?  is it just natural, and do you use the camera flash, or have a shoe mount flash attachment?  Either way, that looks amazing. I love my 5200!
I'm out for blood next match...lets see if Neymar is even going to play + lucky for you guys, the best defender is out next match...either way, it will be a great great game.I'll see you there! EDIT: OMFG, 30 seconds after I write this, I get an update that Neymar is out the rest of the World Cup with a fractured vertebra...Time for Fred to step up... I could really use one of those during our scorching summers here.
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