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Id probably do the same with that jacket in my possession. Enjoy it!
Few recent sweaters   REI Shetland             This one ended up in my personal closet after I realized it fit.  Not that Cali gets too many cold days, but its a nice staple.     This one was really cool.  That full zip goes really high!      
What size  - unless its already sold.  I saw a few already gone on your page. edit: Oh my this is great
Very nice man, those are all awesome!
My guess is the Brioni vicuna tie was yours?well done! -- @Brian & others - makes total sense now, to have the backdrop lights slightly brighter. I am just now looking into always-on lighting to compensate with my flash setup currently. Need to get the layout down, and start purchasing some lighting. I need the lights to be minimal and not take up a whole lot of room. Toying with the idea of a few mounted overhead. And side lighting to be mounted on the wall, on accordion...
Recent fit from my little guy. That tweed cap, was mine from when I was his age. Tweed vest w/ matching bow tie & pocket square.
Can you just dedicate lights for the backdrop itself, without them hitting the target? Also, has anyone tried lighting from behind the backdrop itself?
Their tailored items, yes. In fact, they recently took over Polo Ralph Lauren's highest quality line from corneliani. I'm nervous to see the results, but I do hope they use some of their better fabrics, that I've seen recently from them. Would be nice to have some more handwirk thrown in to! -Some accessories may be out sourced. -And most of their casual shirts are made in China.
That's inevitable, everyone is her target! If only they all got a cut of the money.I'd have to agree with your wife. You pull some quality stuff, regularly. You don't mess with bottom tier anymore, unless it's personal pickups. That's where I've seen your biggest growth over the years.And that 3pc is hella dope boy fresh iz I am!! Would LOVE to find a 3pc similar to wrap around my figure. From all the damn 3pc I've thrifted over the years, I don't think I've found anything...
That PRL and them trousers are great eazy! Good finds
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