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just tested mine, which is actually lower than normal.  I can usually get around 180DL / 13UL   router / modem is 3 bedrooms away tucked in a closet.
Yea I caught that live. Didn't look dirty to me, just unfortunate. I hope he's alright, cuz a hit like that is never good.
Or was it Jake from StateFarm...
nice Alienbees!   Is that a huge soft box I see on the right side of the picture? Do tell more!
I feel bad for Levi's and their new stadium. I enjoy watching the niners fall apart.
Thought I'd pop my head in real quick for a thrift / discount fit. Proud to be able to put it all together for my ever growing son! H&M faux leather jacket - true thrift nwt Carters thin wale corduroys - true thrift nwt Bear claw slippers - full retail and proud of it! On the hunt for a pair for me haha!
Holy shit thats where I live.  And that shop is literally like 10 minutes from me...thats so crazy!
That last quarter was good.  Ballsy call that ended up working out.  I'm not complaining as Bell is on my Fantasy.
Computer hardrive crashed...I'm soo F'd. Any Genius Bar experts on here who can walk me through recovering files before trying to reformat?
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