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Rueben, you split up the pants and jacket again???!!!   Or did Takai receive the whole suit?
Yes tell us more about this Seller Reference #.  This is searchable within eBay?? Must know more!
YES YES YES just because...!
There are dry cleaners that will wash, press, crease and fold your shirts with a band around them. It's pretty common and a normal practice for many who may stack their shirts rather than hang.
Yea no shit, just don't test those caster wheels.  My shit be three-wheel motion when I attempted to move it.
1.3 ftw - free falling awp shot still had accuracy.--but 1.6 was good to. Yes to private collection.  Nat and I ran into one a few weeks back when we were thrifting, and that handwork did.not.stop.  The trousers alone had so much handwork, all the way down the seams to the hem.  Was nice to look over.
I saw that episode, and could not stand to listen to that guy talk. Terrible business plan, no real knowledge of the business in my opinion, and he got exactly what he deserved, nothing.
Still active
Lol that's happened to me once, and nothing bad came of it. Hope it works smooth for you.
You guys are really getting that heated over this? Many people do things we may not agree with day in and day out. Agree or disagree and move on. This place carries an overall good moral vibe, let's try and keep it that way without bending too far right. But also remember "different" isn't always wrong or illegal.
New Posts  All Forums: