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A few discount purchases under 7% retail.           And then some basic ties
I should attach a camera to my head and shoot a video of how I iron shirts for listings.  I generally can do one in about 1-2minutes each.   You have to hit the areas of view.  Collar, placket, entire front, both arms - done.  No back.  Shirt fully buttoned for speed, unless you have to do the collar real quick, then I unbutton the top 2 and be done with it.   Also, Dan, those pictures are on point!  Looks great!   And I'll agree, shirts are usually lower in value -...
They are also making Barneys House label suits w/ LP fabric.  Fabric and cut's are nice, construction is mid tier RTW imo.   EDIT: I recently picked up a pair of Chocolate brown cords made with LP wool, made by JV for Khakis of Carmel house brand.I must say, they are great trousers, and wouldn't hesitate again purchasing another pair.
I would remove the Marshalls tag and list as NWOT.
I layed pavers on our dog run. And I layed it over a 2 inch surface of sand graded the way I needed for drainage. Took about 12 hrs from start to finish. Not sure what your talking about with pavers over concrete...?
AAS - you on Oahu? The center is fun to roam through.
So in other news - I just watched Yves Saint Laurent movie on Netflix for the first time. It was...interesting. Left me wanting to know more about his career path rather than his crazy ass life!
I was thinking the exact same thing bro.  I was like, spoo's closet must be bursting, if we are seeing these 40/50's going up for sale .Makes sense though yo, more will pass through soon enough.
That was a sz 50/40 wet dream...
That 3pc tweed is tha ish!
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