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Yea, same same.     I think the difference may be, it being an international shipment.  I don't go there regularly prior to payment, as I have no need.  But I did, to try and verify a shipping cost. 
I actually tried that today, and I got that error - but never had the normal shipping page below it. I attempted to access it prior to payment, so that I could quickly calculate some options - but like I said, it never populated.
Oxxford may buy that from you to preserve...who knows.But either way, contact thm to get info on that fabric!And +1 to keeping it and rocking it hard! Hell id wear it in our 60 degree winters here lol.
Drizzy - I would call Ebay. But from my understanding, eBay and any user has no control over how packages are categorized during shipments. Just as buyers are responsible for any additional fees because of "merchandise", I would assume the same for sellers who receive a package back that is incorrectly categorized during the return. This is my assumption, but eBay may be able to give additional info. I've never ran into this before, wish I could help more.
Damn that Cuci is hawt! Love those lapels!
If that fits you well enough, I would keep it or wear for awhile. After you get it fixed, you will obviously keep great care of it, so flipping in the future will still grant you major cash! I assume that it's 100% Vicuña??
That feeling when your photos are on freaking point today! 
Hmm, it is hard to notice much.  The only thing I can possibly see, is the bottom has a less of a blue tint?  But maybe not... I guess thats a good thing, that you didn't notice much of a difference!  I sure as hell needed to use it haha.
Yo, this is a great find right here.  I still have my Cortez that I used to c walk in. And 3 pairs from the 80s in my sneaker collection.  You rarely see the old ones anymore, so nice.
Well that is not a good postion for you to be in honestly.. That "threat" about feedback , will not get yours removed.  He is stating his next move, not threatening you with any leverage, atlas not explicitly.  And for whatever reason, if you do win a case, win the feedback, this won't stop him from initiating a chargeback with AMEX.  And from what I've read AMEX usually will side with their cardholders, not matter the issue.  If this was a "item not received case" that is...
New Posts  All Forums: