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I just wanted to say, when I had visited khakis today, I had a great time! Michael was super helpful with everything. I had spent over an hour downstairs at their sale items. I was blown away by the sale prices. Apparently the prices they had only happen every so many years! NWT selvedge jeans at 30$. Incotex, j Lawrence, ring jacket pants - flannel, donegal, etc; at 30-50$!! There was so much more. If anyone is in the area, I would highly suggest you take advantage of...
eBay ID  PLEASE!! Don't even want to deal with that buyer
It's down payment week after all!! Congrats bro!
@capnwes - Congrats on the completion.  I know its been a long road, and we all miss your thrift find posts here!   Look forward to seeing your work in that new, well deserved expansion!   P.S. - hows the new smoking deck? 
In the field Lo'Heads do I have anything here worth grabbing? 100% wool
That's a nice wardrobe upgrade. Plus, resell isn't that high. But you can get hella wear out of them.
Sorry it didn't work out bro.  Its like getting your dreams crushed - especially having to wait that long!   -- But hot damn did you pick out some great ties!
Sorry to hear that bro.  The worst part about break-ins, is living with it afterwards.  This hasn't happened to me personally, but to close enough friends and family that they've had numerous nights of no sleep.  My solution is: a man-eating dog, for when I am not home.  And a gun, for when I am home. Let me know if we can do anything to help you out if your in a pinch.  We have a great community here!Best of luck with the insurance company, I hope it goes smooth for you!
Damn ATL - a year has passed already! My little guy has a few more months to go!
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