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That's emperors cashmere, not crown
Your local dispensary should be able to answer those questions.
Did you forget to sign it?
Nice coat
That LP tag is a fabric tag only. And the Isaia would be the maker. If Isaia made for LP, id assume they wouldn't use the LP fabric tag...but I guess you never know.
yea, saks 5th ave.
No harm no foul, my man.  I would encourage you to not feel like you would disappoint someone with a gift.  Its really a harmless event.  There are accessories that are easy to send (ties, belts, braces), that many people would be happy with.  Its truly hard to nail down an exact fit for someone, and have that item become staple piece in a wardrobe.  Most folks here are in it for the joy, the fun, and not too concerned with what becomes of the items afterwards.  Heck, I've...
If your hesitant about signing up because of the fear of some item you may receive, or lack of quality, then it's for the best you don't participate. I would highly discourage the mentality of 'Comin up' from this. It's about fun, and giving. Takes the joy out of it when you have expectations of a certain quality. No one should feel added pressure from this event.EDIT: this is coming from someone who did not receive their goods from their intended partner last year. But...
I had something similar.  Had to set up a time with a German / US speaking rep, and everything went well from there.
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