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Is this piece by Mossimo Osti?  or just CP company?Crazy, I have a shirt by them, and while researching, twas really impressed by CPC by MO outwear!
He said "Al Boo Boo the eagle has landed"My reply... pronto... cousinExecute stage two put the turkey in the oven
No doubt, it looks killer, and has a wonderful maker.  I suppose my mind automatically goes into a capitalistic view, and ponders the profit margins as well as the risk and time. I'd be more inclined to pay close to what he is asking if it had fit me.
      I have over head storage in my office, which houses Medium FR (both sizes), RRA's, Large FR (both sizes), Padded FRE, Legal FRE, RRBs (both sizes), Express Side Loaders, USPS Mailing Envelopes, Tyvek's x2 sizes, Small FR boxes, USPS Shoe Boxes. The duplicates are stored in the garage on a shelf.  Wife don't mind, because she still has room for her vehicle to stay inside.
I would not pay more than 20$ for that suit, knowing it "needs a cleaning".  No info about what stains are present, and silk is a delicate fabric when it comes to cleaning.  Cannot scrub silk.
Now thats cool 
Exquisite Trimmings has the best pricing for saphir and a deer bone.  Much cheaper than any other place.  Shipping to US is reasonable, and VAT is taken off when choosing int shipping option.
Its up to you Shoeluv.  If you list the size labeled, and give measurements for that size, you are clearing yourself from any sizing issues related to SNAD.  If you give the blurb you have written, I strongly suggest you still put M (tagged size) in the title only, and also Medium ONLY in the item specifics.  From there you can keep that blurb in the listing, but do know that on a rare occasion, that could still hurt you.  A buyer can claim, well the seller told me this...
Found about 6 of these over the previous winter season.  Some were older than others, and 1 was a true 3pc...twas sick.
I've picked up my fair share of HSM pre 70's, and it is hard to get appreciation for them these days.  I feel as if HSM had lost its "Aw" when it took a turn in the 70's -80's.
New Posts  All Forums: