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I need some help determining the maker of a boot.  My guess is C&J - based on the heel, but the inside writing is kind of throwing me off.  Also, based on the writing, can anyone help me identify the size written?       Ironically enough it is made for Hilfiger...   What leads me to believe C&J is another pair of Hilfiger shoes - with the same heel and clearly made by C&J based on the inner writing       I found a link to a pair of Ben Silver shoes -...
If anyone gets an eBay rep named Jessica - feel lucky! She's the ish!! She can comprehend common sense outside of the scripted book most other reps read from!!
'Tis nice. But keep in mind the 2k, is monthly!! So it rolls over every new month, through Feb! (at least thats how I read it)
I'd kill for higher upload speeds. I usually stay above 10, but higher upload would be great! And non-peak hours at around 180/s DL feels almost instant. Running Comcast 150/s package - w/ an AC netgear nighthawk router. I'm just happy I can sustain over my package rates lol. Makes me feel like I get my money's worth. Btw, it's all wireless and can stay on 5ghz channel throughout the house. I've tested 2.5ghz and that is about 80-90/s. Can't image google fiber...
just tested mine, which is actually lower than normal.  I can usually get around 180DL / 13UL   router / modem is 3 bedrooms away tucked in a closet.
Yea I caught that live. Didn't look dirty to me, just unfortunate. I hope he's alright, cuz a hit like that is never good.
Or was it Jake from StateFarm...
nice Alienbees!   Is that a huge soft box I see on the right side of the picture? Do tell more!
I feel bad for Levi's and their new stadium. I enjoy watching the niners fall apart.
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