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The discrepancies lie in the last
You are the judge of that question, only you can answer that. If you feel your shoe size is 10.5 C - then which of the two, fit the best / truest to size...
^^LOL yes, very much so!   -- @Isolation  - That has lovely details and fabric, though the shoulders seem very pronounced.
I think I know what 58 you are talking about...if it came from where your lot purchase came from.  I almost pulled the trigger on it for myself.
Put them nutz to yo chin...if you feel a tingle cold, they real.
I don't like leaving Benjaminz on the table... At the expense of Shyne... 
If your taking this on full speed, you need to start with what you know works.  As you go on, you can assess, and implement new and different tactics.  Its the circle of business, adapt, overcome, and produce 
sounds like a question for vox...
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