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I thought the same, the future portrays the answer: No you did-ent!  - - I use flash, with every money shot.
LOL @ ALL THIS FUNNY ASS SHIT!   God, I walked into a fucking laugh attack!   But seriously, its so damn hard to think of a name for some reason...nothing is mind blasting!   My girl was so much easier...
Beat me to it.  Lmk if they do become available again.    ON THIS RELATED NOTE,  I NEED SOME HELP FROM YOU ALL! So as some of you know, I am expecting a baby boy to be born in about 2 months!!  Wife and I are stuck without a name up to this point....SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!!!  Please, this would be a huge help to hear form such a diverse group of fellow thrifters and followers! Unique names would be dope!  Something a bit different than the norm!
ANOTHER TRADE SHOUTOUT IS IN ORDER TODAY! @AlexJ1100    PACKAGE CAME, AND A VERY VERY THOUGHTFUL SURPRISE AWAITED ME INSIDE THE BOX!   I'll be enjoying the stogie with some Tuaca later this evening if everything goes to plan!  Cheers Mate! 
SHOUTOUTS TO @aglose FOR AN AWESOME PRL Gator Belt with silver tips!  Fits Great, Wore it straight out of the package!   Thanks again!
I've used sperm in my listings already when describing paisley, I've gotten some weird views I'm sure. Also, the word orgasmic has worked well for me. You should try it.
I have 4...and a full suit from vintage banana republic with the matching belt...its tits 
I came across an app called Scrobbld tonight as I was browsing around.   I have never used it nor did I spend much time vetting the quality.   But, wanted to know if anyone here has had any experience with it in the past, if so, any benefits?
Those look too feminine, even if they are opera pumps.
but the heart attack wasn't.
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