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A z-rack will look great in my dining room, next to the other 3 racks...my poor wife...
I could never go back to auto after being in full manual for awhile now. Gray helped me out a ton when I used bulb lighting. Now that I'm using strobes, I can set my white balance to flash WB - which is equivalent to about 6500k strobes. So far my color seems pretty accurate
Sup Morning Crue!   It appears I'll be accidentally pulling an all nighter.   Have a killer Saturday out there!
Oh man, such memories here. Time to close this chapter and start a new one!
I've been charged for a hell of a lot of labels, and none have printed, but are scanned as "shipped"  So I've been trying to go back in, and reprint these damn labels Ive already paid for. I've gotten about 3 different errors, which is really annoying.
Anyone having issue with eBay shipping today?  Apparently PayPal and eBay are not connecting properly.  Giving me a hell of a time right now.
Don't you just love when that happens?? Congrats man, its always good to mark off a grail!
I just wrote "button down" on the shirt glitch.  But when editing them in bulk edit, my drop down menus in other options were all fuxx'd up as well.  Oh well.
Well did you box it, or did FedEx box it?
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