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Sup morning Crüe! Time to get snappin
I need to quit...again.  I've used Chantix in the past, and it has really worked.  Longest time was 11 months off.  I've used it about 4 separate times now, and I can't seem to kick it 100%.  But I've rounded up my old packs of chantix in the cabinet, and have them ready to use for Jan 1st.  I'll be honest, I'm not looking forward to it.  I love smoking, always have, and I always will, even if I quit.  The best thing about quitting, was the smell of the second hand nearby....
Lol at that name
You gotta replace it every so often
Tx- that exchange is hilarious to read. Would make my day to have a buyer message me something like that. Although it wouldn't change my position in selling the item to them, if already claim.
What was the item?
no, thats not what I'm guaranteeing.  I was merely suggesting you to call them, explain the situation, and get their take on it.  They may suggest 100% to ONLY ship confirmed address, or they may not.  I am not sure.  But its a place to start, and get information to make you feel comfortable in your decision. EDIT: after re-reading my previous post, I think I was bit confusing when suggesting to call eBay.  What I meant by devils advocate, was exactly that.  Hypothetical...
If your uncomfortable shipping to an unconfirmed address, then cancel the transaction.  Either wait for the buyer to confirm, then carry out, or re sell the item again.  You can also call eBay and play devils advocate if something were to arise.  Would hate to have that unconfirmed address be the reason why something defaulted in the buyers favor.
From my experience, it auto default if you need sig confirm.  And it shouldn't allow you to de-select that option if over a certain dollar amount? Where are you shipping to?  Some INT countries I've found, have a higher threshold prior to sig confirm requirements.
This Seattle D is insane this game. So many loss downs for SF.
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