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  Might as just well show the screenshot...I normally don't read addresses, but glad I caught this one lol.
Just sold an item to Vanity Fair's Research Department in NYC. Thought that was pretty cool.
@Deusis - Could I inquire about having a wallet replicated into a shell offering?  It is a breast wallet, multiple slots, check book, etc.  Is this something you can take on?  I love the wallet, the style, and am having a difficult time replacing it.   Thanks!
  [[SPOILER]]   +1That label is very old.  I'd be careful labeling things new without tags.  It can get thrown around a lot, at times.  But when we see a label that old, its hard to believe its new, unless it actually has tags attached.  At that point, it would be NOS new old stock. And I would have still copped that B.  Tweed Alpaca corn, sure!
Slow dollar or fast quarter? A healthy balance is optimal, while staying realistic in your pricing. Big box stores practice this with their business model strictly on volume sales. Costco is a good example. They work off volume to minimize their markup to consumers.
Congrats Noble! That outfit looks perfect for a getaway resort wedding! You killed it!!
Is this the TH I'm looking for? Catch & release Spotted something familiar... A few basic finds on a quick run New x4 NOS x2 Some random fodder AEx2 Few ties Harvest purposes
@Brianpore I've been on the hunt for a larger male form for quite some time now. It virtually seems impossible to find. I've seen that one you posted, but like you said, it is too long. Let me know if you find anything, and I'll of course do the same. Hell, I'd even settle for a 44+ at this point.
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