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Use a credit card through PayPal to allow your self protection through the cc company. They're non fdic because their accounts do not accrue interest. There is no risk in the deposited funds. All the risk is from transactions and purchases made through a 3rd party. PayPal is more than just a means of purchasing on eBay. They are a separate entity, used for merchant services. Do other merchant service companies at brick & mortars offer protection through fdic? No. They...
Careful! Theres an inner tube tied to your beanie!
Been had that Grilled dinner!
Don't think the lions had a chance deep into the playoffs anyway. Suh will get his money next year no doubt, but the drama that comes with him may limit his options.
Daily - in more ways than you know!
All I'm going to say is someone's precious territory got destroyed. Deets to come.
Damn 2day went fast. Time to crash for 2.5 hrs and hit the racks again!
I think the thrill is in the "what if". Just like you said, your gambling on a hope. It's much safer to walk into a thrift store, without a cover charge.
The art of deception inflicts the fear
Hide yo wives, hide yo kids, en route to bust out someone's honeyholes for the next 2 days w/ another SFr! Be prepared for the madness that's about to embark on your hometowns! Double the pleasure, double the fun, double the grails! Oh yea, it's happening!
New Posts  All Forums: