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does that offer & counter offer in the messages use up a buyers 3 limit?Also, after 3 have been used, can a buyer message you, and then you reply back with the offer button?
I wonder if he(buyer) exploited the transaction because he understood there was no proof of delivery, and just took advantage of you and the situation  Its tough to keep remembering there are more good buyers than bad at times.  But one of the biggest deterrents we have as sellers, is to protect ourselves.  If we do everything we can from the beginning, such as tracking, uploading info, choosing a delivery service that offers all that, we take away the temptation from a...
What are you headed over there for Eazy?  Just a exploration adventure, or have an agenda?-I have family from Baghdad, and some still living there.  Its no joke right now, but I would never go. You should have just done what we did...drink!
I believe this is accurate.
 I was thinking the same thing with Texas..but then I'd have to deal with the boarder crisis going on right now 
Certainly deflated my day.
Hmm, that does make sense.  I guess I was referring to my own personal experiences, which never caused any problems.  The work done on one item was a bespoke made (not for me) jacket, in which we opened side vents.  The other Jacket was actually closing a center vent on a tuxedo jacket, which looked great after the work was completed.
Man this audio is a pain...
I know the feeling, you gotta psych yourself up for measurements haha. You can always have a tailor open up the vents for you! I bet that thing is super lightweight huh?  I tried plenty on when visiting the Etro store in the past.  All their jackets were so light, and unstructured, it was a pleasure to wear. Congrats man, can't wait to see what those 2 stores produce!
@capnwes , You are the GOD of Single Breasted Peak Lapel goodness!   Well Done 
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