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MMM - If you continue to "tab" past the first star rating, does it drop the other fields down to the single star as well?
^^ Windowpane Pattern above
looks like AE
Welcome to the end of the month 
I suppose I just assumed, whoops!But to your stand, the ball didn't have an outcome on that game.  It was over quick.Second half with "proper" balls, Brady tore it up.
Who is saying they shouldn't play in the SB? Finish the season, for the sake of a PR nightmare and then bring judgement.My comment above was specifically stating that bilichik should receive a suspension rather than a petty fine. He needs a punishment that will distance him from the game, which will induce pain, regret, and hopefully a memory worth not repeating again. Repeat offenders require stiffer punishment the next go around.Good luck getting into the Hall of Fame...
So when will Bilichick get his one year suspension from the NFL?  How many infractions does it take to finally succumb to a punishment that he will remember?
Is this chargeback specifically for an item not received?  Or is it another issue buyer is claiming?
Rueben, you split up the pants and jacket again???!!!   Or did Takai receive the whole suit?
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