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Dayum the big qt size on discount is a good kop! The wife would love one, and well hell, me too!
I love kitchenAid mixers!!
Also before you list it, pull the sweater in that area, mimicking the stretch it will have when wearing, and see how drastic it is. I've had sweaters that hide holes very well until worn and stretched out a bit.
You can usually find a coupon code to lower it as well.  When I had to renew earlier this year, I was able to bring it down to around 60$ from, I think around 100.   Worth every penny to me.
My gifts going out a bit late, sorry.  Promise it will be worth it...hella shit inside.   Crazy busy week, but I'll have it out by next Monday, won't take long to arrive.
He didn't just drop it off at ur house? lol, funny to ship across the city 
Getting ready for a trunk show / pop up sale 2mor...
Thrift Funded 6plus Harris Tweed    
My recent tweed addition Harris Tweed 6plus    
Catside, that field coat is so awesome man! I can see why it was a Grail! Enjoy it man.
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