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Almost purchased their laptop case awhile back.   What are you going to store inside the cases? 
^ Take it and run!!
Is it true thrift?? YES! Do it!  That thing is so sweet.  Hell, if you don't, I'll take a proxy 
My last heavier shipment to Japan was roughly 18 lbs, and using express (which got to him in 5 days, crazy huh?), it was less than 100$, I think around 87$.
good looking out yo.  Hell yea that kors is still in the arsenal!  I love that thing, it hits all the right spots for me.
Tomowens: if you access to a scale and can get a decent weight measurement, I would suggest using the USPS calculator on their website to get pricing. Also, if purchasing online vs in retail, you can save a bit of money. Jeffd: if you can guess the weight of the shipment you have ordered, I would try and calculate your price to ship it within the U.S., online. What kind of items are they? 18 suits may cost a decent amount, 18 shoes could also be quite heavy. But either...
Spoo, what's more of a problem: me wanting Deets on that 46L leather, or it being past midnight and I've yet to crash for a few hours. Either way, when u awaken here shortly, mind getting me deets on my ever growing affixation with ur leathers. Goodnight/goodmorning. /micdrop
Yes on the Pal - just photo'd one lol.
If you can, I would suggest always shipping shoes inside a box.  Wrapping them in bubble wrap is great as well, or at least some scrunched up newspaper at the top and bottom of the box to keep the toes and heels from hitting or sliding around inside.  A box is a must IMO, especially an international shipment.  Those shoe trees will definitely help, but will add significant weight.   Track and insure it if they are of significant value.
@bpk1  - Those jill sander pants are probably women's wide leg pants.  12 inch opening is on par with that.  And also, those hanging loops, are commonly found in women's clothing for closet hanging purposes.   Check to see which way the zipper and waist fasten.  More times then not, women's pants will close the opposite way of mens (not always, but most times).
New Posts  All Forums: