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How much shorter is the vamp say compared to Randolph? I have the #8 shell Randolph and find it perfect, but have yet to try any westchester.
rofl, I totally forgot about that.  running to the office now to check!
WOW, that is an amazing find (you didn't happen to pick up 2 did you?).  I'm debating if I should put my daughter in a Olaf outfit or try and find Elsa...
Not the retail locations...my genius bar has a playa who wears a Scottish kilt.  Others just look more like bums with hipster haircuts.
That thing is badass.
Respectfully, I'd wear it as a country tweed in the cold autumn / winter.
Brian, this is me asking...
The Rare Batik Cotton.      
I wouldn't mind a silent video showcasing the item itself.  It can add a dimension not otherwise seen in photos.
New Posts  All Forums: