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 +1.  12$ is a steal to this seller because it can avoid a case for him.  But if he gives you grief, the next best way to handle the situation would be a case for a refund, and also low detailed seller ratings, and or feedback.  Giving 3 stars or lower, will get him a defect on his account.  Harsh I know, but in this particular situation, if all facts you've presented are accurate, the rating sounds acceptable.
If you are referencing the link above, to that eBay page, that is not Brian's listing.
I am amazed that NY is warmer than where I am in Cali today.  First time in over 6 months we had rain this morning...I almost forgot the smell. Have no fear, back to mid 90s again next week 
Damn 3.6k SAVED?  Deets man!
  Damn that sounds good...
@barrelntrigger brodeetz! whats for dinner?
I have this saved as a book I need to add to my collection...just haven't gotten around to purchasing it yet lol. Thats a hell of a lot of wet noodles you came home with...
@12:30 AM, that shit looks BOMB...I should sleep, not eat
Frenchy....them chee chee's tho 
You always have interesting finds 330...Your knowledgable in many different departments within a thrift store 
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