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Well, it all depends on ur shipping methods.  I assume we're all shipping accessories as either first class mail $1.xx-$3.xx, or priority mail, which can vary from $4.xx-$5.xx.But there is no harm in adding a handling fee, or shipping supplies fee into ur charge.  That is your discretion, does not need to be elaborated on with the buyers, because they are well aware of that shipping cost prior to their commitment. Again, your scenario is different as it was a combined...
Perception is key - even if it is inaccurate.   Although I am more surprised he is barking at 4$ for two items lol.  I charge 4$ for accessories on their own lol.
Glad to have you back!  Hopefully your able to stay awhile with us! 
I hear north Las Vegas is good. I have family that lives out there, but every time we visit we fly, and never have a car to myself to go explore. But they say it is good.Report back on the area, as I'm curious with your first hand experience.
Oh that's perfect, thank you for that! Seems simple enough to do. I assume the plain colors are season towards fall / winter - for black, possibly brown etc?
Thank you all for your replies! I am currently looking at an eBay Panama hat by brooks brothers. I would like to jump into panamas at the low end price for now, which can easily become a beater for sporting events, beach, travel - when the time comes to invest in something of higher quality. I would like some feedback as to what you guys think of the hat. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=191549252262 It seems to hit all the right details, with a...
I saw that episode and was disgusted with his pitch.
Low ball offers are part of doing business. I don't spend much time on them except quickly countering like I normally would. No aggravated messages, just stay consistant with your approach and don't let the little things get to you.
Ohh a Saturday.  That significantly increases my chances to attend this go around!  It will probably be later in the afternoon rather than late morning.   I'll follow up in the thread when I know more!
Wow that is amazing!  Cherish that till the end of days!  Maybe buy gift card to something local for him and mail it off!  Who knows, this could turn into a gift exchange back & forth with a total stranger online friend(?).
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