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Well did you box it, or did FedEx box it?
Can you link me to the eBay store??  You can PM if you want.  Reason I ask, is there are rumors online of Linda having a secondary eBay account store, that she has been accused of selling consigned items on, for herself, claiming they were never shipped to her.  Shady accusations really, but I never dug deep enough to find her other store. Also a quick google search for reviews on Linda can lead to some funny and interesting hate directed towards her.  I think there was a...
Damn, wasn't aware of that. Thats kind of bullshit because sometimes the postal service lags for one reason or another.  And then, buyers who pick up their packages at a post office or PO box, can easily lie about its arrival day.  Too easy for buyers to fuck someone over. Why is it not good enough for eBay to see our uploaded tracking info, and carrier scan to determine if we shipped within a our stated time?  Why do they have to take into account when the buyer receives...
El oh el
That jacket is made by saint Andrews.
What were the results of the chargeback case? Did you win, did he win?
Looks good koala! Is that a sofa chair in ur front yard? Where's the shotgun?
Well hurry up and start so we can keep talking about you dropping out!
Like new Brioni flannel?? That's peanuts yo! Enjoy the items and wear them well. On Ebay, an item is only worth as much as anyone is willing to spend. You did not get ripped off unless you were intentionally misled in the listings.
Hey that jacket fits you good!
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