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Cut it as close to the fabric as possible, and push the rest of the nub inside the jacket. It will be stuck between the wool and the lining. That's all we can do.
Yea that's a tough week. But picking Payton more times than not, is usually a safe bet.Lol - that's too funny, as I know that feeling all too well.Trust me, it's worse when you do loose, and feel like your then paying out of pocket to the winner.
Those are great Moo. I especially am drawn to that brief. It looks perfect. Let me know when rental slots open up lol.
Buyer is responsible for shipping to sellers who do not accept returns.  This is eBay's way of making sure the buyer is serious about it, and commits to actually sending it back.
lol, this was the night to go against them two, big upset in this weeks Fantasy.
 I understood that clear.  Knowing your partners love language is key in a marriage, at least in mine lol.  But thats neither here nor there.  Enjoy those boots man, they are gorgeous!
Thats sick.  I think CB makes for Huntsman, down the row. Oh, do tell!
Thriftmas Festivities Fit Orvis Viyella wool cotton ocbd tartan shirt -Wes Patrick James red wool jumper w/ leather elbow patches -thrift Gap selvedge -ethrift Cashmere pantharella fair isle socks -discount AE Byron bitter choco suede
Boring first set of games today
Love that duffle spoo, went outa reach pretty quick but kept the action alive for a day. Also that Ben silver tweed vest is great!
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