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+1Yea that robe is TITS, what size is it?  Also, that PRL tweed sz4, we talking wimminz w/ mens button stance? So much good stuff! That Gamo quilted jacket is crazy!That burberry ubber-cropped trench coat/jacket looks cool.
That's weird, that Gucci has the old and new zegna label...crazy
+1, that is my guess as well.  I've had CB with that same S5A tag, and that union tag inside.  Yours has much more handwork, and looks wonderful!
I've sold my fair share of those scully embroidered vest for some decent change...
LPV @ 9.99 
This sounds familiar, and is prevalent in private Healthcare as well.  My take on it is, what is the lesser of the two evils for myself and my family.   I'm not working my ass off to worry about the 1/4 people on government assistance or aid in this country now.  I'm not here to make sure they get the aid they need from getting ass sores from watching too much TV without moving.  I'm not here to make sure the obese kid who's mom feeds him junk food from the liquor store...
A good sign would be: no buyers at 399, no buyers at 299, potential buyer at 200. So your splitting hairs if you think it's worth something between your 200 offer and your stale 299 pricing. It's may be worth a try, if you have the time for it. Or you can take your 200, and run! This logic is brought to you by, someone who knows nothing about denim
Whats sad, is 3-4 hrs is less time than we now have to wait for something minor where I reside.  All the street bums, and pill poppers fill the waiting rooms trying to score some, or just to get out of the 105+ heat temps.  If you want to see the ugliest people in the world, come tour our ER waiting rooms...disgusting shit.  And that is no joke.  I get amazed every time, especially for someone who has lived in the same city his whole life, I never thought such disgusting...
So you think, have you had to use it for anything major?  Can't believe where the US is going with their healthcareless system.
New Posts  All Forums: