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Damn that tie haul is one of the best e thrifts I've ever seen!
Yea that's isaia tag!
Revise the invoice and add "local pickup" with no cost in shipping. Then send and he pays for the purchase which shows local pickup. Asking for cash outside of Ebay is not advised, but I suppose you can still do that as an option.
Soap opera for teh lurkers.
You don't. If you don't want to meet up in person. Just inform them that you do not offer local pickup, but can discount the shipping charges.
- 99.9% of shoes are pictured with trees. - I never sell trees w/ purchases - unless they're lasted. - I always ship shoes with paper stuff inside the toe box and vamp. I do this right after pictures, to ensure they are stored with paper inside. - I've begun packaging shoes in shipping boxes immediately following pictures & listings - to help with storages.
Who is the athlete? I'm curious who the living legend is, or possibly purchase one from you! If you'd rather PM me, I understand.
preowned, sold for 140$ (if i remember correctly).  And the inner tags were removed, just had the samuelsohn tag on the outside of the liner. Saphir Renomat.  Just be careful, it can stripe away a lot.  Also be prepared to completely re condition and polish after use.  Because it will dry out the leather when striping off old layers of gunk.  And I Would only use it on smooth leathers.
Yes, I sold one of those recent samuelsohns, not too long ago. Gorgeous fabric, patch pockets, unlined, and unstructured. It was very nice.
With Bradford so injury prone, he has to collect QBs. Especially since they aren't costing him anything.
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