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Checkin in!
I've heard too many horror stories to just be diving my hands into each pair of pants on the rack at thrifts. I check what I must, with caution. Needles, piss, etc.
Part 2 is extremely active already! At this rate part 3 will be introduced next week! Go go go
Is this a gren weave?    
Yes to these.  I wouldn't cause too much of a hassle for them, especially if they are otherwise good tenants.  OTC is correct is his judgement of not necessarily having to increase the rent, but adding him to the current one, to make the new guest/tenant responsible, should any issues arise.
@capnwes I'm having déjàvu
Well said.
A z-rack will look great in my dining room, next to the other 3 racks...my poor wife...
I could never go back to auto after being in full manual for awhile now. Gray helped me out a ton when I used bulb lighting. Now that I'm using strobes, I can set my white balance to flash WB - which is equivalent to about 6500k strobes. So far my color seems pretty accurate
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