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Didn't have a chance to get out there today, as I was playing Daycare at home with the kiddos.   But I did manage to get online and thrift a bit.  Secured in 84 e-thrifted ties...at a very very attractable price 
Good pickup on shell. Looks to be in the ever so rare walnut.
I probably would have left most of those. Hard to see - but a few on the far left may actually be more recent.  Those I would def take.
I would not be a good owner for that couch set... - Instabreak 
Paypal's way of holding true to their policy's, are wording that money transfer exactly as they have it "friends and family" - anything other than that...they wan't their cut.     Is it illegal to send a client payment as "friends and family" - hell no, Paypal is not the law.  But, if you want to use their services, then they expect you to stay within their guidelines.  I am not sure what the repercussions are for that said act, but I'd assume the first instance may be...
I'm surprised you got one same day..how do you like it?
Thats an awesome haul SeaJen.  Congrats on the Kiton...September seems to be the month for em popping out.
Its less about taxes and more about policy within the merchant services you are using.  I doubt the IRS cares how you pay your clients, as long as you can prove it.  People get paid in cash, check, deposit, stocks... IRS just wants to know everything is accounted for, everything is deducted correctly.
You should be able to use priority mail by weight and dimensions.  The hat and box really shouldn't be much more than maybe 2-3 pounds...I'd guess you can ship it much cheaper than that 50$ mark.
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