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These were thrifted, but not by me. I wanted to share them, as I fell in love with that 50/50 wool-silk one!          
Yes Brioni seems correct.  They used that tag on the small keeper blade.  very very old though. EDIT: to add to this, I bet that keeper tag used to have the gold chain brioni logo on it, but had fallen off throughout the years!  This would be around the time brioni used that content tag with that dangling gold chain. EDIT#2: was able to find an old listing of mine that shows what I am talking about. - and as you can see the gold chain on this one is hanging on by one side...
Eazy - I have that vicuña book, and it's one of my favorites! So much history and a great source of knowledge beyond the fabric alone!
Checkin in!
I've heard too many horror stories to just be diving my hands into each pair of pants on the rack at thrifts. I check what I must, with caution. Needles, piss, etc.
Part 2 is extremely active already! At this rate part 3 will be introduced next week! Go go go
Is this a gren weave?    
Yes to these.  I wouldn't cause too much of a hassle for them, especially if they are otherwise good tenants.  OTC is correct is his judgement of not necessarily having to increase the rent, but adding him to the current one, to make the new guest/tenant responsible, should any issues arise.
@capnwes I'm having déjàvu
Well said.
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