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Not anymore lol
A few pops during the season
Merry Christmas thrifters!! My favorite gift this year.
Gotta love the Holiday messages you receive from buyers this season
+1 Yep.  I actually prefer to block an email anytime I can.  A buyer's ID will block that ID only.  If that same user creates another eBay account, and uses the same email, then that new ID is now unblocked.  If you block the email, it will block of course the original account, and hopefully the new account if they did in fact create a new one with the same email. - This is of course my own understanding.
2 more to add to your block list if you so choose   jameskent0 - attempts to extort sales tax charges.  Hassle all around, not worth dealing with.   next up - Block this email.  Repeat offender under different eBay usernames.   Attempts to return items via eBay in a deceitful manor.  When that did not work out, they immediately go to PayPal.   These people know the ropes, regardless if they are successful
That's wassup! I loved reading this.  Good for you man.  When you can really feel the genuine thank you from sellers (or even buyers), it tickles a nerve inside to bust-a-move!  And thats what you did!  Call eBay, have them look at the return and escalate into a case and close it in your favor.  They may or may not do that right off the bat.  They may encourage you to just decline the request, because that is how they want you to use their return system.  But again, that...
I think my biggest this year was a nwt Hartmann 5" belting leather brief. I think it was around $1350 or $1400. And it was marked as a "second". Most likely because of a few scuffs on it.
Damn that PRL hacking Russell is rare and awesome! Great find
I was a victim of bendgate on my 6plus. Had babied it for 2 months while it progressively got worse and worse. It wasn't very apparent visually but was non responsive on the front screen. It had gotten extremely bad. So 2 days before I had finally made an apt w/ the Genius Bar, I dropped my damn phone and had a crack through the center of the screen. I thought there goes my chances of getting my bendgate issue taken care of because of the crack. Mind you I didn't have...
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