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Big Shoutout to @rhz5001 for a really awesome thrift exchange!   btw, that IPA was excellent!   Personal water bottle is freaking awesome man! Thank you very much for everything!        
[[SPOILER]]  BESPOKE OA Wright Olive Twill TWEED Windowpane Check HACKING Sport Coat Jacket
 just won one today--eBay rep Ashely is the shiznit  
    When this occurs, does the item automatically show up in your "awaiting shipment" page?  Because with an e-check awaiting full deposit, it won't populate to ship the item yet, because it hasn't fully cleared.  So I'm wondering if it is "mark as paid", if it will populate.
  Had a chance to get out a few weeks back and found some decent fodder     Probably my favorite BoO shirt to date - Contrast Placket Oxford Shirt   nwt to boot!       meh - just really liked the brushed cotton       HF w/ LP     hacking boating(?) linen jacket               Thats it for now.
Tom's guilty again
Indeed Fallacious, but ingenious?
So what your saying is the factory seconds stamp is also a factory second  
Did we just invite the NSA to our thread with all this talk? I wonder how many hits we produced! ..."Look Ma' I'm famous!..."
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