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'Tis nice. But keep in mind the 2k, is monthly!! So it rolls over every new month, through Feb! (at least thats how I read it)
I'd kill for higher upload speeds. I usually stay above 10, but higher upload would be great! And non-peak hours at around 180/s DL feels almost instant. Running Comcast 150/s package - w/ an AC netgear nighthawk router. I'm just happy I can sustain over my package rates lol. Makes me feel like I get my money's worth. Btw, it's all wireless and can stay on 5ghz channel throughout the house. I've tested 2.5ghz and that is about 80-90/s. Can't image google fiber...
just tested mine, which is actually lower than normal.  I can usually get around 180DL / 13UL   router / modem is 3 bedrooms away tucked in a closet.
Yea I caught that live. Didn't look dirty to me, just unfortunate. I hope he's alright, cuz a hit like that is never good.
Or was it Jake from StateFarm...
nice Alienbees!   Is that a huge soft box I see on the right side of the picture? Do tell more!
I feel bad for Levi's and their new stadium. I enjoy watching the niners fall apart.
Thought I'd pop my head in real quick for a thrift / discount fit. Proud to be able to put it all together for my ever growing son! H&M faux leather jacket - true thrift nwt Carters thin wale corduroys - true thrift nwt Bear claw slippers - full retail and proud of it! On the hunt for a pair for me haha!
Holy shit thats where I live.  And that shop is literally like 10 minutes from me...thats so crazy!
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