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Well Attlolini is probably one of the top 3 tailoring houses in Italy.  So you sir, are correct in your observation.  They are a joy to uncover and inspect!
don't think caruso made for prl.  I'd venture to say its corneliani.
 - i hope ur keeping those! amazing...
Naa, pretty sure it was for the PRL full length
Sup morning Crue!  - just playin, I've yet to crash.  Sick kiddo duty 2nit.
Any issues with the UAE lately?  I haven't shipped there in a good 6 months or so...
That looks terrible...
I would: list with labeled size in title, and item specifics. Inside the body I would write - "labeled size: 42L - Meausres closer to a 42r. Please see measurements to ensure proper fit" Then you could add something like what Brian uses "sold per tag size - measurements are only a guide". Those are all suggestions, and probably something I would do.
Now your talking my steez. While their at it, I wouldn't mind a pair by celly cell, and dj quik.
Yea.  Or you can try paypals shipping, but I think those prices on PP are about the same as USPS.
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