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@bpk1  - Those jill sander pants are probably women's wide leg pants.  12 inch opening is on par with that.  And also, those hanging loops, are commonly found in women's clothing for closet hanging purposes.   Check to see which way the zipper and waist fasten.  More times then not, women's pants will close the opposite way of mens (not always, but most times).
Some guy wants to hire you to Bless him for 20$?
2 years in a row, my February is strong, even with only 28 days. I'll close the month at the second strongest in the last 14 months.
holy shit dude. 100% cashmere suit? damn, aren't you glad you didn't go into work.
Been had that outright! Totally worth it.
I can't seem to see any other colors besides black & blue. I see no gold
I just looked up the BB red fleece onlinle, and from a quick observation, it appears the same. The red lettering seems bold within the context of their other logos. Is this not red fleece? Quickly glancing over some details on the shirts, they seem more hip, modern/current, rather than their plain ol casual shirt line.
Can I get a quick confirmation on a few of these similar BB tags. Are they newer or a kids line maybe?
Come to think of it, I had a similar Armani logo tie that came in a eBay lot.  I ended up donating it lol.
both fonts do look off.   and "LON DON" just looks extremely funny.
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