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Thriftmas Festivities Fit Orvis Vanellya wool cotton ocbd tartan shirt -Wes Patrick James red wool jumper w/ leather elbow patches -thrift Gap selvedge -ethrift Cashmere pantharella fair isle socks -discount AE Byron bitter choco suede
Boring first set of games today
Love that duffle spoo, went outa reach pretty quick but kept the action alive for a day. Also that Ben silver tweed vest is great!
 EDIT:  I got knocked out  
Id probably do the same with that jacket in my possession. Enjoy it!
Few recent sweaters   REI Shetland             This one ended up in my personal closet after I realized it fit.  Not that Cali gets too many cold days, but its a nice staple.     This one was really cool.  That full zip goes really high!      
What size  - unless its already sold.  I saw a few already gone on your page. edit: Oh my this is great
Very nice man, those are all awesome!
My guess is the Brioni vicuna tie was yours?well done! -- @Brian & others - makes total sense now, to have the backdrop lights slightly brighter. I am just now looking into always-on lighting to compensate with my flash setup currently. Need to get the layout down, and start purchasing some lighting. I need the lights to be minimal and not take up a whole lot of room. Toying with the idea of a few mounted overhead. And side lighting to be mounted on the wall, on accordion...
Recent fit from my little guy. That tweed cap, was mine from when I was his age. Tweed vest w/ matching bow tie & pocket square.
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