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Anyone have a guide to decoding Hermes numbering system?  Specifically the 7000's series on normal twill ties.  This will help give information on the pattern design. I've looked online for a plug-in, with no luck yet.   Any data sheet or information on them, would be a great help! Thanks.
looks like three shoes and a raw phalange.
Any issues with shipments to South America or Ecuador in specific?   First Item will be going there this week, and go figure it was a Tweed Jacket....None the less, a tweed that most do not purchase for flippage due to its inconsistency.   http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=321376095642
I don't blame you for wanting to hang onto Kiton Vicuna as long as you can till the Fall, but HOW COULD YOOUU!1!!
Hmm, does the overcoat fit big 
They may look similar, (as I know which ones you have in mind,) but I can assure you the finishing touches on Kiton will supersede Sutor.
Am I looking at Jaguars here?
? What am I missing with that gruppo tag?  Ah, now I see it on the very edge of the tag. GOTCHA!
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