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I've shipped to a few hotels before, both priority and express without a hitch. If the buyer has done this before (hotel shipments), they know to add their name to the hotel address along with their room #.
That avatar returns!
With those measurements, yes I'd call it a 44R.No on 46, imo. That waist measurement is way too small for a 46, and just about right for a 44.
It's tough to beat the 405 traffic. That shit is terrible almost all day. 10pm there is still enough traffic to constantly make you brake and speed up.
That's looking real sharp Brian! Lol at floating shoes! That was my first thought when I switched over to my light box and strobes. No shadows below!
Thrift Fit - New Employee Edition   nwt Juicy Couture Sweatpants nwt Juicy Couture L/S tee   Finally found some decent help with measurements. Good employees are hard to come by!   Enjoy your weekend gents!  
For 8$, if it fits, wear it!  Looks cool tbh.
When Linda checks her traffic reports for those sales she will be delighted to know how much she gets lurked by us lol.
I recently had to do that for a pair of cowboy boots.  1 box for each boot, and tapped together lol.  Works great!
I wish that roll of paper Brian mentioned was easier to ship. Hell I could provide some to the whole forum. It's freaking huge!!
New Posts  All Forums: