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Are we having a poll for the closest hammer price on the gator? Like we did for the LPV?
I have one of those electric clothing shavers. It actually works really well. Takes a few passes sometimes, as it sucks air inward to then snip the fiber. I had great results using it on a Robert talbott quilted tie, which piled and pulls like crazy because of the intricate weave they use. Turned out better than I expected.
lol - avail??   edit: @moo's trunkcase
50 shipped for shell in your size is a damn good price.  Grats to whoever snagged em up
Gimi one...NOW!
Time to crash out here in Cali, be back up here shortly anyways!   To all you East Coasters bout to ROLL OUT!  Have an awesome Thanksgiving Eve Thrifting Day!   I gotta feeling its gonna be a good one...
There meant to fit big...over other layers. I have a size Small in that toggle in my possession, and I can actually harness the toggles shut.  And I usually wear a 46-48 jacket.  I think they're meant for some real chunky under layering to add some additional warmth.  Granted, when I saw what I looked like in one, I could of passed for a cult leader with the hood on.  I felt like Joe, in "the following"
Omg those are legit. Nice addition to these already wonderful plethora of goodies.
Sweet, I look forward to opening it!  
Door to door selling cemetery plots, and suits....
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