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If you read the listing, seller is claiming he purchased them from the shoe mart in 2012.
Always a tough decision, but in this case, when are you ever going to thrift those again...and in your size! I want pics! 
Has anyone had issue printing postage via Ebay, PP, or USPS to Hong Kong lately?  eBay rep told me online printing is not available there, even though they show the options.  When going to print  through eBay, it times out.  When attempting through USPS, you get an error asking you to try later.  
As of July 31st, I've had 16 defects dropped off.  Which brings me within range of TRS.
Damn, that is quite the offer...on the other hand, you already know you have 1 buyer willing to reach 1k, now you have 9 more days to find another to go over the 1k mark This should be fun to watch... Shell Color Rare Rawr
Well that sky rocketed quick 
I'm not sure where all the fraudulent activity took place, but they called me once for a jewelry purchase that I did not authorize. The computer system probably has a way of detecting when to take action. Granted we are on the road quite a bit and cover a large radius. So the suspicious activity has to be pretty out of the norm with what i assume would be a large chunk of change.
A few unofficial photos of some recent thrifted items for myself.         Kick Ass Green Lambsool, Deerskin piping & collar Riding Jacket.  hacking Patch Pockets, Rear Snap Vents. Unlined, unstructured. These photos don't do it justice, but they will do until winter for a fit pic.                
  haha thanks.
Bummed now that I didn't bust a move during the last sale.  I certainly could use some more right about now...LMK if anyone heres anything with another one coming up!
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