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nice 3pc YSL, cool factor trumps labels!
Out of town for a wedding, hit a few locals. It was a tweed/wool kinda day. That's a pile of tweed jackets folded for packing purposes. And all those ties are wool.
Regards to loafers. Those should be Alden's. That inner footbed sole is consistent with Alden's. An like Brian said, most likely were made for brooks brothers.
Looks to be an orphan  Also, your mannequin is styling some jetted flapped pockets!  Not sure if that has hurt it or not.  I myself thought, "I wonder whats wrong with the other flap"
+1 man.  Any special event planned for its maiden voyage?
Which country is that?
Tis the sacrificed lamb. I think belvest
I am more interested in how that bike fits in a Ferrari 
FYI, goodwill stores in 21 states have had their security breached and credit cards #s stolen. Odds are against us here, so let's all keep a look out on our cards for suspicious activity!!!
^^ Sorry if its been mentioned in the past, but who's the maker?
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