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Yes thanks. Now looking to date it has me stumped.  My half tag has a half circle center around the numbers, rather than a diamond shape shown in the example photos. Anyone have any insight?
Only one mouse inside, and entered through our garage door that was cracked open all night.  No breaches elsewhere. So the mouse had gotten a leg stuck on a catch master, but freed himself!!  wtf these things are so damn sticky...frustrating. So its safe to assume, since the mouse has experienced my traps (catch master sticky board), it will now avoid them with its knowledge...I suppose traps are the next step.  Traps set with food, are still not a guarantee?  They can...
Luxury indoor house slippers...been after another pair for quite some time.  Amazing.  Dibs if you decide not to keep!
Can someone link me to the union tag site to date this suit [[SPOILER]]
I'll jump on this bandwagon of SHOUTOUTS!  One is in order of @SpooPoker for shipping some shell shoes across the country just for me to try them on, in hopes of them fitting.  Unfortunately they did not work out, and we are "on to the next one" but this still needs not go unnoticed.  As always, a standup gentleman that holds himself to all that we know true!  
If you have to use those boxes, trim the sides as much as possible.   I to only use boxes that a full label sheet will fit on, but I've ran into 1 or 2 where a bit of trimming on one side was needed.   Small flat rate boxes fit just barely.  But It works!
With the seller feedback they house, I would not touch them.
So theres a mouse in my house...its a small one, as I've seen it a few times the last few weeks.  If it stays any longer, I'll have to name him.   I have Catchmasters set up in attractive areas to lure the catch.  No luck thus far.  I continue to find droppings under the sink, and behind the fridge.  The catch boards are slotted in areas to only allow entrance and exit through them....yet no luck in a catch     Have I got a smart little critter on my hands?  Once they...
I've yet to encounter an Indian tailored suit...but my HK's do fetch fair.   Just picked up some odd brown plaid check Inco's in a cotton, cash mix.  I think they may stay in my closet.
wtf, thats terrible.  I almost feel like blocking him! I understand your point, as I had a friend who drove a mitsubishi and watched one. It may be that my thinking mentality may be biased.  But that is just my thought process.  Its like any other industry, they just slap their name on most things produced in different factories altogether.  Tis what it is, but that does not negate my recommendation on looking to purchase a printer from a company who specializes in that...
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