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I had something similar.  Had to set up a time with a German / US speaking rep, and everything went well from there.
yea, no shit huh...fucking aye man.  Have yet to pick up any tailored LP or anything other than shirts : /
I always have issues on safari when changing values inside the ebay edit.  I have to change one value, and wait for it to refresh itself (sometimes takes twice), then go to the next.  Also, eBay seems to change my damn "shipping option" and "return option" to my most used ones.  So I am always changing suits and sport coats because they automatically revert to my most used (ties/accessories) pricing.   I hate that new change they recently had where eBay made those...
Have you guys seen the Pendleton x Nikeid custom shoes? They look pretty sick
No music while thrifting for me. I'm always on my A game, and from afar probably look like a crackhead Tasmanian sifting through all the racks. No second is ever wasted, and I catch my breath on the way out the door.
Both of those fits are excellent. Totally want some olive cargos now!
Hand warmer pockets, elbow patches.
Sup Crüe!
I think I'll be writing my 4 bars for next weekend now...
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