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Tom's guilty again
Indeed Fallacious, but ingenious?
So what your saying is the factory seconds stamp is also a factory second  
Did we just invite the NSA to our thread with all this talk? I wonder how many hits we produced! ..."Look Ma' I'm famous!..."
Balenciega, Kiton, crockett jones, saint laurent, louboutin, versace, tom ford, Saint Laurent , luciano barbera, chanel
Not anymore lol
A few pops during the season
Merry Christmas thrifters!! My favorite gift this year.
Gotta love the Holiday messages you receive from buyers this season
+1 Yep.  I actually prefer to block an email anytime I can.  A buyer's ID will block that ID only.  If that same user creates another eBay account, and uses the same email, then that new ID is now unblocked.  If you block the email, it will block of course the original account, and hopefully the new account if they did in fact create a new one with the same email. - This is of course my own understanding.
New Posts  All Forums: