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Ohh a Saturday.  That significantly increases my chances to attend this go around!  It will probably be later in the afternoon rather than late morning.   I'll follow up in the thread when I know more!
Wow that is amazing!  Cherish that till the end of days!  Maybe buy gift card to something local for him and mail it off!  Who knows, this could turn into a gift exchange back & forth with a total stranger online friend(?).
I'll thrift my way down to you - that should help seal the deal on some finds  
Wes is surely enjoying his Sunday nightcap.
Amputee ftw
Just recently picked up a brown rabbit fur from christys. As I do enjoy the style once I've been able to shape it a bit better, I think the brim is lacking some substance for my personal taste. It's only a 1.75 brim. Seeing as I am new to the hat world, can someone shed some details as to exactly the styling I have here? Is this considered a trilby do to the shorter brim? Also, the top is a teardrop shape? I feel this fur works great with dark suits in winter, and I think...
Chocolate Brown Sharkskin?
Seems like your chasing the money, not the dream. You have too much anxiety and for some reason carry this burden of feeling like your about to get "screwed" by someone.  I'm not really one to believe much in karma, but I always say, if you do nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Help us better understand what your afraid of?  You switched out your goods because your afraid someone will notice what you sell on ur eBay page, and figure out it was thrifted?  Don't...
Dibs on raiding Natakus house in 80 years.
It does make sense. The way your jacket is right now, is purely for decorative purposes, as it obviously is not functional. If you wanted it functional, and this was bespoken- your tailor should have made that latch, extended enough to use. Or, as the previous poster mentioned, should have cut you a separate latch to attach when needed.
New Posts  All Forums: