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Also, its a good time to pick up some lint rollers.  I know its random, but 3 for 5 bucks is pretty damn cheap.
I stopped by the store (because I didn't want to pay shipping).  I ended up purchasing 6 total.  B2G1 and saved a dollar lol.   3 = 25.50$ online, in-store was just 25.00 for 3.  No biggie, but thought I'd mention it incase anyone does want to go to the store to save on shipping (if your not over the 75$ mark)
He always looks terrible...doesn't matter what he wears.
Them turn backs!
Had to leave a recent Canali Jacket because I couldn't find the pants.  Mid Gray with thick Bronze stripes...I'm sure it would have looked boss with them pants : /
Just left the store, grabbed 6. They did buy 1 get 2. So 3 for 25$, versus online of 3 for 25.50.
Shoe Trees on sale again online with a checkout code TODAY.   Does anyone know if they honor the pricing in store?  I'd love to save on shipping costs.
Have another label that I am not sure of the maker on.   Faconnable made in Italy for a Women's Tweed Jacket
Wimminz Tweed that I am super jealous over... Triple patch pockets, throat latch, killer colors. Anyone recognize the maker label?          
Anyone recognize the maker of these boots? Also the type of leather used? Thanks        
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