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That thing is awesome ATL.  Sicknasty!
But #menswear has a "saying" for a reason...that carries over into many peoples minds of what they want to look like, and what they are wanting to buy. I'd honestly think that the majority of buyers are looking for flat front trousers over pleats.  The suit sale does seem a bit low, especially for the quality.  But the brand and the pleats scream classic.  Classic buyers want to buy items that are in near perfect condition.  They probably don't know what a reweave is...Its...
+1.Express for sure.
PSA Thought this may be of some benefit to others who use vista print for certain items.  Had to order couple thousand more cards, and was able to find a 33% off code for the order.  SALE33 - Ends 9-24-14.
Sit tight for 6 months, you'll have time to open a case through paypal 
15 yrs, very nice!
PM sent.
Well someone is lit! 
I love fluffy!!
Didn't have a chance to get out there today, as I was playing Daycare at home with the kiddos.   But I did manage to get online and thrift a bit.  Secured in 84 e-thrifted ties...at a very very attractable price 
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