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If we now decide to opt out of hassle free returns, and process everything manually, will this help our "not as described" returns and our rating? Because this is bullshit for standards...
@Fueco  I'm jealous of that jacket!   Also Gustin's 23 oz is same cost as the 26oz they dropped earlier.  They look fantastic non the less and are a temptation...
Bring on the Pron!
From what I've read, its over 100 employees she houses...thats legit A few employees screen the clothing brands and quality.  They send back items they do not wish to fuckwit at your expense.
Tough to seem em go like that sometimes, but I can appreciate the quality. +1.  I enjoy Oxxford throughout.  I especially enjoy their seamless single piece backside waistband.   And the handwork is superb.
Hmm not sure.    Heres the thing it comes down to, at this point, you seem to only be worry-free if you ship it via express.   So either you have to eat the difference in price, or ship priority, insure it, and take your chance.   Not sure its worth putting your buyer through anything else.
Repro, but it can be a bit deceptive to someone who may not know any better.
You seem to over-think things.  And that is coming from someone who does overthink at times.
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