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Looks to be an orphan  Also, your mannequin is styling some jetted flapped pockets!  Not sure if that has hurt it or not.  I myself thought, "I wonder whats wrong with the other flap"
+1 man.  Any special event planned for its maiden voyage?
Which country is that?
Tis the sacrificed lamb. I think belvest
I am more interested in how that bike fits in a Ferrari 
FYI, goodwill stores in 21 states have had their security breached and credit cards #s stolen. Odds are against us here, so let's all keep a look out on our cards for suspicious activity!!!
^^ Sorry if its been mentioned in the past, but who's the maker?
He probably would have a better chance as a gag if those monograms were STD
If you tried it and it works, that is because USPS is up and running (I've yet to try).  But trust me when we said it was broken for click-n-ship.  Only time you would even get a RRA option is when u are just calculating.  You could navigate directly from that quote page to print, and it would not appear.  A few threads from Amazon and eBay have been linked showing the problem nationwide. I am just glad it worked for you, and lets hope by time I have a chance to use it,...
  Are you sure it hasn't been tailored to a shorter length, and is just folded underneath?  Its hard to really see from this pics.  But I think that would leave a gap between button 1 and 3 - if my looking at that correctly.
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