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Brian, this is me asking...
The Rare Batik Cotton.      
I wouldn't mind a silent video showcasing the item itself.  It can add a dimension not otherwise seen in photos.
His videos are too long, and too uninformative...thats my opinion.  I don't want to watch a 12 minute video on how to measure a jacket (incorrectly to be frank)   I'll also add that his videos describing a specific item are also wasted, and bear no important information that isn't already derived from the listing details.
Black Tuxedo Pants,Black Formal Shoes, BLack Bowtie, White Tuxedo Shirt. If I had to wear that jacket, I'd treat it like a dinner / smoking jacket, and have the rest of the attire traditional.
Were they thrifted?
I agree, it is a wonderful sweater. I would totally rock it if it were a mens.
I believe that is a women's sweater.
lol yes.  My most recent was a few weeks back, I had an international purchase arrive back to me.  Unclaimed item.  Buyer never reached out, never heard a thing.  So resold it. I've had more than a few of other crazy stories like this as well.
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