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Those look very nice
Ship, using priority express mail, and if you can, have signature confirmation and of course insurance.   You should be good.  Some of my best buyers are from Japan.
That looks like my gmail inbox...a least one of the inboxes. When doing weekly auctions (like I did in the past) along with 3day BIN's every week, u get so many emails....like a thousand a week.  It was nuts.
Thats on you man. March down to ur local PO and request an internal tracking update. Request to speak with the specific mailman on ur route to pick his brain about the delivery. You gotta find it and do the leg work. eBay will 100% side with seller. Although I've seen ebay reimburse buyers out of their own pocket, but no take-away directly from the seller.
One of my favorites for sure. My wife just picked up this new cherry jam from the market, sooo good!
Damn that looks good...beats my pb&j I just scarfed down lol
Everyday noise is good for newborns, don't forget it. From day one, both our kids were raised with background noise during the daytime. Vacum, washer, tv possibly. Not excessive, but enough to have them be able to take naps during the day and not requiring us to stop being productive if need be. At night, it was always just quiet. Possibly a fan during the summer, or some tv noise from the living room. It's allowed them not to be dependant on any one thing , but still...
Pressure points work well for babies.
New Years is around the corner, and we all have Gala's and Banquets to attend for the upcoming Holiday Season. Now is the time to own your own Tuxedo or Dinner Jacket to look sharp and well put together!   JUST LISTED A CORNELIANI 2PC TUXEDO W/ PANTS - Also comes with 100% Silk Black Braces         A few other Honorable Mentions that were recently added:   Rare 40s VTG Stentson Alligator 3 Eyelet Bluchers       Lightly Worn Magnani...
Vtg 40s Stetson Alligator Shoes in great condition for their age      
New Posts  All Forums: