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Welp, I better get started 
I'll say my accusation may have been a bit premature to state, but I was going off my first impression.  I truly have no idea what the core values are of that other forum, and after poking around for 5-10 minutes, I'm still not understanding why it was created.  To each his own, and that forum seems to be operating with enough active members, that I suppose it does serve a purpose for some.  I just did not understand.  Maybe shed some light on the history, as I seem to not...
Man, 1OTCK's always comes through! 
Say that to your fellow posters  -many are very active there.  I'm not sure what to think, yet, but w/e. 
Wow, that is cruel.  What is that place anyways?  That was my first time poking around it.  If admins portray that kind of public cruelty, I personally wouldn't want to be apart of it.  And I actually see some affiliates from SF that are active there.  I may reconsider my future actions for those that condone that type of public airing.
How do you remove something that is white, during the post processing?
Even with all the hanging room inside my office, I still use a portable clothes hanger (similar to what you've pictured), as my go to.  Its perfect to lug around closer to my picturing area, or measurements area.  Mine sits lower, probably about 5-5.5 feet tall.  My grandfather made it for me when I was a kid.  Its stronger than anything else I've used (we have a wood & rod iron modern one in our house, that still wobbles at times).   -- After re-reading your post, it...
Sorry about your loss. Losing a pet can be tragic. I'll be sure to play extra rough with my red nose pit 2nit, as that's how she's loves to be handled.
Wow that Hermes looks awesome.
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