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As long as it doesn't feel like your throwing a hotdog down a hallway, I guess Spoo will tap that, bag that, and ship that!
Spoo's on that New York State of Mind - Sleep is the Cousin of Death
Can anyone put an approximate date on this PRL tie tag?  
Wow that is an awesome picture / painting.  Not sure why I'm so drawn to it, but I like it
Good luck 2mor morning. Eat a healthy breakfast to keep you on your toes and alert!
Don't forget. He took like a month off when he was traveling. Gj Fueco! I myself will be closing September as my strongest month in sales!
Fresh air is good. Sunshine is good. But be careful, you do not want to discolor the garment.
tweedish - tweed like.  I do all the time lol.  But if its 100% silk, are you sure its not more of a slub than a woven tweed?
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