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Let me know what you have
Sell   Naked and Famous Weird Guys - Indigo - Size 30   They are in very good condition. You can barely tell of any fades. Never washed or soaked.   $80 shipped (USA)
they look good. a lot of skinny bitches on this forum, thats why you're getting negative remarks.   ladies love it, fellas jelly of it  
Looking for a pair since Davidz doesnt sell them anymore.
anyone know where i can find the black matte desert boots?    
where are you guys buying these from besides online? i want to try them on in-store and urban outfitters doesnt stock them  
anyone having trouble finding an Urban Outfitters store that stocks these? even as clearance? i called all the ones in my area...  
They're an Indonesian company and I've been trying to find out a way to order one of their Chukka boots. Anyone know a way?           [img][/img]          
do you guys turn your raw jeans inside out when you initially soak them to shrink?
where are you guys getting these jeans for so cheap? lowest ive found was $43 total at zappos (free shipping)   looking for 32x34
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