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    Thanks I appreciate it. It's good news. Plus I'm not trying to go into the hassle of returning them... the store that sold the said it was the last pair in my size (and I kind of believe them b.c. of the sale... my buddy had to order his size through the mail too).   PhiPsi32, thanks about the tree shoes.
Well as you posted that perhaps you can give an opinion on my new McAllister. There's one slight imperfection area that is somewhat bothering me:         I will say it looks a little worse in the picture with the up close shot with flash, and also from that angle. Is this worth returning them? I'm assuming there will always be such tiny imperfections on hand-made shoes. Thoughts?
^ What's wrong with the bottom pic? Uneven?
    Are AE shoe trees the way to go?   I also just got the McAllisters and posted a pic a few pages ago. What's the best type of cloth do you use for the polish or does it not matter? You got the Walnut paste right? I got that as well but now I think tha the neutral one may have been better if I want to retain a lighter color. Thoughts?
I got the McAllisters today! Very excited
On Amazon they're selling the McAllisters in walnut as well as in walnut calf. Is there a difference or is that a mistake by Amazon?   If there is a difference which one is lighter in color?
Thanks   Also, I'd like to order the McAllisters. On Amazon (I have prime) I can get walnut or walnut calf... is there a difference? If so which one is lighter?   On AE's website there's only one walnut offering.
I want to order shoe trees but am not sure what size to get them. On the AE website they list:   401 Men's Small 402 Men's Medium 403 Men's Large 404 Men's X Large 405 Men's XX Large   I wear an 11.5 D size shoe. I'm guessing I should go for either the medium or large... which is better?
So exactly what AE polish should I use to retain the light tint on the McAllisters?
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