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Any advice on this Nordstrom's sale?   I'm leaning toward the LaSalle's... are they good shoes? I already own black Park Avenues as well as the McAllisters so the Strand is out of the running. I wish they had the PAs in merlot. Does anyone know if they will add shoes to the list or is this final? If you know please let me know because I must pull the trigger today... going away tonight until early next week. Thanks!      
Thanks   They're not that bad as the rain was light but I'm just more worried about the sole
  Got caught in the rain in NYC... although I kind of thought that it would rain and wore the shoes anyway.
So how bad is it really to wear Park Avenues during the rain?
    That would be the Rutledge:
    These look awesome
How long should I wait for AE's customer service to respond if I forwarded them an email with an issue with my shoes?
    I actually just e-mailed customer service about my issue (you can see the pics from the previous few pages). I'll let you know how they respond.    If I'm going to spend the money I guess I shouldn't let even insignificant problems bother me.
    Yea. They were like that brand new right? The picture does make it look a little worse.   I'm going to keep mine. I just want to retain a light color so I'm debating which polish to use. I considered the previous posters' suggestions. The guy at the AE store suggested that the neutral polish will retain the lighter color but that it won't help with the creases on the shoes.   Does anyone know what the main difference is between the McAllister and Jefferson? I know the...
I own a pair of $165 J&M's and I really like them. This picture from the website doesn't do justice:   These shoes were very hard to break in but now they feel great. The leather looks pretty decent too. Granted they are not comparable to my Park Avenues (which cost $370 w/ tax) but what shoe is better at that price point?
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