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Just curious how this works and how the OP is able to offer at a discount?   Bulk order? Seconds? Not originals?
Any thoughts on the Grey PAs? You can get them for $210 before taxes ($230 total):   My main concern is the color looks like a faded Black. And I already own the Black PAs... but I really like the shoe. Does anyone on this pair? How does it look with black or navy slacks?
  I couldn't justify $345 for purple suede shoes... def would've paid $199.   I already own the Walnut McAllisters... I can't get myself to get a 2nd model of the same shoe in another color. Only exception would be the Park Avenues... I have them in black but am looking for a sale on the merlot/burgundy (whatever exact color it is in).
The quality of the promotion shirts is awful. I actually did this two weeks ago. White shirt and lilac tie... shipping is $10 so $50 total.   I'm giving up on CT. They always have these sales but their quality is garbage, regardless of the price. I've always wanted their 180s shirt and I see that it is on sale for $129. I may check out the Madison store to check the quality but I've had a bad experience buying 5 shirts from there. My mistake for keeping to order from...
Very disappointed with the shoe selection for the 91st Anniversary Sale.   I already own Walnut McAllisters and Tan Sedonas.   I wish they had the purple suedes (formerly webgem)... those shoes would be perfect for $199 (similar to strandmark).
Any chance that the Purple Suede webgems will be back and on sale?
Only walnut calf is available on their site.
  There it is. The back looks nice but I don't like the front. Not a fan of the sole either.
  Thanks. I also much pefer the Delrays   Parkway? Link?
  LaSalle in chilli was exactly what I was thinking. I have the McAllisters in walnut calf so the Strands would be too similar. Also have to admit that the McAllisters got really boring after I got them... not exactly my type of shoe.   My only reservation about the LaSalle's is that the front is not shaped nicely. I much prefer the cleanness of the similar Delray shoe.    I realized this sale will last until Aug 6th so I'm probably not going to risk getting them online....
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