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Hi guys,   I think I found the best t shirt imo. Its super soft, super thin, and fits perfect.   The only thing is I want a different color, I would even buy the same color since its such a nice shirt. I've looked everywhere and haven't found it anywhere.
I really like the sunglasses Pharrell is wearing in this music video. Are they ray ban?
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Hi everyone, I have a a pair of MMM high tops to sell. I bought these last winter, thinking a 39 would fit me, they didn't. They have very little use since I got them during the winter and didn't want to use them in the snow. I mostly used this to go lift at the gym, that's about it. I realized they were way to small for me and made my feet hurt just by walking around in them for 30 minutes. I have the original box and shoe bags. If you want more pics send me a message.
This is a picture from The Satorialist   I'm wondering what jeans the guy is wearing.   Thanks
These are the jeans. My first pair of dior. I really like them, thanks man.
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