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I'm doing some closet cleaning… Up for grabs is a pair of Roy Unsanforized Duck in size 36. Brand new tags attached. Keep in mind these will shrink to tagged size after a hot soak, and they only need about 15mins.   Waist: 39in.  Length: 39in.   Details: •Loomstate (Unsanforized) 11oz Duck Canvas from White Oak (Cone Mills) •9oz Greige Cotton Pocket Bags & Pocket Linings •Zinc Plated Brass Buttons •Solid Copper Rivets •A&E Cotton-Wrapped Polycore Thread •3/16" Guage...
I'm doing some closet cleaning… Up for grabs is a pair of Iron Heart 634 Super Blacks in size 36. Washed cold 2-3 times. These have black warp and weft so they haven't faded much. Showing signs of wear but still in good shape. At 22oz. these things can take some abuse. No rips or tears in the fabric.   Waist: ~18in. Length: ~31in. Leg opening: ~9in.   Give a shout with any questions. Thanks for looking.
I've received 0 communications from them. I did shoot them an email a few weeks back and the response said production was a bit slower than they thought and they expected to be shipping shirts out first or second week of Feb.
Yup. I ordered one. Sounds like they are a bit behind schedule. Not surprised.
 They call it a mudguard.
 I emailed with the MTO dept. and asked for it. I knew they could do it, but maybe it's not a widely publicized option. 
I was tiring to not buy any more shoes either. I have too many Rancourts now.I love those White's boots as well and I think they would look slick in plainsman. It's kinda similar to natural cxl but with a bit more of a yellow/red tone.Yeah the RLH were too unstable feeling for me. The crepe sole seems to not bother me as much.
Thank you! Love the mudguard. I wanted to do something two-tone but not on the upper Rancourt was more than helpful picking something out and they said the mudguard was "no problem".
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