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Hey,   has anyone worn in a pair of the moto jeans yet? I recently purchased a pair and found them to be extremely stiff, even though they are made with 2% elastane. Do they stretch out a lot?
Your best bet would be calling a SLP boutique in the states. 
ssense has it
 Hawaiian shirt and the denim, nice!
I thought the tighter they were, the easier it would be to get crotch blowouts. Thanks for the info though!
Hey, anyone able to get this cardigan in a xs,or s? http://cdna.tid.al/42bb2a7c87441276f8b10d618ec29499995e9f19_600.jpg
Yea 28's fine. I think you'd have a pretty rough time if you purchased a pair in 27. 
I think you should just follow the instructions on the tag. Better safe than sorry. 
Hey, does anyone know where I can find a pair of the chelsea boots in either tan, dark brown, or black suede in a 42? The cuban heel on most saint laurent boots are a bit too much for me.   http://www.polyvore.com/saint_laurent_tan_suede_chelsea/thing?id=101751597
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