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Hey, for those that own the "swoosh" dunks (before the geobaskets). How does the sizing compare to Geobaskets? Do they fit TTS or vary from season to season? Thanks
mainly looking for dunks not geobaskets
Out of curiosity, does anyone have any dunks for sale? in size 41, 41.5, 42
Damn, I missed out when they had 50% off on those all black leather Geos on Ssense :( 
Okay, I ended up going half a size down (8.5 US) for my tech runners and my SS14 Rick adidas sneakers. Not sure if i should do the same for the Geos or go TTS. Heard so many different opinions on those. 
Yeah both pictures are a 48. My SA just found a 46 for me, ended up picking up the 46. 
Hey, what do you guys think? Should I go down to a 46 or stick with the 48? Thanks
If anyone's interested have this on sale in a 39
New Posts  All Forums: