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Hey guys, i'm kinda new to the brand. Didn't really start getting into Rick's till about late 2014. Just curious what do you guys normally do if your stuck in between sizes? Do you take the smaller size or the bigger size?  I'm 5'8-9 about 165 lbs. I'm currently deciding if I should take a S or M in drkshdw prisoner pants and the felpa shorts. I prefer a slimmer silhouette if that helps.    My weight's been fluctuating a bit, and i'm thinking about dropping 10-15lbs....
I kinda had the same problem, but not with the instep more with the sizing. I'm a true US 9 and I recently had the chance to try on a pair of Ramone low tops in a 41 and 42. When I tried on the 42 it fit but there was a lot of room in the toe box. So I ended up trying on a 41. Although they fit in length, they were really tight on the ball of my feet. Did this issue occur with you as well, or just in the instep?
Sorry, I don't quite understand what your saying. Are you a size 26? If you are I wouldn't recommend staying TTS on this particular pair unless you are super skinny.
Hey guys, how's the sizing on rick shorts and pants? Do they both size the same? If I take a 30-31 in most denim, would a S work?
Yes they are the exact same jeans. Those are from FW13, they fit extremely skinny. 14.5 cm. 
Hey, for those that own the "swoosh" dunks (before the geobaskets). How does the sizing compare to Geobaskets? Do they fit TTS or vary from season to season? Thanks
mainly looking for dunks not geobaskets
Out of curiosity, does anyone have any dunks for sale? in size 41, 41.5, 42
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