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Does anyone know if Dior homme Hedi era fit the same in terms of waist size as current SLP?
Anyone here selling any SLP Flannels from FW13 size 38/39? 
Hey, does any have this flannel in a 39 and would like to swap for a 38? Must be OS fit. Also looking for any OD flannels in a 39 from FW13 especially wool ones. Thanks
Can I get a quick legit check please, thanks guys.
But is it the 1st release, or the second release? little crash or big crash?
Hey, can anyone tell the difference between the 1st release of the little crash jeans from the rerelease from the product tags?
Don't raf coats cost between 2-3k as well? Anyways those grey jeans looks absolutely amazing! Also would anyone by any chance have a pair of FW13 black stained denim knee slit for sale in a 32? (Looking for a pair of FW13 little crashes as well. Preferably first release) Thanks
Are those the grey wash jeans?
Hey, what size do you guys usually take for the L01? Been told to stay TTS as well as size up 1. Heard they vary from season to season. I'm usually a S-M, but mainly M in most SLP tees etc. Should I got with a 48 or take the 50?
  Those boots are stunning.....DAMN
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