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Damn, I missed out when they had 50% off on those all black leather Geos on Ssense :( 
Okay, I ended up going half a size down (8.5 US) for my tech runners and my SS14 Rick adidas sneakers. Not sure if i should do the same for the Geos or go TTS. Heard so many different opinions on those. 
Yeah both pictures are a 48. My SA just found a 46 for me, ended up picking up the 46. 
Hey, what do you guys think? Should I go down to a 46 or stick with the 48? Thanks
If anyone's interested have this on sale in a 39
Very nice!
Hey guys, How's the sizing on Rick X Adidas Tech Runners FW2014 & SS2014? TTS or Half a size down?
Nice! Really want the black/black suede ones, or a pair of dunks.
Thanks for all the input gentlemen's much appreciated! 
Hey, I'm looking to purchase my first pair of rick owens geobaskets, however I'm unsure as too which size I should be getting. Should I go TTS or a full size down? Been getting different answers from multiple sources. 
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