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D01 17.5 D02 15.5 D03 19
Hey guys,   Does anyone own a pair of the biker jeans made last season? The denim with the zippers on the knee. I would like to know how they fit. I'm a 31 in D01 and 33 in D02, these are D04's so it doesn't really help much.    Thanks
Hey guys,   Does anyone have any idea how the jeans with the leather and denim biker jeans fit (leather knee zips)? I'm a 31 in D01, and a 33 in D02. I have no idea which size I should get for these cause they are D04. I live in Toronto, so theres no SLP boutique here. The only department store that carries them here are absolutely clueless.   Thanks
Hey,   does anybody know where they still have these in stock? By the time I saw them, it was already too late :(. They are piratically sold out on every online store that carries SLP. If anyone has a pair size 32 that they are planning to sell, please feel free to shoot me a message! Thanks http://www.matchesfashion.com/product/173544
Okay, cool thanks for the input!
I was just wondering are the sneakers really narrow? I really want a pair but I have no idea how slim they fit. Judging from photos they look like they are quite narrow. I have wide feet so I'm worried buy TTS won't fit width wise. Anyone have any suggestions? I live in Toronto, so there aren't any SLP boutiques or any major deparment that currently carries SLP menswear
Thanks again for the great input! The 17.5 fit fits fine in the legs from the knee down in both the 30 & 31, the only difference is the bit of extra waist & thigh I get in the 31. I'm just afraid that the 31 will stretch too much and they won't fit as nice, at the same time I'm afraid that the 30's won't stretch enough for them to fit comfortably. :S
I had the opportunity to get the reg destroyed however I got it in the wrong size (32) at first thinking they would fit, but boy was I wrong. By the time I got the exchange to go through they were already soldout of the reg destroyed :(.
Anyone have any idea?
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