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Just curious what size is that flannel?
anyone here have a pair of Chain Harness Wyatt boots for sale? In a 42?
Thank god. Really want a pair.
Condition? And how much? Pm me
Are the Chain Wyatts part of the permanent collection?
how much are the suede wyatts in the UK or euro? Would much rather get a pair overseas than in Canada or the states. 
Anyone in the UK or euro, know if they still have the black chain wyatt harness boots in a 42?
Can someone post a fit pic of the brown suede santiag boots?
Hey, anyone have FW13 Ocher Suede Wyatt boots in a 42 for sale? Or any boots from FW13-SS14 for sale? PM me. 
I actually own a pair in a 41, was hoping you were the same size cause i'm looking to sell them. Oh well haha
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