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Interesting piece from Ron Rider. I personally have had only one Shell Marlow spot from rain. They were totally gone after months of wears and brushing. Then again I've had C&J Burgundy boots in 3 inches of downpour and never showed a lick, hence my proposition of shell being fine and most certainly better than calf in wet weather. Chip Tom is being very PC . I have never understood where this idea came from.....I suppose it's due to the fact that most that...
Where did you get these? Beautiful shoe my friend!
These are outstanding! Love the slight rolls.
Just got out of the pool, nice here today...
American Classic! Very well done Sir!
Wow! Beautiful LWB
Cigar 9D Barrie #13132. I've thought about selling these several times in an effort to adhere to the "one in one out" rule. However, I become enamored with this particular shade of Cigar and the boots stay. Needless to say I've had little success with this rule.
Gotta love the Jet Black Shell LHS! Did I say workhorse shoe? Shows nothing but a nicely finished loafer for gentlemen ...
Wowser Mike! Great looking hand stitched Black Shell Boot!! They look to be very comfortable ... and snazzy
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