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Grail.. ^ whiskey shell ptb ..
Becoming more addicted to Black .. #8 and Whiskey at the alternate end of the exotic spectrum. Current Cigar has lost the green and Ravello looks like brown to me as it's lost the orangish overtones. The Whiskey darkens over time to a nice Ravello Tan. Takes a few years.. Trying to keep up with Hoerween requires patience. My 2 cents for the day. Enjoy your week gentlemen..
I've had both last 341 and 240 and flipped both, too narrow and zero break-in give. I swear they must use plastic heal and toe counters, unless it's Unlined I see no give in breaking in the toe box of these. 325 not so bad in too narrow fit.
Kicked back Sunday.. still warm enough for a light colour BB all cotton ribbed sock. Sorry:D
Nice lacing Mike, looks great on that boot! ^
Bagged up the Unlined LHS's for the last time until next year. These model #987 2013 circ. Jet Black Shell LHS's today... Enjoy the college football now ..
Too funny gilby.. you have fellow addicts and enabeler's here ready anytime. I like the contrast welt stitching on these... stock Chukkas
Boot Day on the thread. Some killer images gentlemen.. keep em comimg.. A rare bird. #8 NST Antique built on a Trubalance last. Comfy boot and just a little bit different than the #8 Indy.
Speed hooks ruin dress pants and jeans alike.
These look to be in great shape Mike!. Brush brush brush deer bone and brush. Awaiting finished Mikey technique.. The Master in rejunification of Classic Alden Short Wing beauty.
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