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^ Cleav.. Damn fine shoe and pairing..
These get substantial wear in my wardrobe.. RL last 72 Double leather soles..
Cannot have too many 8's.. They inspired the partying
^ so this is great marketing.. I love it..
If you're rolling around in rain I personally would tap either plastic or flush metal. The shoes are fine. When you resole I might suggest metal flush taps
How did you guys size the Lindrick and Warlow compared to TTS? I went down a full size being E UK last as opposed to D lasted US Marlow. TTS 9.5D hoping I ordered okay in sizing. Some recommend .5 down and some 1 down. I've bought C&J US a half down US retailer in US sizing and they were too tight. Then I am told by C&J they are actually done on a non UK last but a US size. What?? Barney's as well? I had some 341 PTB in shell, they fit well and were marked on the...
^ looking good Don L. Great slacks with a cuff of course! Class bro..
^ no doubt
The white contrast stitching is great on these. I would resole at Alden ONLY if the did not mess with the the uppers. Still LHS and Tassel weather here on the Sonran Desert..
whiskey Cheviots I would be on these double leather sole in a heartbeat..
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