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Yet another crummy weather day here. These = comfort.
Love this boot for it's simplicity and elegance. 4060? On my radar screen now.. thanks 🙏 for the image DonL.. chip:slayer:
These are 2013 #8
Cold day here!. These fit the bill. Not sure I like the Commando sole though. 4 house only wear. Beautiful boot though..
Fresh hit of Reno on these to help with my BBQ dribblings.. uh and some Scotch dribbling as well. Enjoy your day gentlemen..
Last 240 is short and narrow TTS. Not a fan.. flipped my BB boots 🐚 cordovan because of this ... sadly at a loss..
Whiskey Wednesday Duh Damn.. freaking creased the right tonge whilst trying on... can I fix this.. bummed me out..
Trubalance #8 Tanker, Antique. Double leather sole instead of Commando, very comfortable boot to be sure. Happy Tanker Tuesday..
New Posts  All Forums: