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Awesome Uncle! I have the unlined version. Black Shell need more SF love. Always a smart look with everything!
These are fantastic looking!! One of my all time favorite Alden makeups ... In King #8 that patinas nicer than the other shell colors no less. These are Keepers for sure!
Really, a suede eraser would completely remove rubber marks on the left side of my light tan LHS's. I don't buy much suede because it ends up looking like heck after a few years wear.
I like the glib remark but at the end of the day I don't wear a lot of Suede because of this very factor. Shell and calf the rubber is easily removed with Reno. Suede is just fucked if you get the rubber marks. I drive a six speed clutch ... It happens .. A lot. My 2 cents.. Now if your driving the Soccer Mom Van with an automatic, your good to go with the Gucci Suede.
And NAMOR .. You can't see the shell color difference between shoes.. This shell has mystical features depending on lighting. I suppose that's why we are enamored with the material..
Ha Ha, freaking shell ... Heroin would be cheaper...
Those 13 PTB's on inter web are Subs..
^ these always look outstanding! the full strap and closed heel make the shoe for me. Good color of shell NAMOR ..... Mine are a tad darker
Could be listing only worn in house three times Ravello LWB Waterlock sole Alden DC with everything, box, bags, receipt in few days. Yes, the ever popular 9D. Not interested in price gouging, cost plus Paypay and shipping. Possible impulse sale here... PM if toying with the Ravello LWB itch. Beautiful color, Barrie fit for me is so so. No returns, if you don't know your Barrie size. Go 1/2 down TTS and done.
+1^. Ruin my Monday with those. My favorite last, sic color, :cheers:well done Mike. Hate to even ask where acquired. The gals, trust me are on a level playing field, first hand.. don't be fooled ..
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