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2012 LHS Jet Black Unlined Shell Baby .. perfect Summer loafer.. cool wearing loafer, BB is finally stocked fully in both #8 and black guys. This is not always the case.. Just saying..
^ Monk.. Ahh missed this one. Very nice. Suede Tassels are perfect for the season.
Last 72 Shell Double leather sole. RL C &J
Indy 8 Trubalance Shell... NST design ... Antique welt 360 degrees ... These feel great at Barrie and Van last size. My very first TB lasted Alden Boot. I am so happy to find this boot in a 360 leather sole makeup. Oh man .. Sorry for the quickest edit.. socks are Nike thick athletic to see if these are going to fly up in the mountains this Fall.
One of my all time favorites.. Great patina with the brouging.. Sweet!
Turns out the site was indeed wrong, these are Trubalance last not Barrie. Indy with NST stitching down the toe. I like the makeups uniqueness.
Anyone doing #8 Tanker Reverse Welt on Double Leather Sole Barrie last? Not a rubber sole fan. For that matter any Tanker Leather sole regardless of leather. Reason I ask is these boots breath well.
The Antique Welt makes them work with casual, one of my favorites.. Well Done!
Have a great Fathers Day Weekend guys.. Whiskey Unlined Harvard's. These are at least 5 years old now.
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