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Although I'd consider dialing down the sock with the Window Pane .. Sic Trow. Solid or a small print.. Either way .. lovely combo Mike!
^ Killer ..
Has anyone seen #8 Indy with leather soles around? NRO used to stock.
Love these..
Jet Black Alden Shell Cordovan LHS's also in need of upkeep. I love the White Contrast Hand Stitching on this much overlook Alden LHS.
Take a left turn...
Nice Summer rotation. Of course my vote would be Whiskey LHS's all day long... Chip
I believe the RL Marlow Tassel Shell Cordovan loafer is still made on last 72. I would assume their Suede model is on the same last. It's much narrower than 325 in the toe box.RL Marlow Shell Cordovan Penny is on last 314 I believe.
314 Marlow Penny
Yeah I thought so, just wondered if they've let some sale purchases sneak through the system.. They must know the SF mindset.. LOL
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