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Killer makeup. Not into the rubber soles. Would go for double leather.. Sorry my man.. Just not a AZ boot🦂
Nice comportment slick.. You might try and be kind once in a while. You don't know what people are going through in life. I was a top ranked National Masters runner. Sorry my body does not conform to your tiny meger paradigm ..
Wow Mike.. Excellent example of Ravello. These came out perfect!
So these are cool as hell... Next time! Thanks for the image in my brain... Dang
I agree, the iterations in Whiskey and Ravello colors in particular. I just acquired a #8 that looks like Cigarish. I personally like the variations in color from light to dark on all Shell. Artisan US Made. You don't like.. Enjoy your Cole Haans...
Sorry you have to endure another Whiskey LHS shot but it's 85 here today.
So these are Sweeet 314's. Thanks for the post Cleav... Looking good my brother!
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