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I just wear my Marlow Tassel or Marlow Penny loafers when traveling through the airports. No problem with security at all. Then I pack another pair of Alden's to rotate.
Nice choice! These are a great Summer makeup What retailer?
Brush after every use then put em away. Wax once a year maybe twice sparingly. Do not fret about shell blemishes as they often are referred. Nonsense. This is a horses ass should be worn and abused. I read the other day someone implying the lighter colors will show spots more easily, I guess maybe against #8 or Black, however I have many Whiskey makeups as I live in the desert, and only one Whiskey shoe after many years has a tiny tiny spot. Wear your shell...
Nice... Did you go with your Whiskey LHS size? I like the tan better for Summer.
Good point .. Suede, never gets out the door without some sort of defender.
I personally never use anything on shell and feel people overall baby shell too much. The leather was used by mail carriers for eons. I will admit to swims on my tasseled loafers to keep the tassels looking decent. But not always. Rain, sleet, snow, this is the reason to own shell to begin with. The stuff is tough as hell. As for water marks, they eventually dissipate over time. Not gonna order $1000 boots to balk at a little weather. My 2 cents. Good day to...
Jet Black Unlined LHS with white hand stitching. Often overlooked model 😂
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