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Apparently this is so...
All three models in all colors of course if you've been around here for any length of time ... Honestly .. each has it subtle differences depending on dress. I prefer the Harvard for a more refined look. Both models are light years better than most offings out there in shell cordovan.
Finally a cooler day here on the Sonoran Desert allowing me to break from my traditional hot weather unlined LHS's for a beautiful lined Whiskey.
Unlined Whiskey Harvard, my favorite loafer... All time😎 hot hot weather loafer..
Standard thread advice is BOTH! I use unlined in the hot months and lined in the cool months. Rotation in Alden's is key..
BB unlined.. still warm here on the Northern reaches of the Sonoran Desert.. but hey it's dry here and my Alden's love it.
Endless banter about marketplace.. Next up .. something interesting in a make-up for ME with pictures .. water finds its level eventually .. let it goooo
Thanks DonL.. I concur.. I am so wack about this Whiskey model I have a new backup pair sitting in my closet for when these get sent back for resoling.. I guess I have some Whiskey LHS issues .. LOL
Whiskey Wednesday... Three year old LHS's...
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