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Nice work! And contribution to forum... well done!
Does anybody recall what month Alden passes on a Price Increase. What do they go up usually? I thought about 8% but that seems stiff in today's deflationary commodity world.
Example .. Dude .. if you don't have something nice to say .. then shut the fuck up!
If you were not such smart ass on the edge of being banned you would have received this hours ago .. You will learn eventually .. I am doubtful though ..
^ Class Act Always!
Masters.. Internet grammar police officer .. and .. you are still are a punk ass kid continuing to bring angst for the fun of it to this thread for your entertainment. You are mean spirited and outright nasty in your comments to people you don't even know. Fuck Off Youngster
[[SPOILER]]Your a punk ass little prick. .. Guessing your about 18
[[SPOILER]]Couldn't agree with you more .. The dude is sick in the head and just wants angst ... There's a handful of these jackasses here, fortunately most display decent comportment.
Not likely ..
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