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These look great! I like the very slightly narrower toe box than Alden 990. And the eyelets 😜 Great shoe..
I disagree .. Go Red Wing then.. The hand stitching is artisan and belongs on these fine boots. My humble 2 cents..
Link to Rothbury?
Aged Whiskey LHS's.
zFreaking awesome boot. How did you break them in... I am guessing but U actually wearing them until they are broken in.. Really
Oh my gosh .. You have to break them in.. I don't have the time to be explaining like Lucy..
^ my first Alden makeup, have worn them for eons. #8 is hard to beat in this RARE Shell world but nothing patina's like 8. 8 and Whiskey are my favorites.. Ravello and Cigar look like anyone else's Brown shoes even thought I have them.
^ nice unicorn .. Wow ..
Mike, the Grant lasted boot looks really nice. I like the slightly more sleekness and not the boxy toe of Plaza. Killer boot Sir!
Nice Shell loafer. I like the lower vamp as compared to my Alden Tassels.
New Posts  All Forums: