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Ahh, 110 today but it's a dry heat.. Sure!
Circ 2012 Hey does anyone know of a retailer selling Snuff Suede LHS with the light stitching on the dark welt? I've seen two versions .. one with light stitching and one with the dark stitching. Thanks..
True that.
[IMG] I wear these on the hottest days, looking for Snuff 9D now.
^ it works..
Nice shortwings Don. Perfect Summer SWB
BB Black Shell unlined. Circ 2012
^makes me want to almost move to a cooler climate.. Sic shoz... Nice sock.. Killing it ..
Summer shoe.. My first ever Alden Suede makeup! Was very hesitant on the Flex Sole after a nasty dance with Leydon Chukka, turns out, they were too narrow hence the uncomfort to extreme. These are D width, if I ever order the Unlinded Chukka again it will be TTS plus up one width.
New Posts  All Forums: