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Gianni and Lindrick are the same 325 last . Same as PTB
Is there an unlined #8 PTB that has normal soles or a waterlock available anywhere? Not a fan of the Flex Welt. Thanks..
Quoted $990 US. Last 335. Burgundy Shell.
Why the flip on the nice Marlow Penny. Good shoe to have..
TSM Aberdeen NST Boot #8 double oak Bootmaker Edition flying off the shelf now that Fall is approaching. Two sizes left 10.5 and 11.5.
Lovely, you own a lot of dark shoes and boots, you must live in a very cool climate. Excellent presentation as always. People take notice of cuffed trousers/slacks please... IVY is timeless...
Good on you Saz for the heads up!! Great makeup!
Does anyone have a good picture of a well worn #8 Aberdeen NST Boot they could post? Would greatly appreciate it. Wondering what they would look like after years of wear... Good Sat., to all!
Awesome Uncle! I have the unlined version. Black Shell need more SF love. Always a smart look with everything!
These are fantastic looking!! One of my all time favorite Alden makeups ... In King #8 that patinas nicer than the other shell colors no less. These are Keepers for sure!
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