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Go be confused .. You get my point.. what goes around comes around.. End of discussion young man..
Go piss on someone else's parade. I've had nothing but great experiences with other member.. Maybe it's your attitude..
I think those would command a couple hundred more for NIB. But hey, for a few hundred is it worth the hassle.. ? For me no. I'd prefer to sell to other solid SF members for actual cost and hope the favor would be repaid someday
Sorta pissed I passed on the WTB, coulda changed the soles out to double leather easily. Commando is a little overkill for the SouthWest.
I would keep the Indy, the Whiskey LWB's come around constantly from year to year.
^ this is how I roll. If you size down a half TTS, be prepared for toe box narrowness. Tweener size. Opt for the larger size if in between and have healthy feet for the rest of your long lives...
You could quite down the language for this particular forum...
I passed as the commando was a deal breaker. Seem odd on such a light boot. Would have ordered instantly had they been double leather soles
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