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Sadly NAMOR this is the comportment of the current generation ... bummer for the rest of us
Good man... Thanks for the heads up brother! 975's #8's confirmed shipping today. The plan is to enjoy this black welt, if I don't like it, I will resole with Antique on down the road.
Aside from all the rare colors of shell, does anyone still wear 975 #8 LWB anymore? Grail but hardly ever discussed here anymore. Love to see some patina #8 LWB's. Have a good Thanksgiving All!
RL Marlow Tassel in Black is advertised as Shell Cordovan, I thought these were always calf. Have they changed the makeup? Hard to tell from the website photo's. Does anyone own these and how is the fit compared to the shell tassel? I love the double,leather soles on these shoes. Tank loafer...
^ Nope, I don't see it in any photos ... Sorry
In fairness .. I've had a pair with the with the same issue from the factory and sent them back. I believe from the pictures posted by the seller, seems the bad punching was purposefully omitted in the eBay ad photograph listing and hence was aware of the issue beforehand. Seems sleazy but hey at the end of the day .. Nobody's ever going to notice. Awesome boots and go now and beat them up and enjoy a great ride! I personally will avoid this seller ... Dick Tracy
Inventory on popular sizes is totally gone. No updates as to replenish is strange and not the norm for BB Alden Shells. See sig if your an 8.5D
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