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YOOX Italy code?
Still 4 spots open?
My favorite tassel loafer. These have lightened up considerably in two years. Hard to believe the Marlow line is now $995. Glad I own these now.
Recent batch from RL.com. I like the color and is already showing some break-in patina.
The pressure is beginning to take. 12 minimum.. was there a maximum? My math say around $905 sans freight.. Alden is about $720 in color 8 for similar style. I wonder what the Skye 2 runs..
^ okay someone with an old pair of Marlow/Lindrick's pull up that insole leather and give us the details of width and sizing.
The fit between the Marlow Wingtip and Lindrick Boot are the same, both are lasted on 325. I personally go TTS on the entire Marlow line. One full size down for UK equivalent.
Sweet let me know when your getting close to 12
So has anyone every actually lifted the inside sole leather enough to view the actual last sizes on the Marlow line. The bottom number is either a 5 indicating UK E or US D. 4 being UK D and U.S. C. I once had the BB Burgundy boot last 240 and it felt narrow.. I looked and it was a 4 UK D. Flipped em
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