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Double leather and move the project along... If they were last 325, double leather sole, storm welt, I'd be all over these and I bet a lot of other members would kill for that boot in Whiskey. Last 341 is nice looking but 325 will get a wider audience. You get too fancy with sole, last, welt, you move a lot of "folks" ( as O likes to refer to us ) out of the realm.
Hoit managed the Whiskey Harleck Boot 341 Boot perfectly. It all went down very smoothly without a lot of hassle for C&J. Why not order the very same boot on last 325 to appeal to a larger fit this time. Easy for the boot maker as well. Double leather soles .. Whatever last 341, 325 .. Gotta get the show on the road. Forget all the fancy sole options.. You don't like the Whiskey Boot with double leather soles, change it out later on.. Whatever .. Thread is getting...
NAMOR I think maybe your right once again.. I reach for this shoe soo much. Mamasita thinks it's overkill, I say hey I need a rotation of Whiskey LHS's because I just wear the shit out of this model.
This makes me laugh like hell. Glad I read the thread... Full disclosure .. Been there..
No, just plastic toe protectors installed by cobbler. Like I said .. Mike could verify, the best care is tons of brushing to diminish creases and scuffs..
Don L, just wanted to say U do a fine job expressing Ivy Classic .. The look is indeed classy and I absolutely hated the phrase "Preppy" from day 1. Stupid comment on fine tailoring.
These have Reno once in a year ( full disclosure, I use a very tiny amount of Reno on my fingers to apply thinly .. let dry, then brush and soft cloth polish). Other than that .. No paste .. No Cream. Lots of elbow grease to bring up the natural oils.
Yea your wallet will thank you, now move along.... Jeez.. Can I rain on your parade today for any reason...
I've never used anything else but Renovateur on all my shells .. Maybe Neutral wax once every couple years. Brush.. Reno .. Soft Cloth and done! Although, I only use this maybe once a year, mostly I dampen.. Brush and Cloth. The Reno will take off those ugly rubber dark spots from my clutch on Whiskey Shell readily. Love that!
Mom's Day Loafer..
New Posts  All Forums: