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Clev.. I really like he color variation on the caps... Pretty cool my friend. Always well put together you are Sir! Nicely done!
Old 501's for knocking around on Sat. So what denim would you suggest. I am 33x34 with zero ass, old runner here. When Falconable first launched their denim fit slimmer dude's perfectly, then they tried to appease the mass's and fucked up the fit for chubby.. Sucks, never found a decent fit since. I have some Hugo Boss jeans that fit slim. Suggestions? And no I don't want anything heavy.
I love this model of boot. They are Aberdeen, great fit, lightweight and the boots breath with all that hand stitching. I wear my #8's in this makeup more than any other boot. Very excited to get these in Ravello.
It is also built on Van last in Shell BB unlined. Runs ever so slightly tighter than its lined brother in Shell.
Whats a flat welt look like? Otherwise this makeup is pretty nice guys! I have been offered a place on the list so anyone's help would be appreciated as payment is due...
Grail Boot... Nicely done Mike!
These do look great, good grab Sir!
Nice! Always well inspired! I love that about Cleav! Life is short .. Endeavor ..
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