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Double Leather but this time last 325 or 335 even better, country last style, nothing too fancy pants
Nice Papa! What last are you thinking.. 335, 325, 341?
9D. Many thanks Mike. Good guess ...
No kidding.. At this price.. No brainer .. I love it when a community member is willing to pass along a great Deal to the SF community. I do the same and hope others do as well. It's what it's all about.
Outstanding Boot! Damn good looking. Come to think of it .. I am revamping my opinion on speed hooks. These I want now .. What last? If I bring another shell in this month she's likely to have me committed
Not a speed hook fan either. I got rid of all of them and went nine eyelet models only. I would cross my legs and the laces would hook onto the other boot:fence:
I might like these more if they looked worn with some natural creasing.. LOL nice shooz Mike!
Cigar Chukka in need of Mac lovin
Thanks man.. What are the Big Three?
Whiskey Cukka today .. Getting loads of Chukka wears in this year with my newly acquired Whiskey and Cigar.
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