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Wow! So many great makeups posted. I've been going back and forth between these and my LWB's for Dodger gameday. It's been working thus far.
Dodger game day wear. I say this as my Dad only wore LWB's and BB Alden Tassels.. yes even to Dodger games..
^ Classic line of course Steve .. Best boots for my Western itch. American Iconic Boots!
^ Hell Ya to the Western Cowboy boot! I wear Luccasee in rough out and my favorite in Buffalo skin
^ oh yea..
Sweet Boot's three sticks..
Cool Eggplant colour
Twisted ankle boot day.. NST Trubalance lasted Antique Welt and no Commando, solid double leather soles, nothing fancy sole wise, my preference.. but, it gets slick out, Commando is king no doubt, a must have.
Nice... shoes are killer, window pane slacks even better.
Sunday NFL ensemble.. Lined Black LHS's, Tommy Bahama Corduroy Shorts, Hobie Surfboards from San Clemente Tee. Enjoy the games gentlemen..
New Posts  All Forums: