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9.5 Lindrick, or Penny please please come my way today! Just miss the Penny a few days ago.. Damn damn damn, been waiting patiently. Will once again sit tight for Eddie to come through.
Soo pissed I wasn't on top of this.. Good score peeps.. Eddie is great to deal with:foo:
Sorry guys.. I misspoke .. I meant an Unlined PTB Shell with a regular single leather sole. Not a Flex fan...
Does anybody in the community know of a 990 or Dover Unlined Shell with just regular non-flex soles? The Flex is too soft for me, I need something I can walk a few miles in. Probably a specialty makeup.. Hoping some retailer does this once in a while.
I second that decision .. Go 10D:foo:
No those were not mistaken for new by me .. recent shell from RL C&J is much darker. Link to your Whiskey MTP photo's? Appreciated Mucho!
Nice Mike! Awesome shoe and am sure you will like the build of C & J. Damn good looking shoe Sir!
Hoit.. My good man.. I am assuming 325 last.... right? Fantastic poor weather boot that looks bomb. Well done again.. PS if you ever put together 335 Longwing Whiskey I am in... Enjoy the weekend Sir!
^ +1I wear a lot of unlined shell. They last...
My unlined brown shell Harvard's were terrible looking.. matte like finish ... rough shell. I never like to use wax or creams.. I hit each shoe with Reno not once but twice.. shoes soaked up the mink in the Reno and are now what I expect from shell. Softness in wear comes to mind ..
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