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^ this is how I roll. If you size down a half TTS, be prepared for toe box narrowness. Tweener size. Opt for the larger size if in between and have healthy feet for the rest of your long lives...
You could quite down the language for this particular forum...
I passed as the commando was a deal breaker. Seem odd on such a light boot. Would have ordered instantly had they been double leather soles
Nice... These are becoming harder to find in popular sizes.
Man these look great!! Nice work!
These are great Saz.. I've almost pulled the trigger several times on this makeup. I like this boot sans speed hooks as well.
Possibly a darker sock to break it up and match the welt color... Love the flannel trouser, killer..
Clevbro, your sense of style is exceptional... I like it ..
So this is funny as hell and everyone is debating speed hooks.. really
Really a great makeup! This boot san storm welt and the narrower Aberdeen dresses up and down very well. Much over looked model. Jeans, Cords, Business, it works the stable very well.
New Posts  All Forums: