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Nonsense .. Quote is dumb as dirt. Upon graduation from University and being employed by Fortue 500 company. The Shell #8 Tassel was standard MO on the street. LHS for weekends. Go Tassel, looks better and will fit more diverse dressing.
LLove the Suede WTB and PTB's, but those Lined Jet Black LHS's are really great looking .. Underrated Alden model. Waiting for the weather to cool down to start wearing mine. I think the Lined iteration has a more substantial sole and overall construction. CLASSIC shoe Mike! Good pairing with socks and trouser.
Skye is on last 335 unlike Lindrick on last 325. Anybody own both lasted boots for a fit comparison?
Sunday BB Unlined Jet Back Penny with slightly contrast vamp stitching.
Unworn sitting in closet. Mostly back-ups. BB LHS #8 Unlined, these have a beautiful darker shell Penny strap compared to the vamp and shoe, monster welt on them. Sic Black Shell LHS Lined Whiskey LHS Lined Unworn 9D trades?
^ +1000
Damn cool to see these in the wild! Ive been going back and forth or ordering these .. of course they have them in my size Aberdeen Suede .. Very much so subdued as referred to LWB. I like the look a lot! Well done Sir!
Due to Lindrick circumstances arriving at my door from fellow 9.5Der.. .. I regret to remove my participation on my his lovely MTO. In the end.. I prefer the eyelets. So very truly sorry... Hope this move forward!
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