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^no kidding for our smaller footed friends
The shoes will certainly give enough over time to totally conform to your foot regardless of socks. This Is Why We purchase Shell over calf. Secondly, I would keep and wear the hell out of them. Treat your feet to a well made shoe. Most wear shit for shoes and have Zero idea if a vamp is correct or not. I mean look around..
Sunday.. Works for both Church and Football.
Jeez .. What the heck happened here. Was responding to great Albetdeen #8 Split Toe. Sorry guys.
One of Alden's absolute coolest styles. Very unique to the line. This model in 9 eyelet boot is bomb as well. I did good bro bro
No kidding, this is a rare bird indeed... Lock it up brother...
BB 06603 Unilined Penny Loafer. The absolute most versatile shoe in my rotation. Next would be the BB Eight Tassel.
BB Unlined Jet Black Shell Penny Loafer
Looks niceđź‘€ I would like to see Black Shell or #8 Burgandy with these great trousers...
Brown with red doesn't fly, never has. Black Shell and #8 or Burgundy Shell is perfect.
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