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I wouldn't change a thing.. These boots are perfect! At least roll with them for awhile then change out later. Had I done eyelets I would have done all of them as in Lindrick.
[[SPOILER]]Socks .. +1000. Shoes aren't too bad either... I like the simple design but with some pop. Lookin good my brother!
So has anyone noticed the Marlow line is now 995. They also are .. and have been no longer on sale for at least a year on any sales event. Too bad for those who were banking on kooping on the cheap.
No difference.. I have both. Now Unlined vs Lined is a different ballgame to some but I wear the same size in all my Van lasted shoes.
Yo Steve, the original Gianni was on last 325 so I don't understand the fit part of your statement... BTW keep me posted on these.. I might need a storm welted boot for inclement weather. I can attest to the C&J Storm Welt holding up very well for me in 4 inches of H2O. My feet stayed dry. Boot was C&J Shell by BB. These would also be sick in Whiskey or even Burgundy. Have a nice weekend Sir!
Can we all agree diversity in Alden tastes is a good thing, why rain on someone's parade just because a particular color of beautiful shell doesn't fit ones fancy. I defer to my long gone Mother, if you can't say anything nice then don't say it at all. Okay so my tastes run fairly conservative but I do love this shoe for its versatility and comfort in the heat. Have a great Father Day fellas....
Has anybody sent Whiskey or Ravello back to Alden for Recrafting? I once sent my much patianed and loved #8 LHS to have them come back redyed and the patina ruined. Wondering how they handle the lighter Sehll's? Thanks in advance for your input, I have a pair of Whiskry LHS's lone over due for resole.
Mike these Cigar NST's are outstanding and bet you will get a ton of wear out of these throughout the years.. and yes the slacks are Bomb!! Killer combo Sir!
New Posts  All Forums: