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Could be listing only worn in house three times Ravello LWB Waterlock sole Alden DC with everything, box, bags, receipt in few days. Yes, the ever popular 9D. Not interested in price gouging, cost plus Paypay and shipping. Possible impulse sale here... PM if toying with the Ravello LWB itch. Beautiful color, Barrie fit for me is so so. No returns, if you don't know your Barrie size. Go 1/2 down TTS and done.
+1^. Ruin my Monday with those. My favorite last, sic color, :cheers:well done Mike. Hate to even ask where acquired. The gals, trust me are on a level playing field, first hand.. don't be fooled ..
Many thanks for the post Saz.. and the heads up! Very nice makeup... You will love these!
^ fantastic heads up Saz. Thanks .. Awesome boot for the upcoming weather .. Brilliantly constructed .. I like it!
Nice Tassel Uncle ^ Always a treat to see your daily posts .. And such a fine gentleman. Comportment is never trumped. You set the bar in more ways than your awesome shell collection. "Everything they were wearing, he decided, qualified as what she'd call 'iconic' but had originally become that way through its ability to gracefully patinate. She was big on patination. That was how quality wore in, she said, as opposed to out. Distressing, on the other hand, was the...
Not that anyone cares .. But this shoe is in fact my second favorite Marlow model just a nick behind the Marlow PTB. Considering a backup pair just in case they cease making them. Yes they are that well built and handsomely designed.
They both are a great look, just different style wise. I find that I reach for the 325 lasted shoes a tiny bit more than my Barrie lasted shoes but both have a place in my wardrobe.
These need more wear. Best Marlow makeup of my collection. Insane fit and look. Makes the Alden PTB look very 50's.
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