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Whats a flat welt look like? Otherwise this makeup is pretty nice guys! I have been offered a place on the list so anyone's help would be appreciated as payment is due...
Grail Boot... Nicely done Mike!
These do look great, good grab Sir!
Nice! Always well inspired! I love that about Cleav! Life is short .. Endeavor ..
Styling Mo Foo
Any word on 4030 TSM drop date? For those of us in warmer climates .. Aberdeen Boot with it's stitching is the bomb boot! Light weight with an aireness about them .. My personal Grail Boot .. Sonoran Desert Boot!
Yeah I might be, I've worked with her before on some other MTO's. Keep me posted please. Thanks:slayer:
Hey Mike! Let me know if this last 335 MTO in Whiskey gets a green light from Lauren. She's great to work with!! UK8.5E. Thanks...
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