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Okay so that's it! You win every freaking time.. Ha Ha! Those are sick!
Cranberry Juice anyone? Post some good Alden Picts instead of the back biting..
9.5 Lindrick, or Penny please please come my way today! Just miss the Penny a few days ago.. Damn damn damn, been waiting patiently. Will once again sit tight for Eddie to come through.
Soo pissed I wasn't on top of this.. Good score peeps.. Eddie is great to deal with:foo:
Sorry guys.. I misspoke .. I meant an Unlined PTB Shell with a regular single leather sole. Not a Flex fan...
Does anybody in the community know of a 990 or Dover Unlined Shell with just regular non-flex soles? The Flex is too soft for me, I need something I can walk a few miles in. Probably a specialty makeup.. Hoping some retailer does this once in a while.
I second that decision .. Go 10D:foo:
No those were not mistaken for new by me .. recent shell from RL C&J is much darker. Link to your Whiskey MTP photo's? Appreciated Mucho!
Nice Mike! Awesome shoe and am sure you will like the build of C & J. Damn good looking shoe Sir!
Hoit.. My good man.. I am assuming 325 last.... right? Fantastic poor weather boot that looks bomb. Well done again.. PS if you ever put together 335 Longwing Whiskey I am in... Enjoy the weekend Sir!
New Posts  All Forums: