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Chiming in with another "never again" experience at NRO. I forget ask the details, but it involved a lot of obfuscation, if not outright lies on their part. It finally came down to a three-way call with my bank. That was the best customer service call I've ever been on - - when I told my bank that NRO said it couldn't credit a replacement credit card, the rep smelled blood and said let's get them on the phone. Totally put them in their place. This seems to be their...
I've been keen on the makeups with brass recently, but with chamois, I think I'd prefer matched, or even blind, like the chamois LWB from Leffot.  Ideal setup would be blind eyelets and matched hooks.  There are edge colors darker than antique, right?  Something dark brown to match the leather.  Overall I could see this being a balanced, elegant workhorse.
I'm dying to see more boots in Smooth Tobacco Chamois Plaza captoe bootPlaza wingtip bootCommando, of course
In my experience with sun, a little bit (a day or two in direct, outside exposure) knocks down the eggplant a bit.  After that, it will turn it toward, lighter, redder shades.  I prefer when color 8 goes toward brown/chestnut, so I limit the sun tanning and just wear them.
Do I have this right--semi-brogues are a medallion captoe, right?  And full brogue is either a short- or longwing?  If so, please help me make sense of this, from, ahem, Brogue:  Full Brogue Medallion Straight Tip Boot.
Did any one else get in on the Leffot Black Naval boot order?  I don't recall seeing any posts back in December about them arriving.  I was on the pre-order, but neglected to update my email address with them.  I just put in a call and learned that they had indeed arrived back in December.     My only other black shell is a pair of plaza captoe derbies, which are great for nights out.  I am looking forward to a black pair that is a candidate for daily wear.
Nice fleet!
What a mother lode!  The stuff of dreams...
I forget who that was (and I don't know how to view on my phone the posts I thumbed up). I would really like to see how they are looking now.
As am I, and stand corrected.
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