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I love this post.  With a modest salary and four children, buying a pair of Aldens is smart money.
Back in 2013, @bkotsko posted a demographic survey in the old Alden thread.  The results and following comments start here.  I think the design of the survey underestimated income levels, and the "and up" value should have been higher than $300K to get a more accurate distribution.   Anyway, it's one take that may help answer your question.  (regular disclaimers apply: who volunteers to take an income survey, how significant is n=87, internet self-inflation, as some...
 Interesting....could be a very good tactical move in a broader campaign for collection acceptance.
Considerable savings?  This "reaming" that is grabbing headlines has barely dented the GBP's spike over the last ten days.  You could have enjoyed more favorable exchange rates through much of 2016....  
That Indy Chukka from Leffot looks killer.
Last night I collected my shoes  from various places--the office, mudroom, work bag.  I kind of shocked myself when I counted and realized I have 18 pairs of Aldens.  Last time I actually counted it was 11.  Oops!   Naval Boot 8 2014 Leffot 975 Old 8 2001 - 975 New 8 2009 B SWB - brass REV D 8 2015 Madison SWB - Halleck FLAT...
[[SPOILER]] That's what I call a TPS report. 
Great goddamn boots.  Love the wear.
I always figured that beyond simple rarity, a defining characteristic of "unicorn" is that it is something you'd never part with.  Or maybe difficult to acquire = unicorn anddifficult to acquire x personal preference = grail.
I would definitely buy another pair.  That, or go to the shoe care thread.
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