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Not a lot of talk about the J Gilbert PT boot on plaza, so I'm curious to see about the fit and overall look when mine arrive soon.  This will be my first pair on Plaza, and first shell on commando--two big wants.  
I had to run an errand in Fairfield county yesterday.  With all the excitement surrounding this recent TSM delivery, I figured I'd stop in, kick some tires, and get on some wish lists.  I mentioned to my wife that I'd been there, and she asked, Did you get a pair of shoes?  Judging by the way she asked, it made me think maybe I have a little shoe credit to burn.   Model that struck my fancy after seeing it in person was the alpine grain captoe boot.  Certainly not top of...
Generally, the shipper can correct the address while the package is en route.  I'd give them a call...
LHS = penny loafer in any form.
Sounds interesting.  Keep us posted if you go that route.  At some point, I want to get a pair of LHS redone on dainite a la Leather Soul as a "house shoe."  If a composite shank was available, I'd add that as well.   
Does the flex welt still have a steel shank?  If not, any Alden on flex (e.g. unlined suede chukka) would be a good airport option.  
Yup--we are quickly learning that they see and pick up on everything.   My oldest daughter seems to have something of a shoe bug--first thing she want to do in the morning is get her Chucks on.
Expensive, like...?   I wish there was a way to source the rubber piece itself.  As has been discussed here recently, the stitching doesn't do much to hold the commando sole on, and it would make a fine topy.
Among Aldens, I think the LHS is a perfect travel shoe.  
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