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Gentlemen, I offer a great opportunity for a classic boot in a C width:   Color 8 Shell Cordovan Barrie Last Size 9C 360° Flat Welt Black edge Commando Sole All eyelets — matched agatine Model 44668C Production Number 5G13 027 (July 2015)   These are essentially brand new. I have tried these on and make a few steps on carpet, hence the single crease.  Never worn outside.  Boot listing on Unionmade's site.   Alden box & bags included.  The box's model...
  And probably mis-read shunted's post.  I swear by GlenKaren's all natural products.  He makes a water resistant polish that works incredibly well.  As opposed to leather defender, which sits on top of the leather, the GlenKaren penetrates and protects down at the fiber level.  It lasts, and I never have spots.  Also, for the shell polish averse, it is not that dense with pigment, so when used sparingly, you don't get a buildup.  Really great stuff.  I much prefer his...
I don't think leather defender is for suede.  An aerosol like Nano is your best bet. In a good soaking, the soles will suffer more than the uppers.
Strictly out of curiosity, I asked the seller to provide photos of the actual boots.  No response.  I would say it's a scam, but feedback is solid.  Not sure what to make of that.
The Daytripper was the first Alden model where I immediately said, "I have to have a pair."  The Leffot photographs were amazing, and actual boot is no less so.  My feeling about the price is that for those of us who spend upwards of $800, list, for a pair of shoes, double that for a coveted makeup sounds pretty reasonable.  There are couple of pairs that may not be released soon or ever that I would pay this amount for.  Finding them new is rarity on top of rarity, like...
If they were my size, I would be the high bidder.
Loving this flotilla of Ravello gunboats. Just wishing I was part of the fleet!
I'm fooled again, and they are no less beautiful.  Where from?
New Posts  All Forums: