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In a parallel universe, cigar is the king of the gunboats. I can't wait to get a pair.Really nice lineup!
For me, the important distinction is that they have all eyelets.  Like sleepy said, they have done variations, and I believe they have had double leather on some.  The ones I have pre-oredered have a dark welt and a commando sole.  By comparison, the Epaulet color 8 Brixton is similarly all eyelets, but always with antique/double leather.  
Yes, color 8. I couldn't justify them, as I have the Naval boots, Hallecks on the way, and I just got the DC cigar captoe.
Yah, so fine.  The plaza could be a little spiffy for my everyday aesthetic, but all the same, I was really bummed the B+M order for the plaza WT boot was switched to grant.  Ironic, as grant hits the sweet spot. edit to spoiler 
Good lord, my man--what will you wear on your feet whilst learning shoemaking?  Beautiful boots!
Just a day after getting the snuff WT boots, I got the call from Kathy that my number came up for the cigar captoes.  We always read here that when you least expect it, a bunch of your pre-orders can come in at once.  I had only hoped to be so lucky.  So this will be a first--getting an Alden twofer in less than a week.   I think that once I get these, I'm close to done.  Waiting on the hallecks, the ravello and cigar WTBs, and a pair of ravello WT boots, then that's it....
Erm, I believe those are black, not color 8. Evidence: black sole and 9751 model number.  All the same, a steal in any color!
Thanks Mike.  C is my proper width, but still, I hope the 9C Hallecks have a liiiiitle more volume in the front--that will give me greater sock options.  I never can commit to memory the "rules" of sizing--boot vs shoe, cordovan vs cxl vs suede, this welt vs that.
 How could I not?  Psyched to get these in a C width.  
LS snuff suede WT boots are real beauties.  The lined tongue is a nice surprise--super comfy, and these will be amazing once they break in.  If no one else has, I'll post a pic tonight.   @zennypoo--thanks again!  
New Posts  All Forums: