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Picked up these new old stock LHS in color 8 last fall, and today is the first day out.  They had slight signs of try-on but not on the soles.  The production stamp inside starts with a 7, so they are at least eight years old.   Color 8 LHS from Carroll & Co, Beverly Hills          
Re: Mac:   OK, lots of shoes.  Many are basically beautiful dinosaurs that will never be made again, so it's a good body of reference.  He's too prolific to ignore, so I just wish he would:   actually answer questions.  He posts jumbo look-at-me photos, but when someone asks him a serious question, he blushes and says nothing.  I suppose that's his right to be as anonymous as he wishes in a forum, but I find it off-putting.   not claim the method of wiping and...
You just missed the boat.  They did a pre-order not too long ago.
I inherited my grandfathers 975s 25 years ago.  They were a tad big, but that didn't stop me from wearing them for a while.  I eventually parted with them, and wanted to replace them for a long time.  Eventually I did, and with all there is to see and learn on the web.....well, you know the story...
Hidden or not, that's no "tiny scratch"
And the LS boot was not a pre-order per se, but more like a group buy that zennypoo organized back in December.  
AFAIK: EP LS plaza barrie hooks eyes commando double leather  Looks like the welt and heel/counter stitching is the same.
The horse's ass, right from the horse's mouth.  Great post!
OK--I'll grant you that.  And I know the faster way to do speed hooks, but I'll maintain that any hook lacing still requires way more attention--deliberately placing the lace in each . And any method to lace hooks is difficult in dim light.  In the end, it's of very little consequence--people have their own preferences.  My goal was to demonstrate that all (8/9) eyelets aren't the PITA people make them out to be.  I don't mind a knot at the end of the laces, and by having...
New Posts  All Forums: