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I guess we just have to hope some ahead of us bow out.  
Nice--thanks.  I hope the four-slot on the 9D puts me in the money.  
Do "we" know when the next run of these is expected?  Are they confirmed yet?
Nice move on the JR soles. IMO, well worth the extra money.
I got an odd size confirmed for the Leffot longwings, but I think I will pass in favor of a WT boot. I want to see if I can transfer that slot to @lifeinabox, or someone else on the thread who needs an odd size (and will pay full boat up front). Does anyone have advice for how I should make that happen with Leffot? I realize they might keep a wait list, but I also think I have a right to transfer it to someone of my choosing.
What is LOL without the OL?
2014 Acquisitions: Cigar LHS in 9D Color 8 LHS in 9C (new old stock--sweet!) Leffot Color 8 Naval Boots Leffot Color 8 Dovers Harrison LTD CXL Chukkas Epaulet Innsbruck Indy   Came and went: Tan suede Dovers Ravello LHS   Pipeline: DC Ravello Captoe (Sandra Day Tripper??) DC Cigar Captoe DC Ravello LWB LS Snuff SW Boot   Stock want list: Snuff Dover in C width (takes some planning)   Left nut list: Cigar SW Boot on Commando (bonus points...
This, this, and this.  
Keep counting!  I'm booked for Jackson in March.  Can't wait.  
...and while we are doing Wingtip 101, it is fun to point out that the Longwings are affectionately known as "Gunboats" because the broguing that runs the full length of the shoe is evocative of a frigate gun deck.  This particular model was shaped on the Barrie last:   
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