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I'd definitely keep them.  When considering anything that seems less than perfect, I would point out that what you are seeing is inherent to the hide and has nothing to do with craftsmanship.  Most of the "blotches" that people post are a QC issue--the result of slapdash dyeing by Horween (or Alden?).  In your case, those spots were always part of the hide, and they speak to the nature of this beautiful material.  
JAB has shoe trees on sale for $8, but I'd prefer to pay more for the split-toe type to make sure they fit in some of my C-width shoes.  Do IRC that Alden's trees are made by Woodlore?
At the Time Warner Center / Columbus Circle, perhaps?  I saw some shell and other Aldens there last December--might be worth a call...
    My 10 yr old 975s are/were the mainstay of my Alden stable--those tireless workhorses that could always be counted on to look good, get beat up, and then come back looking better for it with some TLC.  But I haven't worn them since July, when I sent them in for recrafting at B Nelson.  I  have been very happy with their re-crafting service in the past.    This time, the heels were worn, so I sent them in.  Unfortunately, their pricing for a full recrafting isn't that...
That's a great looking boot.  Still, every time I see the modified last, it evokes images of the dodo.  
These are....the DC Commando Trippers?
Terrible experience, indeed.  I would expect that if a shoe felt different post-restoration, it would be primarily in the width.  But when you say the 9D now feels like a 10D, that length difference seems particularly dramatic, and it's one you should be able to demonstrate.  When you went to try on the new 9Ds, did you happen to hold the sole up to one of your restored ones?
Now that's what I'm talking about.  Great patina!
42 here.  I inherited my grandfathers old 975s in '96.  I loved them so much and wore them constantly, in spite of their being a size too large for me.   Back then, cordovan mean a color to me, not a material, and I somehow parted with them.  Not having them always nagged at me, so I sought to replace them, and another pair of 975s were my first Alden purchase. As a side note, I still regularly wear that same grandfather's Dormueil Sportex wool sport coat he purchased at...
As promised, an outside shot of the new naval boots.    
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