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And again, three cheers for the avatar.
I might have a store credit with ShoeMart and I'm trying to assess my options (for shell boots, preferably).  What sort of special makeups do they do, if any?  How do they manage them--pre-order?  Wait list?  Any tips for working with them?  Thanks.
I see.  A smart way for them to lift the skirt and let a few more in without creating a big stir. I got in on the late-2011 pre-order for the day tripper, and the wait was 13 months or so.  Partway through, when it became maddening (it was my first pre-order) I reversed my thoughts of pulling out with reminders that I would be alive for that time either way.  It became much easier to forget about them after that.  Then one day, I got that call...
Others may be able to clarify this, but I recall reading something about Leffot's maneuvering around Alden's gag order relating to shell offerings other than black or color 8.  They might have put an Easter egg in an Instagram or something.  Hey--I went back and found it for you--read this post and the two that follow.
There they are!  Damn those look good.
It wasn't me, but that takes care of my Jones for a few days.
I'm quite sure Leffot will hold on to your dollars for as long as you wish.  
If bridle leather is an option, take a look at Equus Leather. I am very happy with their quality, and Charlie and his wife are a pleasure to work with.Among others, I have a belt in hazel and a dog collar in London tan, and both are in the Ravello neighborhood. Looks like a new color might be a winner--Barenia.
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