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For me, navals win big with its 360 degree welt. Happy pre-ordering, gentlemen.
Nothing like a pair of trusty 975s to step outside for a break from the in-laws.
"This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship." just back from Mack. . It was @sazon's indys with brass that made me do it. edit:size
 I think the lace over the top is emphasizing the misalignment.  Before you decide, try lacing them the other way--with the laces coming UP through the first two eyelets. You may find it doesn't catch your eye as much.  That's a beautiful pair of boots--do what you can to see if you can live with them.
Oh boy! 
Because Um, because I go more on a sense of reality, which is based on experience, and because I don't believe everything I am told.  Tell me--do you see other color 8 makeups taking 2 years?
Should be any time now, right?  We're now at seven months.  The email said "Alden is communicating that there may be up to two year delays on color 8 and black cordovan stock shoes make-ups, so these boots potentially may not come around for another 2 years." but a six+ month timeline seems more realistic for color 8.   This is my first purchase from Unionmade.  What is their m.o. with respect to taking preorders/getting confirmation/taking delivery, etc?
I'm with you.  Innsbruck Indy and a CXL chukka are enough for me.
IIRC, Alden is not doing brass on shell because it interferes with/is affected by whatever they finish the leather with.  Does anyone care to speculate how the factory will handle re-crafting if you send back brass eyelets?  Maybe now they will heed requests to not refinish the uppers if it is inconvenient for them.  And what if they are customized?  Perhaps, like the soles, they won't touch anything that isn't factory original?  
Good eye JSO!  Same photos, even,  Sheesh.
New Posts  All Forums: