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Ooof. . Soo tempting.
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http://leathersoul.com/2009/11/13/alden-shoes-plaza-ptb-wcommando-sole/ Good luck!
Well that was easy--done deal!
An unsolicited pump for csmitty's BNIB Leffot unlined dovers.  Mine are one of my favorite and most comfortable pairs.
Nice!  Which model?
Among the small subset of people who even know what Alden is, you could make the argument that the Indy is the most pop culturally iconic.  But for the sartorially iconic, I'd say it a tossup between the color 8 LWB, the tassel moccasin, or the LHS.  Of those three, the 975 wins the popularity contest here and probably comes out the winner.   Edit: sorry for the simultaneous summary.
   I'm a hacker that doesn't see these as anything too precious.   Mike--you're right--the hooks seemed to have a chrome plating beneath the enamel, and the hooks themselves have a much warmer color.  If I didn't know any better, I'd say they were copper. Tread lightly! I considered that.  Unless you're near the ocean, green takes a looong time, especially if they are exposed to any wear.  If they do tarnish, I'd expect them to be brown for a long while.  Also, the bit of...
Swiss army knife!
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