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   I'm a hacker that doesn't see these as anything too precious.   Mike--you're right--the hooks seemed to have a chrome plating beneath the enamel, and the hooks themselves have a much warmer color.  If I didn't know any better, I'd say they were copper. Tread lightly! I considered that.  Unless you're near the ocean, green takes a looong time, especially if they are exposed to any wear.  If they do tarnish, I'd expect them to be brown for a long while.  Also, the bit of...
Swiss army knife!
Yes, in a way.  The hardware is already brass--I just exposed it.  I carefully scraped away the enamel and buffed the hardware with an abrasive felt bob.  It's not for the faint of heart, perhaps, but I am very pleased with the results.  
x-post from the main thread...   I used these as a proof-of-concept by removing the enamel on the eyelets rather than having them replaced.  Hooks are very much more of a copper color, and I expect they will tone down a bit as they tarnish with age.  Overall, I am extremely happy with the results.     Modded DC Cigar captoes:  
Modded DC Cigar captoes  
Is that right?  I'm expecting a pair of shell Barrie WT boots in 9C (flat welt), and I'd be bummed if they were narrower than my 9C 975s (split welt).  
From what I know, the Epaulet Brixton and Unionmade Halleck both have a flat welt.  I know the Halleck, at least, has had some variations ( black/antique edge, commando/double leather,), but did either of those at any point have a storm welt as shown above?   I'm on the Halleck pre-order, and it was billed as flat/black/commando.  
After getting no love for several months in the marketplace, I finally decided I would keep these boots.  They are my first on the Plaza and I am totally smitten with the last.     Day two: Color 8 PT boots from JGilbert:  
Fuck it--they are beautiful and I'm keeping them.
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