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I'm heading to NY today and am thinking of checking out ep trousers. I have never tried them before. Do they have any fits for a more generous/athletic shape, or they euro /skinny? For reference, I wear JCrew classic chino in a 36. Thanks.
Actual cordovan options are the ideal, obviously.  But if you are looking for something more rugged/available/affordable, the burgundy flavor of bridle leather from Equus Leather is a nice compliment to color 8.  I am just noticing he has a couple of suede belt offerings--gonna have to get one to match my new tan dovers. Charlie and Dawn are a pleasure to work with, and like some other things (GlenKaren, Chuck Pinnell) I really like getting things directly from the people...
I am on a wish list at TSM for cigar LWBs, and I hope they will have that same welt/edge color.  Those are beautiful!
Date night in the Lambo.  
 Indeed.  Got them in August.  
Nice automobile!  I'm not seeing the butt indentations, tho.
Like others have said, I think a lot depends on what piece of leather you get.  It can vary within the same pair of shoes, like my Indys.  One shows virtually no creasing, while the other was wrinkles as soon as I looked at it.  (Despite their current state, I do scrub dirt and mud off these, but other than that, no care yet.) 
Excellent!  Is that an OH-6?
Is that what it's like?
Extrapolating from the "cotton kills" mantra of winter performance wear, I quit cotton socks years ago, for all seasons.  Wool (with a touch of synthetics, even better) is so much better at dealing with moisture, and therefore heat, than cotton.  If you have decided to wear a boot on a hot day, something like a medium weight smartwool sock will serve you much better than a thin cotton one--for fit and comfort.  I was kind of amazed to see that those chups are cotton.  No...
New Posts  All Forums: