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 So in terms of cell phones, would the average iGent's size be iPhone 5, 6, or 6 Plus?I believe most iGents are actually iPod Nano but believe themselves to be 6 Plus.
 - Fully canvassed- Hand padded- Milanese buttonhole- No collar gap- Proper spacing between buttons- Vintage Dormeuil Sportex- Secret cell phone pocket- Artificially enhance my stature- Game pocket for hares- Personal estate tweed for my lineage- Perspiration gussets for ventilation- Wireless induction panels  inside lining for wireless charging- Cup holder- Does this fabric make my butt look big- Does it?- Secret decoder ring- Hydrophobic coating- Monitor vital signs and...
I would go a little longer for suit
I have a Master's degree in Sartorial Information Studies from ITT Technical Institute
RJman's favorite, referenced by Ian Fleming
 Sick jacket bruh
 That would be sour grapes. It was just an invitation to enjoy bitter marmalade, clearly a frontrunner above jam.
Bitter marmalade, anyone?
 OK, suspicion confirmed. Is that a midwestern thing? I feel like it would make more sense to say "he weighs X lbs even when strapped in metal chains."
 I'm not. I asked you where it comes from -- I was trying to understand the etymology, since I already found the definition.
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