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Johnston's is a storied maker of lambswool and cashmere cloths. They are responsible for the book Scottish Estate Tweeds. This scarf digs into their archives for a classic gunclub pattern.                   NWT 100% cashmere, softly milled Pin-fringed ends Dense hand 180 x 35cm (70 x 13'') Retail $235 Discontinued pattern Navy, caramel, and cream
Looking for the case for colorful (monotone) winter scarves. Does anyone have some photographic evidence?
 NMWA club shoes!
So what do you wear under the sweater when going without a collared shirt? This is an ongoing dilemma for me.
 The key to trolling is to wait more than 30 minutes before spilling the beans.
 Both are pretty loud in a real life.
I can't think of anything more disgusting than a slim fit Shetland sweater. I might agree on the pants, though.
 Who, apples?
 No. It will be tailor's Blue Plate Special.That being said, I know that Valstar has done MTO events at Japanese shops for their Valstarinos in different sizes, configurations, and with archive fabrics. So anything is possible. By the way, I always thought this "Little Man" icon was something they started slapping on their recent models, but the logotype goes back to 1978, apparently. 
I hate apples. The texture is repellent -- like bread in fruit form. That being said, I like Lesser.
New Posts  All Forums: