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This is also a regular favorite. Sometimes I am unable to even slither out of my chrysalis without this one.     Molting each day and slipping into a new Textile Interface is not an easy work.
Does anyone else listen to gangster rap while getting dressed in the morning? Just asking.
I don't think the concept is so bizarre, guys. You go to the shirtmaker, point at a bunch of stuff, then are alarmed to find how hideous it looks made up. There are always some burners, for whatever reason.
  It's the glasses, haircut, and cut. They all say: apocalyptic wanderer from the Matrix. You were probably going for "hippie."  No, reading comprehension failure
 I ask myself the same thing every time I go on a date.It seemed like a good idea at the time.
 I don't think that latter combination would work for summer. It always looks affected with a sportcoat, sleazy.I guess you're right that it's best worn (if at all) in a purely resort context.A tie is beyond out of the question.
Dark blue linen shirts. I own them, I just can't seem to like them. To me, a shirt is supposed to be light colored. Can't make my peace with it. Thoughts?
 Ya did good kid
  Both hideous. Good job.
 Already did; there isn't.
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