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 The thing is, the shaping and thickness of the interlining precisely at the knot is very deliberate, so when you start layering up the fabric and creating thicker knots, it really wreaks havoc with the way the tie was "meant" to be used. I concede that some ties may have equivalent interlining throughout the tie, rendering this somewhat irrelevant, but a good tie is almost always designed on the premise of a light four in hand. As for having your ties recrafted, believe...
Claghorn is correct. There are so many ties out there that you would be limiting your options as a short person if you opted to not tuck the back blade.     Take the case of Japan, where most people ned a tie of length sub-142cm, but ties from overseas makers are imported as-is, so you end up with a super long tie and a foregone necessity to tuck.   I think posters are confusing tucking the front blade (something to do when eating a sandwich) versus the back, which...
 That's what she said
Every time I have read the term "tie-tucking" come up in the past dozen posts I misread it as tie-fucking. A new way of showing adoration for ties? Stranger things have happened. Cf. creepy sartorial images thread re: shoes.
 I was looking at, I think, something from the same bunch, and I was steered away from it because the weave is not porous enough for humid weather.
He probably failed to plan ahead and didn't wear the slippers to the pants fitting, thus resulting in inconsistency.
The proximal scale of the jacket and shirt patterns is, well, just ridiculous
Heldentenor, tread carefully
Sometimes I fantasize about how cool it would be if you had named the store after your surname.
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