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 Very interesting...you can DJ the next SF meetup Are you familiar with the Boiler Room story? It's quite a good one. If you want to have your finger on the pulse, they must be followed. I'm partial to the Kollektiv Turmstrasse track that starts at 24:00 in the Solomun set. Epic.He brings very high production values and interesting blend of pop sensibilities. It seems we are entering a new era away from minimal house/techno and more again towards soulful house, if you want...
 Not turntablism, house. Turntablism is not really something fun to listen to on a regular basis beyond its technical merits, and I say this even with the footnote of DJ Kentaro, a world champion, whose musicality is pretty strong.  [[SPOILER]]  But turntablism is still in the realm of raw skill, not something fun for a party. Most turntablists fall down when trying to entertain a crowd with body-movin grooves. This, on the other hand... [[SPOILER]]  Don't mind the basic...
If you want, we can name this knot.
Seems to just be a combination of flimsily constructed tie and inferior tying skill -- bottom of tie knot not being pinched when tying, creating a tube.
Orange is the new black (seriously)
Last Boss Tweed  
Use the baking soda previously discussed herein. Not water
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