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  Long sleeved high gauge (30 gauge) cardigan in dark navy/midnight. Merino wool, fully fashioned, foldover cuffs. Mother of pearl buttons. Size S. Classic fit. Historic brand! Unworn.
What is Vass to Heschung equivalence for loafer?
    From left: 1. Vanda Fine Clothing gauzy wool regimental stripe - $90 - 6 fold light lining - 8.5cm x 142 cm   2. Borrelli silk repp stripe - $60 - 8.5cm x 145cm -Dry, matte finish - 3 fold light lining   3. EG Cappelli wool dark forest green - $70 - 8.5cm x 142 cm - 3 fold light lining - Wool - Black threads in warp, creates dark green effect - In between worsted and woolen
 Sockless high water pants to your wedding. Nice going. He should have just worn cycling gear.
 Flip your square around!  You subscribe to the thread; it notifies you.
 I was hoping for something from real life...
I have a dark forest green wool tie that I'd like to find a new home. It's new, unworn. 8.5cm wide. 3-fold. PM if interested.
 Can I get an inspirational pic of this? I'm getting dreamy just thinking about it.
The more soul-searching question is, if all of the patterns had been made, would you have bought every one?
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