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Amazing thread A+ would read again. The title alone is worth the price of admission.   I present: crocs with a suit     Stage 1: garment appears for no reason and/or for hospital workers and people in line kitchens Stage 2: Mario Battali brings garment to city life for wearing on the streets Stage 3: Project Runway personality Tim Gunn wears crocs with custom made suit (fig. 2)
 Here is a chart in order of ascending coarseness/farmerness Italian woolens -->Worsted Alsport --> Breanish Tweed -->SherryTweed -->Shetland Tweed -->Alsport/Lovat/Thornproofs -->Harris Tweed This is not entirely accurate as they are of different weaves and openness. Shetland tweed has been described as "soft" in the posts above, but it is rough spun and a far cry from a smooth worsted, so it is high on the rustic/farmer scale.  Users have become tired of the smooth look...
 Didn't even realize it was an umbrella, thought that was a walking stick.
 So would you say brown is for farm dinner?
 White Rose Caldonaire, got it.
 The rust looks good, what is it?
 I can't share all of my swag secrets with you guys or you would bite my steez
 In my opinion there are some really exciting items in this bunch that (finally) is being offered more widely, but those ones are not among them -- they seem extremely vintagey and rustic. I feel as though there is a running trend of fascination with extremely rustic fabric, but unless you live in a cottage in the Outer Hebrides I think it looks extremely out of place.  My ears are burning
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