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 You do realize that affiliate threads are the sweetest deal going, because members feel too cowed to "pollute" them, rather than treat them like the open forum they should be (thereby improving business practices), so they turn into an automated form of brand boosterism that requires absolutely no maintenace on the part of the vendor. Pretty much every thread is rah-rah-sis-boom-bah for 100s of pages. You can't buy that.
They will regret that decision
 +1, I have asked for this before
  What the hell just happened
 That seems to have a much more brown ground to it, no?I also like that in the first picture, an overcheck is absent but the glen check itself is made of alternating colors.Maybe this is one of those types of cloths that is not in the SF favorite bunches but something only Italian tycoons know where to find
Seeking a tightly-woven plaid jacketing in a mild olivey/gray/brownish tone (best words I have to describe this at present) as pictured below. Click to enlarge. Thanks for pointing the way.   Edit: sizing not working correctly so direct link is here:   http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-85qH9q-TlTw/UegFNkrWcCI/AAAAAAAAAP0/0nkVn-TzKrQ/s1600/DSC%252005.jpg   Slightly similar is this:  
Agreed. It is too saturated and the stripes too wide to be worn with that suit. I think the square would be fine if the shirt were a dress stripe. As it is, knit tie, butcher stripe, etc... it's too much at once.
Yeah, I discovered afterward that it's from No. 17 Brughiera. Still interested.
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