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Nubuck best on boots
Gratuitous shot of paisley robe
 I like that. Are the Calabrese grenadines pretty softly constructed?
 Start a wiki
 So who makes a tweed like the second one? (Kylnadrochit)
I am writing in to report that the velcro throat latch on the Niche army jacket can be removed without incident!
Had bad experiences with Ariston. The suitings have a tacky luster and the cottons shrink dramatically.
NWT Stephan Schneider "Allure" hooded coat $850   New with tags Size III (S) Fabric only for Japanese market -- only two pieces made Light blue/gray in open hopsack weave   Hidden placket Fully fashioned collar Built in hood Side entry pocket Wears very light   Size III. Fits accurately for this size in Stephan Schneider across ihs range Easy, unfussy fit that just works and flows. Sort of like a shirt jacket on steroids and 1,000x...
Loose women love a man in a traditional drape cut suit
Seriously need more hemp in my life.   4/20 is coming...
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