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  That is a disturbingly (in a good way) clean trouser line and hem, but I would expect nothing less from the self-appointed king of OCD. What cloth is that that it holds up so nicely? Or did you starch the pants before taking the picture?
 Maybe he's into edging.
I've been interested in some of the other stuff, as well, such as the knit polos and scarves. If you could lean on them to set up some sort of PayPal processing/EMS shipping setup, that would be extremely convenient...
Those describe every thread.   You have all been trolled.
More Vass this Spring?
Just picked up this beauty:   http://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=55&products_id=1301
 What material did you use for this blazer? Seems like the ideal winter twill.
I am in bed... Someone please tell me how to spell cumberbund because I am blanking out
Looks like a cummerbund with buttons. Cummerbundttons
 Can I get the bottom of collar measurement on those?
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