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I greatly admire Braddock's collection of suspenders, even if I don't wear them myself.
I would describe Paul Stuart knits as equivalent to Drake's in feel. Is that just me? Speaking of PS, anyone see their ugly new website redesign? The old one was fine.
Nice fabric
@Claghorn what if you had masking tape X on the floor for the chair position, the blinds at a constant height, pre-programmed white balance settings for that location and time of day, and the camera plugged into a computer to upload the photo and auto-post to SF? You could do it under 60 seconds. #scientificmanagement
I'm getting a strong "extra from an episode of Jeeves & Wooster" vibe from his DB fit, though it is unimpeachable on a technical level. Possibly the moustache is to blame.
  Since when is it required to wear pants with a sport jacket?
I've never seen so many people so paranoid about dry cleaning in one thread.
5. Stephan Schneider "Allure" hooded coat $850   A special Japan-only makeup of which there are only two pieces. A beautiful light blue/gray shade in an airy, hopsack weave. Hidden placket buttons, fully-fashioned collar, and a built-in hooded design. Wears extremely light, perfect for spring. Side entry pockets.   Size III. Fits accurately for this size in Stephan Schneider. Know your size. If you fit a III, this will fit you. Easy, unfussy fit that just works and...
 As with all cases, that is almost surely designed as a measure to avoid you throwing it in the dryer, not to avoid dry cleaning. Hand wash only = dry clean.
Presenting a little project for hardcore online shoppers only. (Presumably 80% of the SF population ) This is the experimental, pilot launch (with SF mods' blessing) of a streamlined shopping service for luxury goods from Japan. Remember that this is a work in progress and merely the germ of an idea.  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: