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  Need I say more
Looks cool, but probably impractical. Maybe a jodphur would do?
 That's always refreshing to hear around these parts.
 First of all, the possibility that I will even keep the shoe is not determined, so the jump to conclusions about showrooming is unwarranted. Anyway, let's say I order from a conglomerate like Mr. Porter that does not offer MTO in the first place and try a shoe, then return it. Obviously, I have to MTO elsewhere. Given the quixotic nature of MTO operations, they aren't going to have ready stock of the shoe I want to try anyway, so I have to go through alchemical...
So what is the favorite last for Dover, then? 606 seems to be the default config, but it looks a bit too pointy to me.
 Thanks, it was 20+ pages back.
So what are some brands I should be peeping on Farfetch? It seems like all of the boutiques are in Italy and carry the same 10 brands. Advice appreciated.
Don't be defensive. You can write me a novel, but try to order your thoughts. It was a stream of consciousness diatribe riddled with comments like "Weird," "Hmm," "Now that I think of it," and numerous rhetorical questions. You should think about what you wanted to say before communicating.
Your initial argument was intriguing, but saddled with repetition and elliptical remarks. You would achieve more clarity with an economy of text.
 Thanks.  Perfect. Didn't even realize Mr. P carries them.  I checked that, too. Saw something I liked. Not sure what shoprunner is but I dislike the whole fulfillment approach BB takes. I read upthread that Dover can no longer be MTOed on 82 last, is that correct?
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