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Agree with gdl on counterpoint to sander principle.   Also black tie and tan shoes is just so   yet widespread enough to be almost normal.
 YesNote that there is already a thread for that thoughhttp://www.styleforum.net/forum/newestpost/164750
I kind of get where you are going with that; the tie has a kind of "generic Marinella" vibe to it, the kind a president/executive could wear without batting an eyelash.
 What jokes? Just keeping the thread moving, old sport.
Where can I get dress shirts that cost over 25K USD?
Please more drops
Mark Cho looking pretty shaggy up top. I don't understand why people enjoy carrying out heavy leather duffel bags. They look really cool, but hands-free is so much better. Those Clegg duffels are sort of dainty, but still, the pounds add up.
Where are the loafers from? The waist is distinctive.
@gdl203 uhoh   I like those shoes. I think the "bad" chestnut is like a pale whiskey/orangey color, but a darker one is fine. E.g. the cognac Norwegers on your site. Honestly, this alcohol-to-shoe terminology is confusing.
If you could digitally retouch it, mosaic it, or blur it out in the next pic, that would be great. Censor bars would also be fine.
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