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Keep in mind that with cedar oil, you have to look out for it actually staining cloth. I use the oil, too, but I wouldn't put the impregnated blocks up against anything, even after drying.   Also, it's pretty damned strong (fragrant).   As for storing fabric, why have it in airtight plastic? It needs to breathe and get a little moisture. I keep it in a zippered canvas bag.
I have a new Inis Meain sweater in size S that needs to go to a good home. PM if interested.
^ No need to go all vigilante. He said his piece, so continue doing your job by kopping his wares. The only unfun part of SF is how everyone loves to pile on.
 I like the way you think!
Any robot-made suits dropping soon? Would prefer something more hygienic, i.e. made to clean room standards.
You sure it doesn't stand for Cool?
Ain't no Cs in Small.
What does the C in that 44C denote?
Will the grey suede ones be restocked?
Is today a special holiday?
New Posts  All Forums: