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 Mall brands love it
The Viola Milano unicorns' eyes look like anime unicorns I guess drake's had design patent rights on the normal eyeball style
 Think of how many hours of your life you have already given away to pumping pieces of metal like a worker in a factory. Is this the Industrial Revolution? I am committed to 100% fun and delight, so I try to maximize time spent on da good shit and not the endless sweeping of dust bunnies.Looking forward to partying with u in the near future
 I try not to engage in any repetitive activities that require continuous upkeep to maintain.This includes laundry, cleaning, cooking, exercise, widget-pushing, shopping, etc.Talk about Sisyphean tasks. I have not yet found a way to outsurce remote control of my dong to a teleworker in Shenzhen but I am hopeful and expectant that this technology is not far off in the pipeline.
I'm sorry but dressing in coat and tie totally precludes gym or gym related activities. Maybe even sex. Getting changed is way too time consuming. Also they obviously don't have proper FLOCKED trouser bars and padded shoulder hangers at Fitness Factory Incorporated or whatever
You look absolutely massive in that coat. Maybe you are actually massive.
Pls kop http://www.styleforum.net/t/535219/nwt-arcteryx-composite-jacket-s-s-15/0_100   Thx
 Taken on a hanger 16" shoulder18" chest28" hem
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