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Every time I have read the term "tie-tucking" come up in the past dozen posts I misread it as tie-fucking. A new way of showing adoration for ties? Stranger things have happened. Cf. creepy sartorial images thread re: shoes.
 I was looking at, I think, something from the same bunch, and I was steered away from it because the weave is not porous enough for humid weather.
He probably failed to plan ahead and didn't wear the slippers to the pants fitting, thus resulting in inconsistency.
The proximal scale of the jacket and shirt patterns is, well, just ridiculous
Heldentenor, tread carefully
Sometimes I fantasize about how cool it would be if you had named the store after your surname.
Keep scrolling... Wait for it...
Only one thing is on my mind: did @Claghorn shave yet?
 That's why I put the YMMV part.For the record, I didn't critique it for better or worse. I said that the outfit telegraphs an obsession with clothing. That could be a huge win for some (paging @Claghorn) If he wasn't going for that, it's something to be aware of. If he was, then his signal was broadcast correctly. It's good to have this kind of opposing viewpoint to get an objective sense, right?
 http://www.atkinsonsties.com/ I think I was thinking of this onehttp://www.woodsofshropshire.co.uk/midnight-with-green-and-thin-red-stripe-irish-poplin-tie-from-atkinsons
New Posts  All Forums: