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ID this cotton fabric
Paging @EliodA
 Rebuttal: Hunter S. Thompson used Olympia and IBM typewriters. The comment about consignment is very interesting and does add a different dimension to things-- it does take the risk off of the vendor.
 Yeah, just busting your balls, mate
 To me, this wording is symptomatic of the way people interface with these things. "It's about X." "It references Y."Seldom is it clarified how the work is about X or how it references Y. Just a series of reminiscences, feelings, half-remembered associations, Proustian madeleines. Eventually, everyone is recycling the same terms (buzzwords), as though this explains anything -- or as though it even needs to be explained. "This references Dust Bowl farmers, Neo Romanticism,...
Look, I'm glad there's a market for cash-flush artistes to buy discarded kimono rags that nobody actually wants.  A kind of neo-colonialism like scooping up Navajo rugs and other discarded bric-a-brac that we don't understand. I'm glad that Mr. CEO of Visvim can charge you $8000 for umbrellas. But "these rags tell stories!" These rags "are heirlooms!" Unless your grew up with your mom resewing your indigo chore coat over and over again, what would possess you to own or...
 http://sleevehead.blogspot.com/2013/11/fabric-quality-call-to-visualize-and.html  I don't get the reference.   For those seeking to commission a hobo coat, I just saved you and your tailor some time:https://www.carson-street.com/rare-weaves/shop/clothing/product/7520/therwrepurposedcoatOnly $8000
As a short guy with long legs I have always found the formula of jacket as long as possible and pants hems with as minimal a break as possible to ameliorate height issues. I believe Boyer essentially describes the same formula in one of his early books. Not familiar with the splitting in half phenomenon and never noticed that in person. Sounds like something you could see in a magic show,
 Significant? No.Value? It will actually add more required fabric, increasing the price.No value to be found here. Longer length for OGs only.
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