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NWOT Size XS (US36) Heathered blue Napped cotton flannel Slightly cutaway collar MOP buttons Made in Italy Never worn. It had an embroidered logo on the cuff that I had removed by the store. See picture. It is not visible. Slim, nice silhouette to this model. Guy Rover is widely available in Japan alongside similar polo shirts like Finamore and Barba PM only if you think a size 36 will fit you and ask which measurements you need.
Was that being made as a jacket or suit? I've looked at the patterned LL suitings and felt that they could go either way as a jacket or suit, but had trouble making up my mind on that glen check. I think it works either way.
Spring cleaning. Have an E.G. tie in bottle green cashmere that I want to clear out. It is unworn. 3 fold. Length should be fine for anyone 5'9'' or shorter. PM if interested.
Can someone clarify once and for all how to deal with Dugdale as non-trade? Can I actually check out from their website with an order for some fabric? The dire warnings on the site are really confusing.
 That is hilarious. I see suits like this all the time in Japan by dudes who think they are stylin'.Unfortunately, they look at best like pajamas.
The only quibble I have with this saga is the blushing beet red at a stable of women. That was a karmic freebie for you. Next time, when you exit confidently in your suit, sweep them off their feet.
 Looks awesome
Excellent job creating synchronicity between the hat, beard, and turtleneck and making them appear as one contiguous layer.
I want those.
Where to kop.
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