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 I've found GRAY to run fairly big for the marked size. Will those be available in small sizes?
As leader of the free world, he has better things to do.
Just an open-ended question. I would wear a plain twill silk.   If I wore a black grenadine to a funeral, I don't think I could ever wear it in other contexts.
Crompton looking like quite possibly the world's biggest dork up there. Looks like a product photo for a Halloween costume.
Would you wear a black grenadine to a funeral?
 Spend money? It worked for me.
The lounge food is seldom more than a feeding frenzy of crudites, although nice perk to be able to get fresh noodles made at NRT
 Going to need you to post a fit pic for investigation. Trying to determine Fedora Lounge quotient
Which one(s)?
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