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I like big Butteros and I cannot lie
 It's New York, there's no conscious concept like "intercultural relationship" as such!
He sold used Buicks.
I knew a Larry Ferri once.
Never heard of Gray before. What's their story?
Please, I need one duffel bag to carry the prophylactics alone! Once I change into my quilted smoking jacket and a spritz or twelve of evening cologne, all bets are off.   To all you naysayers, remember the fabled words of Fernando Lamas: "It is better to look good than to feel good." A roll in the hay at the expense of my finery? Poppycock. Let's not get started on those women that snag your grenadine tie with their fingernails. They certainly won't be getting a call...
I bring a steamer trunk and hat box on the first date. I had a bad experience once on a one-night stand where I forgot to bring shoe trees and failed to hang my suit in the bathroom to steam. Needless to say, the clothes were unusable the next day! I also forgot my cologne collection and exfoliating cremes. Imagine how embarrassed I was the next day when I had to wear a baseball cap and dungarees in lieu of my three-piece suit!
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