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 How else are you going to stage a successful fez party?
Well, neither do I, but you need something to go with your smoking jacket.
@Andy57 @upr_crust I straight up dare one of you to buy this indoor recreational hat.  Leaning towards Andy cuz of his velvet smoking jacket collection   Last one to get one is a rotten egg   http://www.lockhatters.co.uk/embroidered-smoking-cap.html
 Good point. O'Brien has already amply covered the inspiration for the tie above. It's the Canaydian spelling, my little corn muffin
 Explain the tie, then, wise guy.
 1. Depends on how much junk you have in the trunk. You need extra fabric to account for wang girth and diameter2. Amazon Prime: https://amzn.com/B012HIS5OU
Yo I am drunk as a skunk right now feel free to ask me all your fabric relayted questions
 Good to see you posting again!
 Don't hate the player, hate the game.
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