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 Quite possibly foo's uncle/incarnate
We've seen shapely tailoring at bargain prices, full canvass on discount, and, at the other extreme, expensive RTW lines from bespoke tailors. But I feel that one niche deserving attention hasn't been covered. That's why I'm proud to announce my first foray into menswear: John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt Couture. It is a full pret-a-porter line featuring clunky silhouettes at couture prices. Any takers? Think Mens Wearhouse looks at Cifonelli prices. All pieces are made in...
 So a purple jacket with ticket and hacking pockets and narrow lapels? Yeah, really dodged a bullet there...
Better spend it on therapy
Inferior stores and chain shops will not let you try on ties on your person. Perplexingly, they will allow you to tie a knot in the tie and stare at it on the table.
 That's what she said
Probably the effect is less pronounced on dark suiting materal. I would feel a bit self-conscious with it on lighter trousers. YMMV
 Should I go to New York tomorrow or skip it? Seems like miserable weather.
Well, you live in SF, where it's always freezing, right?
I understand (in an abstract manner) that logic. It's not unusual to be offered to have your coat hung up when going to a hotel, restaurant, airplane, office, doctor, or a million other scenarios, though, so this "I was born with a jacket on" mentality is lost on me.   I also run super hot, so wearing layers all day long would cause me to shrivel up and die. Maybe a large factor.
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