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Is this still in the works? I'd like a way to see if there are thread updates in real-time instead of getting notifications filling my inbox.
 Thanks.  As above, a pumice color. But open to other stapes (navy/white). What is the make?
THat last arm picture elicited a chuckle.
You don't wear bulls wool, bull's wool wears you. (Has that been said already?) It's rainy today. Perfect day to order some ties online if you know what I mean.   Can we talk about Spring 2015?
 It has to be said, trim fit does not work on everyone (or many), but you really vindicate it. You must be tall. And healthy. Your fits manage to look svelte and strapping at the same time. Edit: did I just come on to you? Didn't mean to.
Does anyone have a source for pique cloth for polo shirts? Preferably in a good array of colors. I am looking for something in an off-white pumice color, but need staple colors too.
Just found a brand called  ROŸ ROGER'S   Any (legitimately) interesting brands you guys have found lately, or is that closely guarded info?
 Thanks for taking the plunge. I was going to say he looks remarkably like the love child of Justin Timberlake and Mark Zuckerberg, but I thought I would get flamed into next week.  Anyway, does Valstar have a MTO program anywhere? Do they have physical points of sale in Italy? Some of the sizing/material combinations are inspired, but each shop orders such different configurations that it always seems to be the right material in the wrong size, or the right size in the...
 Thanks for that. I found the S a twinge full for me in the waist. That's my problem, not yours. The pattern is very good.Altering a polo? I've never tried that one before on account of the seams.
New Posts  All Forums: