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 I'm going to need a boat.
 What about shipping your luggage?
Agreed, too light. 22 is very good. Is that a golden cast it has to it?
Only one way to find out...
 I'm not interested in this particular fabric or this latest episode, but I had been pondering this idea for some time. I would pay cold hard cash if NMWA continued expanding its "benchmade to measure/MTO programs/hybrid fusion of RTW e-shopping with bespoke sensibilities" setup and offered unique fabric runs that didn't compete with or cannibalize their existing lineup of Formosa/Rota/etc. This could be rolled into the Formosa visits for some, while others could just buy...
 What incentive would they have to say "We have been advised that this wrinkles more, wears just as hot, and generally looks like a saggy piece of junk by the end of a day's wear" ?
  I think Mr. Sam would gladly oblige and work with the image above...
I opened the gallery and had to chuckle. That gallery should be renamed to Pink Panther's Wardrobe
I understand. I mean that, Fox's pedigree aside, I don't think it will hold up well, nor be appropriate for your climate. See this comment from Will: 
 Nice shade, but "lightweight"  +  "flannel"
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