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Is that Marquess Round or Classic?
 Thinking of commissioning a jacket like this. Full body pics please. Is it hard to wear? Is that more a brown/cream or black/white?
Slammin' jacket
But I love arguing about semantics.  [[SPOILER]]
In case this needs further explication   You suck, and your mother's a whore = ad hominem Your jacket does not fit well = ad sartorium
A personal attack and an attack on someone's character are the same thing, you idiots.   At least someone here(Sidd) has above grade-level English skills.   The native are restless. Remember, all forms of dissent in affiliate threads must be crushed.
 That maker was on my shortlist, but the turnaround time is quite long and the construction veers towards the robust and solid, so decided against.
 Good looking out
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