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 It was a good blog, no disagreement there.
I think the effect is drastically intensified here by the fact that the ground is white.
I am really keen to know when you intend to wear this.   No hate
Those shown in a row above all look very handsome and well-proportioned. The only thing throwing it off for me is the dainty shoe size makes these lasts look extremely attenuated -- unless that is a trick of the photography.
I keep trying to figure out what the hell Four Pins is everytime it's linked to here. It seems like #menswear meets Buzzfeed/College Humor. I didn't know shopping for clothes could involve so much ironic self-deprecation. It must be brutally hard to be 25 today.
I was browsing around and I found this. Is this part of the promotion?  
 I'm going to need a boat.
 What about shipping your luggage?
Agreed, too light. 22 is very good. Is that a golden cast it has to it?
Only one way to find out...
New Posts  All Forums: