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@Claghorn your little tweed bag is beginning to intrigue me. What the hell is that thing? I think you said you had it made in Korea by a friend?    
 You are right. For some reason it wasn't showing up in new items.
No Bigi?
@upr_crust, you look really in your element in slightly more casual/country clothes!!    
It's nice, but CBD it ain't.
Sounds like Zagat reviews of the male anatomy.   "Overwhelmingly positive," rave patrons, who say they've "never seen or handled anything like it" before. Diners enjoy the "hands-on" service and ask "can I feel it?" While some complain about "inadequate portion size," most agree, "Would dine again."
Imagine if you wore a sportcoat made entirely of knit tie fabric. The response would be off the charts.
Nice material on the jkt, but the ps seems utterfly superfluous with that pocket configuration.
  Really nice sense of fullness/balance you don't see often enough. Had a look through your blog and enjoyed everything I saw.
 I believe there was a study done on this, and it was determined that the extract of juniperus virginiana cedar does effectively kill moth larvae, but it does not deter grown moths. The best solution from that standpoint is to procure essential oil of juniperus virginiana and use it to periodically oil a substrate, be it a wooden block or something else. The cedar things from stores largely serve as an aromatic bromade unless you constantly sand them, which even then would...
New Posts  All Forums: