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 What material did you use for this blazer? Seems like the ideal winter twill.
I am in bed... Someone please tell me how to spell cumberbund because I am blanking out
Looks like a cummerbund with buttons. Cummerbundttons
 Can I get the bottom of collar measurement on those?
I insist that my tailor listen to Julio Sosa tango records while sewing my suits. Anything less would be unacceptable. Trust me, I can notice the difference.
That is by far one of the most esoteric things I have heard of. I feel it ranks up there with having the gumption to ask "please don't put a house label inside this jacket that you spent 60 man hours on and feel proud of."
 Does this imply bathroom fit pics? Here's hoping!!!
What is the stance on blogs just being a tunnel for affiliate links? Is that totally commonplace, or am I incredibly naive?
When are spring drops plz?
  Bunny Cougar's Diary: Horny Skin Handjob??
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