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 Thanks for that. I found the S a twinge full for me in the waist. That's my problem, not yours. The pattern is very good.Altering a polo? I've never tried that one before on account of the seams.
  I need more madder in my life. As for the above, does this make those wool/silk blend hanks appearing everywhere in the last couple of years kind of sui generis?
What is the rationale for suggesting a shiny pocket square here? Too many matte materials at once?
@NickPollica any chance of a MTO option for the Lupo polo?
 Thanks, I learned a new word (pinroll). Watched a video on youtube. Newcomer, the jacket looks nice. It's the kind of silhouette my tailor wears (no Formosa relation). Does that make him cooler than me?
 But, but... we haven't even talked about pit stains yet
 It was a Pitti thing, Japanese magazine editors jumped on it, fast forward to shopkeeps in Tokyo doing this without an ounce of irony. Count Chocula style. The half-life for these trends is about 5 minutes. I'm still eagerly awaiting for the one where you wear your underpants outside of your pants.
No 46 for the Valstar ?
 Wish someone would post a fit pic!!!
A new challenger enters...     @justblaze1 is like the young Canadian version of @FrankCowperwood
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