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 That's what all those guys standing around with their phones outside of Pitti in weird locations are doing
shot, not job
Probably nothing. You can have two of three elements (spongy, turquoise, and wool) but not all three at the same time. Tbh it looks like something that would be used for a Le Sportsac bag.
And to think I was contempating sharing a legendary DJ set with you all. I guess that would be off-topic, god forbid.
My surmises are that shortly after wrapping up shooting on a film, Justin Timberlake decamps to Naples, where he gets suits made and overindulges in pasta until becoming a little chubby. He whiles away the downtime by emerging on styleforum as his alter ego unbelragazzo. After returning stateside, he diets and goes on juice cleanses and prepares for his next film. At this time, unbelragazzo is mysteriously absent from the forvm, ostensibly because of "academic" duties at...
Exhibit A       Same guy, same stubble, same linen tux looks like.   Further damning proof: ever notice that unbel and Justin Timberlake are never in the same place at the same time?
 My impression was always mid-life crisis Justin Timberlake
Deets on off white moleskin?
 Superb colors.  Those are some super clean pants.  The skin colored socks have got to go.
Already went that route, he was sold out of most colors.
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