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@_AMD He might be plotting your demise so he can come into a cache of ties.
Ahhh yes the first tailor I mentioned also liked to do that one, now that I recall. It's like a sandwich with a cavity between the two sides sewn together. It requires many small stitches around the circumference of the leg opening, though, and if one of these becomes loose, the actual sides of the cavity open up. Is that a Roman thing? It might explain the connection of the Roman-trained guy I used. But I thought he kept calling it "French" something or other. Maybe that...
No, still there. Just acccept the cookies popup.   Regardless, the site is a mess. Who knew browsing ties could be so challenging. Gigantic images wedged in between menus. Very bad implementation.
 Time for me to get new taste in sofas or you to get new taste in socks
 The xxx was done by a Silician-American tailor trained in Rome, a Neapolitan tailor, and a Japanese tailor (training location unknown).I did see the diagonal handstitch done by the Japanese tailor as well. You made me curious and I checked recent commissions from the latter and I see an overlock stitch -- mailing it in, I guess.Maybe xxx is prevalent in southern Italy?
New site is confusing.
Are the patterns getting more and more crazy with each passing month?
Not sure what I'm looking at besides your sofa. I see a blind hem done with a serger/overlock machine. Is that standard in the UK? Cutting corners?   The tailors I have worked with hand sewed the cuffs in the manner described. Not that it matters, obviously. But many made a point of not using sewing machines.
 The Parties herein are talking about all anti non-blue (dark) light (where "light" refers to tint; not hue, and not flux) linen/non-linen (includes those derived from hemp or hemp by-products containing 40% greater of flaxseed derived content) shirts, and including but not limited to bleu, blau, or blauw, excepting where not actually referring to "blue" as such (hereafter, "Blue"), and expressly excluding non-iron variants, unless stipulated otherwise in any of the...
 Isn't this standard?
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