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I opened the gallery and had to chuckle. That gallery should be renamed to Pink Panther's Wardrobe
I understand. I mean that, Fox's pedigree aside, I don't think it will hold up well, nor be appropriate for your climate. See this comment from Will: 
 Nice shade, but "lightweight"  +  "flannel"
I want that sweater
Would more or fewer gags induce you to go with the white collar?
Here are a few others from the same book. Personally, I'm no huge fan of things that look like tweed being made in a summer finish/weight.  
'Nother data point on the Armoury check:
This is some good detective work, soldiers. So basically a re-run would have to involve something like "Use this... [7501] but make the hue more like this... [Liverano cloth]"
Here's what I came up with. Obviously Despos has the definite answer. First pic is from HFW (which we know to be unreliable colorwise but still gives a good approximation)  
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