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Local stores like JoAnn Fabrics have regular classes in the store and some series of class type things you can register and attend. Not sure on your location, so I am not sure if you have those stores.
Nope- just thought maybe you were down the wrong path, and was trying to help.
Try a shop that does embroidery?   https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=washington+DC+embroidery
I prefer a plain bib rather than pleats.
Bill and I? Gosh no. We just have the same overbearing freckle.
   I think I prefer it with a waistcoat as well.  This is how I usually wear it. 
So what's the verdict on the POW check cummerbund on the last page? Love it, hate it?
 I just remembered I had a photo laying around from a friend's wedding.  I am not wearing a black cummerbund, but instead a POW checked one.  I think the substitute is fine, and just wanted to show an example.  I also have one that is a grey/white mini hound's tooth and I think that is fine too. The camera angle, and quality of the image is unfortunate, but the picture was snapped candidly in dim lighting.  You get the idea. 
I would not wear a shirt and tie without a jacket.  I also would not wear pinstriped pants that were not part of a suit.  I guess it really depends what the venue is, what you have at your disposal, your budget for clothes if what you listed is all you have available, and what your work atmosphere is like.
New Posts  All Forums: