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I think you are totally fine. VBC puts out nice stuff, and I think that will look pretty much like a textured solid from a few feet away. It will accomplish what you are looking for, I think.
An old pair of Strattons today. I wish I could still find these. Click to enlarge.
What was I thinking? I'm going to strip it down and get after it right away.
First post in this thread- I had an old teak patio set that was damaged, I took it apart and repurposed some of the wood into a coffee table. I still have several more coats of varnish to lay down, but I'm pretty pleased with it so far. I thought I would drop it here, as I think it's pretty cool.
Local stores like JoAnn Fabrics have regular classes in the store and some series of class type things you can register and attend. Not sure on your location, so I am not sure if you have those stores.
Nope- just thought maybe you were down the wrong path, and was trying to help.
Try a shop that does embroidery?
I prefer a plain bib rather than pleats.
Bill and I? Gosh no. We just have the same overbearing freckle.
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