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I would not wear a shirt and tie without a jacket.  I also would not wear pinstriped pants that were not part of a suit.  I guess it really depends what the venue is, what you have at your disposal, your budget for clothes if what you listed is all you have available, and what your work atmosphere is like.
@dreamspace I quite like that.
I have posted my rig in this thread some time ago- but my question is- what are the collective thoughts on subbing out a POW check cummerbund for the traditional low cut vest for a winter black tie wedding. I do have a velvet collar chesterfield, as well. My thoughts are that I can sub this in with the traditional wedding tie pattern, and also stay a little cooler during indoor festivities. I got an RLPL cummerbund very inexpensively so maybe I am just trying to wear it,...
I don't post in here much, but chocsosa, that is really excellent. Also my phone autocorrects your username to chick soda. :P
Well, not really the norm for fits posted to challenges, but I think this was my best- team muricans.
I usually just use regular old shoe polish. Wax on, brush off, buff. (I use an old nylon)
 Anden, I went through pants deal recently, and think I had a little epiphany. While others look great in their flannels, herringbone weave, tweed pants, etc. I just do not ever feel really comfortable in wool pants. I have found that my thighs are large compared to my waist, and I always either get the pocket flare, or if not, the waist is too big, etc. I have taken some to the tailor to work on and they still just don't feel great. I have PRL, RLPL, Brooks Brothers,...
Boots and cords.
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