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I don't post in here much, but chocsosa, that is really excellent. Also my phone autocorrects your username to chick soda. :P
Well, not really the norm for fits posted to challenges, but I think this was my best- team muricans.
I usually just use regular old shoe polish. Wax on, brush off, buff. (I use an old nylon)
 Anden, I went through pants deal recently, and think I had a little epiphany. While others look great in their flannels, herringbone weave, tweed pants, etc. I just do not ever feel really comfortable in wool pants. I have found that my thighs are large compared to my waist, and I always either get the pocket flare, or if not, the waist is too big, etc. I have taken some to the tailor to work on and they still just don't feel great. I have PRL, RLPL, Brooks Brothers,...
Boots and cords.
I have this poly/cotton shirt... Just kidding. Nice topic though. Interesting.
+1 This is a case where white is clearly the best choice.
 Even if so, there is a way to go about it. That clearly wasn't it.
 I always end up with uneven laces when I straight lace. I do like that yours is a bit cleaner. I took it as inspiration and went ahead and hid the crossover on the underside as you have. I think I prefer it look wise, but it is a little harder to tighten. I will roll with it for a while to see how I like it, but may change back.
New Posts  All Forums: