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Looking for this: http://www.endclothing.co.uk/our-legacy-jean-jacket-66035.html   Our Legacy Denim Jacket ancient black. Size XL - maybe L.
Hello   Stupid question maybe, but: I use Collonil Premium Diamant Polish cream (black) for my black leather oxfords. Now I've bought Acne Bleeker contrast derbies:      I'm not sure if I should use this cream for my Acne shoe as well - or if it could blacken the natural contrast sole? Should I use neutral cream? 
ACNE denim shirt (slim denim indigo). Worn once!   Size: 52   pit 2 pit: 52cm /20.5 inch shoulder 2 shoulder: 42cm / 16.6 inch back lenght: 76cm / 30 inch
I'd like to buy a shoe by O. Sweeney - the Saunders brogue:   http://www.oliversweeney.com/autumn-essentials/info/saunders-tan-brogue/saunpatan.html   Does anybody have this shoe (or Sweeney in general)   How do the compare to other shoe brands (C&J, Loake, Alden) etc...   I'm a 12E in C&J, 12F in Loake..   cheers tom
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