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Yes. $60-$80 is way too much for Nautica, Hillfiger, etc. I pay $30-$40 for JOS Bank and they are way better quality than Nautica. For $60-$80 you can get a really nice Brooks Brothers iron free shirt with great quality.
I actually stumbled onto this site by accident. Joined the fray right away. I figured since everyone was talking about clothes I might learn something and possible add some knowledge as well.
The large yoke that Jos Bank and also Stafford shirts have is so the shirt doesn't come apart at the seams. It makes for a stronger shirt. I like it.
I also wish Jos A Bank made a tailored or slim fit in big sizes. I guess they think everyone who has a big neck has a large waist. Not true!
I love the JOS A BANK traveler line, however, I wish they made an athletic fit traveler shirt. The tailored fit is too tight in my shoulders, arms, and chest, and the regular fit is way too baggy in the waist. For now I have to buy the regular fit and spend $10 a shirt to have the waist taken in. I guess they may not sell enough of the athletic fit to make it worth it. I've never tried BB, but I'm about to buy just one to test the waters. I'll let you...
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