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JH, david jones Elizabeth st has a few barbour jackets you can try on the top menswear floor. Largely just the quilted ones but might be good for idea of size. Personally, I'm a large in one and a medium in an another, but it really depends on whether you wear anything underneath.
rekt  But in all seriousness I like the tie, but it would look better with a plain blue or white shirt. Conversely, the shirt would look better with a plainer tie. It just gets tricky when combining multiple "look at me" elements, turns the "well dressed guy" into "that fashiony guy" very quickly.
I can just imagine all the women commenting "nice tie".
Foxy, good review but I'd really like to see some closer up pictures of the suit and I'm sure some others would too. I'd be interested in a close up of the lapels and the shoulders in particular if you get around to taking more pics.
Interesting to see how both MJ Bale and Herringbone have started offering side tabs on the trousers for quite a few of their suits.
Yeah for some reason unfortunately the HK pricing is much more than the European pricing. Not sure what you saw that was fused? All the coats I looked at were either fully canvassed, half canvassed or fully deconstructed?
Places to look at in Hong Kong:   Uniqlo - of course.   Boggi - in TST, some seriously nice Italian style suits in some very interesting fabrics. If a Boggi suit fit you well, it would be worth considering going with them rather than PJ as they are fantastic quality and would likely work out a bit cheaper.   Take 5 - Best option for denim in HK - stocking Momotaro, Samurai, Iron Heart and the Flat Head. Good to just look around as its an interesting pokey...
Agreed, for example they do an interesting tan brogue boot made by Yanko. But, they try and sell it at like $500 or something, which is crazy.
I am staggered Josephs has been able to stay in business all these years. Horrible stock. Horrible service. Horrible prices.
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