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The best example of "dressed by women for women" is surely Pete and Manus on MKR.  Agreed. The winners at my work's Melbourne Cup function are generally wearing Fedoras and waistcoats.
Did anyone check out Herringbone's warehouse sale? Anything good?
Sometimes I forget this forum is a clothing one, rather than just an assortment of random discussions/arguments about cars/guitars/cameras and a place for Oli to brag about what he's watching on ABC.
I prefer Unnamed Player to you.
don't you get shirty with me now wise guy
One post, already stirring shit. More Jimmy Hoffa than Jimmy Hoffa.   I am actually in the shirt boat right now. It's far more difficult than it should be. If you want a plain dress shirt with button cuffs and a traditional semi-spread collar for a sensible price, it's effectively impossible to buy from Australia.   Kamakura looks great, but their sizing is extremely weird and it's putting me off. They do four cuts: large shorter man, slim shorter man, large man and...
He's back! 
after following brown man's advice^^
That's a big commitment. I wouldn't bet against you developing a gothic ninja style by then, in which case I'll offer you $3.50 each for your TOJs.
Pretty sure the only person in this forum with enough disposable income for this sort of thing is Foxhound, the rest of us are small-timers.
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