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?? Thanks for the unwarranted mention! It doesn't surprise me that you have strong convictions about the views of others despite having no knowledge of them whatsoever, but that doesn't make your comment any less asinine. Your mindless attitude of political tribalism will hold you in good stead for a future as a semi talented student politician/union rep. I cringe at the thought of the edgy memes and simpsons quotes you've no doubt shared with your fellow children of labor...
Does it really matter what they look like as long as they do the job?
Even Gerry has his limits...
I am thinking about getting some shirts made up at Kazuna, options looked nice and I just want to support him too.   Has anyone done this? How did it turn out?
Not true, everyone has noticed and is talking about you.
Very glad this has entered the SF Aus lexicon.I had this exact search once, I ended up settling for a horrible quality belt from SABA that at least 100% matched the colour. Unless you do the same, I think you will struggle under $100.
Gorgeous, what was the end price on these?
I hate this as well. You'd never have to worry about meeting me though, I'm a real shithead in real life too!
How about a woman?
I am of the opinion that much of the blame for poor working conditions and labour treatment lies with the consumer. You simply cannot plead ignorance to the likelihood of labour abuse when purchasing a $2 toaster from KMart, or a $7 t-shirt from Cotton On. You have a level of responsibility to make at least some effort to try and direct your dollar towards ethical producers, despite the inevitability that you'll encounter some scams.   I started becoming interested in...
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