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Coxie, where have you heard this? I've seen rumours floating around this thread for a little while but nothing seems to be happening? On suitsupply, I had two unsuccessful orders with the Napoli suit (only one that really fits me in shoudlers). Their long fitting fitted me just how I like everywhere except the sleeves which were a good two inches too long (stupid short jacket styling). The sleeves are of course fitted with working buttons so to get them fixed I would have...
Not sure of any response to this other than, Yes!
It's JimmyHoffa's Italian brother!
It's also quite strange, although perhaps not surprising, that in most shots at least one person is looking in the direction of someone else's crotch. Clearly this is an aspect of Australian menswear not just confined to this thread.
Does PJ allow you to lower the lapel gorge at all? This is something that irks me on a lot of styleforumy type suits, very high gorges which just don't look right to my eye.   Don't know what they were thinking with that lighting, all the darker suits look like suit pyjamas.
Jesus that makes a lot of sense.
Has anyone heard anything further about Suitsupply in Australia? Have they chickened out due to the dollar?
Mate where's your self respect? Those are for big boys!
Found them on Amazon mate, got your back 
Sounds like you've changed your tune on them HC?
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