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Do you really think people don't do things because it's illegal? Conversely do you really think people do do things because it's legal? Smoking is legal, do you smoke? Drinking is legal, do you regularly come back to the office pissed? Are your coworkers ok with it because it's legal? Do you never jaywalk because it's illegal?
Sick burn Hoff. But I'm not sure anyone here cares about me as much as you, so I'm hardly a tall poppy. Please stop thinking about my balls.
You need to get better at a lot of things.
Bond was like the best foreplay ever, followed by long, boring, repetitive, inconsistently paced sex without a climax.  [[SPOILER]]
Last time I went in to MJ Bale they had a suit with big lapels for the first time, was interesting.   http://www.mjbale.com/mens-suits/2-suits-for-1500/barneby-denim-suit/SUI120S15.html?dwvar_SUI120S15_color=Denim#start=3
Looks good! How much did the tailor take off the sleeve? Are there any noticeable issues with the sleeve? Why wouldn't you do it again? $130 is steep compared to many other alterations, but I still think a Napoli Suitsupply suit for $500 with $130-150 of tailoring is good value and better than MJ Bale/Herringbone etc.
Geoffrey I thought you blocked my posts long ago! You just couldn't bring yourself to could you, you sly old public servant you.
Just this fact alone means I must have been a horrible person in a past life.
Coxie, where have you heard this? I've seen rumours floating around this thread for a little while but nothing seems to be happening? On suitsupply, I had two unsuccessful orders with the Napoli suit (only one that really fits me in shoudlers). Their long fitting fitted me just how I like everywhere except the sleeves which were a good two inches too long (stupid short jacket styling). The sleeves are of course fitted with working buttons so to get them fixed I would have...
New Posts  All Forums: