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Dayum, still my dream boot. One day.
I put mirror shines in the bucket of things that look nice in pictures/theinternet but really aren't worth doing. I have done it once before. You need to be mentally and existentially ok with the fact that you are spending 2 hours of your free time (often your weekend) buffing a shoe to make it look ok but just one sharp computer chair away from being ruined. 
Double Monk prices are pretty high to be honest, think it was $750-$800 for C&J Hallams compared to the $600 Herringbone has had them at for ages, which was high in comparison to overseas in itself. Part of this would be the bloody dollar. Still it's great finally having somewhere in Sydney, the largest city in Australia, to actually be able to look at good shoes.   Also,  
Why not kazuna, did you go off him?
You are getting GeoffreyFirmin an Xmas present? God you two are cute. I suggest Keating's new biography or a red telephone.
In that case Foxy, I'll take a pair of Lindricks in UK10.5. But please, less feel good friendship stories, more snark.
$2k? What are you a fucking small timer? Foxy spend that on wrong sized shoes every two weeks!
I hate people who bring drama to this thread
Domestic arguments are always about power.
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