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You need to get better at a lot of things.
Bond was like the best foreplay ever, followed by long, boring, repetitive, inconsistently paced sex without a climax.  [[SPOILER]]
Last time I went in to MJ Bale they had a suit with big lapels for the first time, was interesting.   http://www.mjbale.com/mens-suits/2-suits-for-1500/barneby-denim-suit/SUI120S15.html?dwvar_SUI120S15_color=Denim#start=3
Looks good! How much did the tailor take off the sleeve? Are there any noticeable issues with the sleeve? Why wouldn't you do it again? $130 is steep compared to many other alterations, but I still think a Napoli Suitsupply suit for $500 with $130-150 of tailoring is good value and better than MJ Bale/Herringbone etc.
Geoffrey I thought you blocked my posts long ago! You just couldn't bring yourself to could you, you sly old public servant you.
Just this fact alone means I must have been a horrible person in a past life.
Coxie, where have you heard this? I've seen rumours floating around this thread for a little while but nothing seems to be happening? On suitsupply, I had two unsuccessful orders with the Napoli suit (only one that really fits me in shoudlers). Their long fitting fitted me just how I like everywhere except the sleeves which were a good two inches too long (stupid short jacket styling). The sleeves are of course fitted with working buttons so to get them fixed I would have...
Not sure of any response to this other than, Yes!
It's JimmyHoffa's Italian brother!
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