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Why not kazuna, did you go off him?
You are getting GeoffreyFirmin an Xmas present? God you two are cute. I suggest Keating's new biography or a red telephone.
In that case Foxy, I'll take a pair of Lindricks in UK10.5. But please, less feel good friendship stories, more snark.
$2k? What are you a fucking small timer? Foxy spend that on wrong sized shoes every two weeks!
I hate people who bring drama to this thread
Domestic arguments are always about power.
The effort required to post as gino, log out, log in as me and like my own posts is taxing.JimmyHoffa's troll account is just him being a normal person.
This is very insulting. If I had a troll account I'd be 15-17% funnier. Kind regards-Gino
Agreed, let's see more other sorts of hair
New Posts  All Forums: