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Funnily enough L capital did actually get bought out ("merged ") with US firm catterton and are now known as L Catterton.
I think that must just be out of date, as my understanding is that RMW has now fully cancelled the MTO program and will replace it with a whittled down, pricier "bespoke" program later this year for craftsman and Adelaide models only.
Has anyone actually seen these being sold anywhere? I can only see on ebay. If they are indeed real, only thing I can think of is maybe this is what will be sold to shitty wholesalers (think touristy australian shitholes), maybe some department stores.
RM Williams has marked up their signature craftsman from $695 to $1000 in a single go!
To Oscar Hunt?
Choose between SS and OH based on which styling you like better. Those prices are quite high, largely because you are going full canvas, I do not think this is necessary in Aus climate and would go half canvas. Full canvas is largely overrated. This may go without saying but if you are a relatively standard body shape, IMO it's not worth going down the MTM route. If there is something that you think fits well off the rack  or will with some alterations (and meets standard...
Dayum, still my dream boot. One day.
I put mirror shines in the bucket of things that look nice in pictures/theinternet but really aren't worth doing. I have done it once before. You need to be mentally and existentially ok with the fact that you are spending 2 hours of your free time (often your weekend) buffing a shoe to make it look ok but just one sharp computer chair away from being ruined. 
Double Monk prices are pretty high to be honest, think it was $750-$800 for C&J Hallams compared to the $600 Herringbone has had them at for ages, which was high in comparison to overseas in itself. Part of this would be the bloody dollar. Still it's great finally having somewhere in Sydney, the largest city in Australia, to actually be able to look at good shoes.   Also,  
New Posts  All Forums: