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A100% agreed. Part of this is (as mentioned at various stages on this thread) the tendency of certain women to think they are automatically qualified in matters of style, fashion and clothing simply by virtue of being women. After all, how hard can men's fashion be to write about, like, they just wear suits all the time?
Today's learning gents:   http://www.executivestyle.com.au/five-stylish-looks-that-will-help-your-career-gi8mx3   Not only does this woman not understand men's clothing, I don't think she understands any of the industries she is writing about either.   smhonline is a trainwreck from start to finish.
Based on the measurements alone I don't think this is correct on the Napoli and Livorno. One of the key characteristics of the Napoli is the shoulder is wider. Eg in a 52 the Livorno has a shoulder of 18.5 inches vs the Napoli of 19.5. None of the other suitsupply cuts have a shoulder width this size.
Yeah agreed, but there is certainly a quality step up between something like Vans and Converse and Common Projects or Buttero or Feit or something. There are of course plenty of overpriced stupid streetwear brands, but there is stuff in between.
One person's "iconic" is another person's "common".
There is no way anyone is going to want to meet at JimmyHoffa's.
http://sebastiancruzcouture.com/get-ideas/   I'm so sorry
Imagine what they think about you!
Coxie is certainly this forum's Edelsten, although perhaps Geoffrey is a bit less eccentric
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