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don't you get shirty with me now wise guy
One post, already stirring shit. More Jimmy Hoffa than Jimmy Hoffa.   I am actually in the shirt boat right now. It's far more difficult than it should be. If you want a plain dress shirt with button cuffs and a traditional semi-spread collar for a sensible price, it's effectively impossible to buy from Australia.   Kamakura looks great, but their sizing is extremely weird and it's putting me off. They do four cuts: large shorter man, slim shorter man, large man and...
He's back! 
after following brown man's advice^^
That's a big commitment. I wouldn't bet against you developing a gothic ninja style by then, in which case I'll offer you $3.50 each for your TOJs.
Pretty sure the only person in this forum with enough disposable income for this sort of thing is Foxhound, the rest of us are small-timers.
I just bought a pair of Hallams on the 348 and I was my normal size...
"Soft shoulders" are as foreign a concept to TM Lewin as "goodyear welt" is to Aquila.
Sorry, but I only use this forum to make smartass jibes, bitch about Ralph Lauren and get into internet fights. No fit pics here.
I would argue with them pretty strongly on this if they are choosing not to discount some thing (although not the shoes). They have been promoting the shit out of this, clearly saying they are taking 25% off EVERYTHING in store with the only exceptions MTM and C&J. Personally, I just picked up a dark grey twill suit for $639, which I was pretty happy with although I wish it had side adjusters.
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