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Quite an amazing set of photos about a bloke who has made his own alligator briefcase, courtesy of reddit:    http://imgur.com/a/y4iUC
Really? Recently?
 Not at all, I have bought multiple CT and TM Lewin shirts, they are good, not great, but very affordable options. (TM>CT in my experience). I was just trying to describe the Aussie shirt market. The average bloke sees TML/CT as being some of the best shirts out there and will actively seek them out, as they will do with Brooks Brothers. I wasn't being condescending about these brands at all (except MJ Bale shirts-they are shit, I have bought two and regret it), in fact I...
I cannot believe I am saying this, but I think RL under Oroton was actually better than RL under RL Corp as now. RL Corp is destroying the brand in Australia. Prior to ranting, I should mention I have not seen what has happened to the Melbourne store (I assume it's still the best one). I have seen several Myer/DJs concessions, the QVB store, the Brisbane store and the Bondi Junction store. Under Oroton most stores were a mix of absolute crap (think big pony three tone mesh...
 Ah but you misinterpret the Aussie menswear market. The average punter doesn't need to know why one shirt is better than the other, they just need to think that one shirt is better than another. And they will. When Brooks Brothers opens it will appeal perfectly to the middle aged or older man who wants something a bit nicer than the average Joe. The shop fit-out will look nice, the BB materials will feel slightly nicer to him (or at least he'll think so), "Brooks...
Be careful with the Edwin sen. I own a pair and like them, but wow do they expand in the waist. My pair is probably a good 1 and a half to 2 sizes too loose in the waist after purchasing. You should really size down a full size, even if it seems extremely tight as it will stretch big time.
Recent name changes have meant I've had to abandon plans for a troll account combining the best of Michael Sy and Foxhound. It was going to be called, wait for it:     Michael Fox   or   FoxSy Lady   Oh what could have been...
Hang on, you've been holding back all this time? Boy oh boy wowee is this thread about to blow up now Jimmy's in town.
Yeah foxy this proved my point.Sprezz issues with this fit:-not clear if tie blade longer than front-pocket square too neatly folded-laces done up-no pink or electric blue elements-lapels 30cm too skinny-no leather folio in hand-photo not taken in conversation with 50+ y.o. italian man Sprezz rating 2/10 Would not post on Sartorialist
 Truly the ultimate put down. If a woman compliments you, you're clearly not sprezz enough. 
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