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I would be highly concerned if you thought otherwise.
I wonder if an alternative is to use a private network to use a Brazilian IP address to access expedia?
I assume it hasn't been immediately rectified because Qantas isn't the one who would be actually taking the hit, rather it would be governments.
Henry Carter, there is a real marketing opportunity here for a sale on blue ties.
Agreed. My DJ's sale purchase yesterday was a double breasted three quarter length wool cashmere Hardy Amies coat, $370 down from $700. Highly recommend, and there's still quite a few left at Sydney DJs.
Oh but they do, they just have an unnervingly different idea of what well presented means.
Cheers joiji. I highly doubt RL will sell them for that price, US RL prices just seem crazy at the moment, and C&J seems to be pulling up their own pricing regularly (Skyes were about 30gbp more than when I last inquired. It actually costs more to buy several PRL suits in the US than it does in australia, which can't be said for many items. For $650, I'd probably buy them straight away, so here's hoping.   The other benefit of the calf over the cordovan is the colour is...
Thanks for your reply GN. Ah apologies, I was wrong on two counts. The last time I looked at the Lindrick (six months ago or so), there were strong rumours RL wouldn't be doing them anymore, but these turned out to be wrong. I only realised this when I read up in that great CJ for RL thread, which I only found with a google search tonight despite plenty of searches on the useless styleforum search function. Absolutely cannot believe that bloke got a pair for 99 pounds on...
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