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If you spend $5 on an Angora Brioni coat and sell it for $20k, that's still $5 more that goes into the coffers of charity than from someone who doesn't thrift. I imagine CD spends upwards of $500 thrifting each year, that adds up for charities.  Vinnies and Salvos know they let plenty of undervalued stuff slip through, they don't really care. As long as they meet their monthly targets they're pretty happy, and if a knowledgeable customer makes a find they didn't know...
 Haha sorry, only on rereading did I realise how much I was making myself out to be a hero. I was just trying to outline a compromise between Foxy's "thou shalt not profiteer" view and Spoo's "flog it for Ferraris" middleman success. I help out at Vinnies for completely self serving reasons: I enjoy thrifting, talking to the older ladies and having autonomy over the men's section.
I think Foxy is more saying that if you are buying something to sell at a profit from an op shop or charity, all profit you make in a way comes at the expense of the shop because had they known they could get that price they would have sold it as such. I'm not really convinced by this line of thinking, but I can sympathise with it.   I've done a bit of volunteering at Vinnies and particularly when it comes to the men's stuff, the ladies who run the shop just don't have a...
Roo definitely creases more,but that's part of the appeal.
Mate why don't you post some pics and people can offer advice on whether they truly are unsalvage-able. Unfortunately you will take a big hit selling them, unlikely you will get more than $250 or $300 each, particularly given you've made alterations, so if you can avoid selling it would be best.
Actually now I think about it, the new HB suits felt very similar to some Rhodes and Beckett ones I've felt, wouldn't be surprised if they were made in the same place.
What does the Loake club thing actually get you? I have 5 pairs of Loakes, why did I not know about this earlier...   I went into Herringbone today and had a look at what appear to be new season suit basics. I was horrified to see that it appears production has shifted once more, this time from China to Turkey. This wouldn't matter, but it's been accompanied by a cm or two shaved off the lapel (which was pretty much the last decent sized off the rack lapel out there) and...
Finding a Jimmy Rustle post before it gets edited is a bit like how rare finding a Vox post before it got deleted used to be, but somewhat less exciting.
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