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Melbourne highlights: Doublemonk of course was pretty great, just a great set up and stock far and beyond anything else in oz. Amazed to see c&j skye 2s in cordovan, I didn't even think they shipped them. Would have loved to pick up a pair but well out of price range at the moment. Uniqlo-poorer stock than overseas but still good to see in oz. I restocked on ocbds after some unfortunate coffee/fishing stains and got more socks, which are great value. Uptherestore-bit of...
Good one, thanks CD
Gents I'm in Melbourne and have time this arvo to check out a couple of places but probably not all (likely only two), which of the following are most worth the visit?:   Uptherestore Double Monk Azzarro Uniqlo
I have the ST Tellasons as well, agree about the sweet spot. They're right in the middle of a straight leg and a very tapered leg which makes them perfect for casual fridays and semi-casual stuff. 
Herring customer service is fantastic. I had a bad experience where I ordered some alfred sargent for herring shoes which had cracked leather. I'd just started work and needed the shoes so couldn't return, but after sending herring some photographs they gave me a large discount which would have brought the sale price to cost for them. Very quick replies. Plus they normally have great fast shipping, the best online price, regular discounts and throw in good show polish.
I don't doubt it, my impression from reading is that all of the suitsupply trousers are very slim, I'd really like someone to prove me wrong on this one. Potentially London is slightly fuller?
 Seriously though, is that Robert Downey Jnr?
Sorry Matt, if you don't disagree with this one you're so far down the SW&D rabbit hole that there's no coming back. (I reserve the right to retract this statement if you post an example of where it looks good)
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