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Great review, looks good. It would be great to see some pics of it on. And just a comment; you probably saw similar Ariston fabrics on the Kent Wang website because it appears that SuitShop, Kent Wang and at least one other Styleforum-MTM-type (Tiberias Clothing) are all using the same Chinese workshop based on my (admittedly often incorrect) observations.
Cheers for the info. I was very disappointed when it wasn't my size as it was pretty cheap. I'd say some of the Boss Selection stuff is pretty good (although absolutely never justifies the price). At Hugo Boss outlets, when Boss selection is discounted by 50% it is still about 30-40% overpriced.
      Who can tell me more about this brand. I found it in a local op shop and took some pics, it was fully canvassed, overall quite beautiful and for some reason reminded me of some old St Andrews made RLPL suits. Am I right here? Unfortunately was not my size (was a 54), but still very beautiful. 
WAT. I didn't even know they were stocked in this country (although I am from Sydney, which has significantly poorer stock).
You speak like a 14 year old redditor.
Lapels are very skinny, much skinnier than other HB suits.
I would be highly concerned if you thought otherwise.
I wonder if an alternative is to use a private network to use a Brazilian IP address to access expedia?
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