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Damn beat me to it
But what if I have neither?
GF, I'm increasingly convinced you're Oli's dad: you're both rural-based-Guardian-reading-lefties with the same taste in late night ABC programming and rustic Australian style. By MBS, I assume you mean this, in which case a) how did you know?, b) how dare you, c) it's something I'm working on and d) in the dark, no one can tell... http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Man-Boob-Syndrome%20(MBS) Otherwise, which of the other definitions did you...
At least you're getting some pussy EDIT: sorry, I thought you said you had feline aids, turns out it's just your mum and brother getting pussy. Chin up fella, your day will come.
I think that actually might have been an error, it said that to me at first then i refreshed with Australia and it went to $10, and if you spent over $150 it was free. I was surprised that they included some blue/white basic shirts, rather than just the normal pink/orange/aqua monstrosities. I had a mate at work tell me how they were great shirts because they were "Egyptian cotton", which is about the 100th time I've heard this. Somehow their marketing has driven this into...
My Henry Carter ties are quite long. Or you can order any length you want from Sam Homer. But my main suggestion would be if you tie a Windsor knot, try a different knot like a 4 in hand as it uses much less length of the tie.
An Internet high five to anyone who can tell me a place in sydney cbd that stocks either sea gull or mondaine watches
The best example of "dressed by women for women" is surely Pete and Manus on MKR.  Agreed. The winners at my work's Melbourne Cup function are generally wearing Fedoras and waistcoats.
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