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Foxy, just one less TOJ jacket every six months and you won't have to do this.
That was you not biting? You said I was ugly, assumed I was employed but shouldn't have been (because I was ugly) and further assumed I was a "tory" and this was again relevant to my ugliness. Stop being so reserved, I can't wait to see when you actually let loose. Are you going to make fun of my mum next? Sorry for assuming you were part of young Labor, that was harsh on them and I'm glad to see they've stepped up their vetting process. I'm not sure you understand what...
You certainly have a high opinion of yourself and a low opinion of others. Based on this comment and many others, I am amazed you are employable. Perhaps the graduate market really is picking up... I am less surprised about your Young Labor affiliations. fxh is completely right. Competency, hard work and experience are king. A sharp appearance might help someone make an ok first impression, or you might make a poor one based on the other person's prejudices. Don't fall...
Yep, definitely a different world. As a Gen Y, just a few more tasteful clothing choices and Friday night beer sessions and CEO is in da bag. #yolo Follow me on instagram: #swaggymcyolobossplaya or Facebook: www.facebook.com/sprezzaturaaustralia
NO. WHY DID THEY DO THAT STITCHING??? http://www.mjbale.com/whats-new/brewongle-navy-jacket Why would you turn the single most versatile wardrobe piece any bloke can have into a fashion-y, gaudy thing? That's a great colour navy as well, why would they freakin' ruin it?
Very smart, the pics used in your piece were much better than many of the others.  I really do not understand what MJ Bale is doing, some of their styling (not just in the TVG shoot) is just horrible. Even if the styling was better, I think the average attitude of this forum to MJ Bale is that MJB is a great place to start a wardrobe with the best entry level suit offer in Australia, but after that it just drops off. A real shame because there is so much that they could...
Agreed, anyone who uses the word "sprezzatura" and isn't being ironic probably doesn't know what they're on about. Similarly, and I don't mean to insult you HC as your profile with them was pretty good, but The Versatile Gent gives off a similar vibe. It's super commercial, kind of "#swaggy" and they certainly qualify as "passing themselves off as experts."  For example, I cringed through...
Fight me IRL    jk    I would lose in fit battle and likely also IRL
Good to see you back JimmyRustle, this thread was very quiet without you.
Foxy, I will reserve my opinion on Oscar Hunt until when you post fit pics in this thread. Until then, PJ (and SuitShop) and potentially DeerStyle are the ONLY two MTM places I would even consider in Australia for MTM.
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