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Hot dayum I love I'll Bisonte
I thought Chris Rock's getup yesterday was on point, almost made his routine bearable. Great example of how you can go a bit edgier than perfectly classic and still look sensible. Burberry tux jacket I think. However IMO when it comes to white tux jackets, white men need not apply.
“Guys ask us all the time, ‘What do I wear with a black suit? What do I wear with this?’ It’s the number one question, so we just put it in the app for you, so you don’t have to think about it,” Rahman said. Any decent app would return "input error" in answer to this particular question. Suit supply's latest campaign is pretty funny. SOMETIMES IT SEEMS LIKE IT'S A WOMAN'S WORLD THESE DAYS, AND WE JUST LIVE IN IT. THE MODERN WOMAN IS A CONFIDENT TOWER OF POWER, WHO KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS. SHE'S...
Their resoles are great, I've had three pairs done and all have been perfect
Gents, I have two pairs of jeans that have ripped in the same place on the crotch. Any recommendations of someone in Sydney, preferably CBD, who I could go to for a repair job?
Fake SS Submariner?
Wherever the most people can see you walking in and out. Also, make sure the store has a unique hashtag.
I am not sure of price (I know it is not a cheap one) but I have heard from three separate sources that I trust that no-d-lay dry cleaning in Rozelle is the best in Sydney. Not sure if I'd bother for shirts, but for suits it's the only place I'd go.
Goddamit he beat me to it.
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