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Assuming y'all have seen this:   http://www.uniqlo.com/au/popupstore/index.html
Won't shit AND brown shoes be too matchy matchy?
Haha these actually don't look that bad at all, particularly for $50. Did anyone buy a pair? I'm expecting horrible, flaky or super shiny leather?
I would potentially buy some of the oft fabled slim fit oxford shirts, but that's about it unless there was something on sale. Chances are they won't even stock them here and it will become a dumping ground for unsold overseas stock ala Ralph Lauren under Oroton.
You and Phat Guido have in common that you both dream about Phat Guido.
If you'd taken the label off and told her they were English made and you found out about them on Styleforum I guarantee she would have hated them.
 Wurger, you have probably the nicest shoe collection of anyone on this thread, with your only challenger being Gerry. Comfort aside, choosing to wear those Ferragamos on any day seems a bit like having a fleet of Maseratis, but choosing to take a PT Cruiser for a spin. Again, just another lowly opinion of a slovenly university nobody.
 What would make this immediately more "natural" and less "hard" looking is a less spread collar. I normally call bulls**t on rules like spread collars are for people with narrow faces and less spread for rounder faces, but this is a good example of why that rule exists. Chris always uses a spread collar, and also uses a strangely tied large knot, which makes his upper body look too bulky and "MJ-Bale-look-book-ish". Like an NRL player in a crappy fashion shoot. But then...
An article for Foxy http://gogetmurphy.com/2013/04/what-i-am-learning-from-a-self-imposed-6-month-purchasing-freeze/
New Posts  All Forums: