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The only thing holding this back from being close to perfect is lack of built in 4G/LTE connectivity. This can't have been an oversight, there must have been some sort of significant hardware issue, but it's a big shame as it's the thing holding it back from being truly portable.
Oh don't get me wrong, I mean to be snarky
I dislike a large portion of MJ Bale's product catalog and their marketing, but I still recommend them to anyone who asks as the first place to go for a suit. I've never said anything to the contrary, indeed I wrote the SF wiki and another recommendation blog saying just that. I didn't see the 2 suits for $800, that's pretty darn good.
What am I missing here? The only good deals appear to be the leather wallets they've been trying to get rid of for months.
Yes could definitely be worn as jacket. MJ Bale uses exactly the same block and style of suits for their casual jackets. They are casual suits, so don't wear in office unless you can get away with it.
All my topies are MTM, off the rack topies just don't cut it for me.   Maybe I'm just outspoken tho.
Melbourne highlights: Doublemonk of course was pretty great, just a great set up and stock far and beyond anything else in oz. Amazed to see c&j skye 2s in cordovan, I didn't even think they shipped them. Would have loved to pick up a pair but well out of price range at the moment. Uniqlo-poorer stock than overseas but still good to see in oz. I restocked on ocbds after some unfortunate coffee/fishing stains and got more socks, which are great value. Uptherestore-bit of...
Good one, thanks CD
Gents I'm in Melbourne and have time this arvo to check out a couple of places but probably not all (likely only two), which of the following are most worth the visit?:   Uptherestore Double Monk Azzarro Uniqlo
I have the ST Tellasons as well, agree about the sweet spot. They're right in the middle of a straight leg and a very tapered leg which makes them perfect for casual fridays and semi-casual stuff. 
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