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Hi, thank you for your reply. My understanding is that my Aquilas will be measured for a topy in store, but the topy itself will be made in Napoli, before shipping back to Australia for topy fittings. I am concerned about the shipping costs for this service, and would like to ask everyone on this forum's personal opinion on whether I can afford $40 in shipping? When speaking to the professional topy-smiths, they did not specifically confirm at any stage that they were not...
Hi Guys,   Hope you're all well.   Just a quick one, is a bespoke topy the same as a MTM topy and do you think I should get my new Aquilas topied?   Kind regards, DR
MJ Bale has multiple sports coats as part of their new collection. I'd avoid the peak lapel ones. I've seen them in a dark navy, a brown, a speckled navy and a light navy, a grey windowpane and a light navywith horrible contrast pickstitching (to avoid). All at a price of $499. Ralph Lauren sells a couple of heavier/patterned sportscoats in a brown flannel and a green flannel. These are pretty pricey at over $1k. The Harrolds sale starts tomorrow and you might find some...
Better a date that with the family. DiCaprio blowing cocaine into a hooker's anus through a $1,000 note in the first scene of the movie vindicated my choice not to see WoWS with the parents...
Lining is polyester, sorry, I'm out.
Here's a Put This On article that articulates what I was trying to say a lot better:   http://putthison.com/post/35710706689/why-youre-unlikely-to-tell-between-a-fused-and
Country Road has stepped up their game all over recently, not just when it comes to suits. They're now probably the least worst of the various mediocre AU/NZ mass made suiting options. What's allowed them to do this are the massive gains China have made in suitmaking at a cheap price. Crazy how anyone can sell unlined jackets for $250-$300 and make a profit. Still, the material is nothing special. Hardly soft, almost coarse. S130s is irrelevant, if it feels nice then it's...
Wow, that bump in his tie must have really got to him. Just kidding Foxy, get well soon.
A $350 notebook would have been a lot cheaper.
 Yeah that's the reason people shop at op shops and buy used cars. It's coz they just don't understand that minimalist lifestyle bro... Reminds me a bit of that Goldman Sachs Elevator Twitter: "Why do people wear wool if they know cashmere exists?"
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