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Can we add public servants to this list?
@Foxhound "they are simply beautiful, and any girl lucky enough to come home with you won't think twice about fucking you again in the morning when she see's you in these."   With that attitude mate, I'd say you'll struggle with Round 1, let alone thinking about Round 2.
I knew you were, I just think you might not be too far off in reality.
The sad thing is they probably did think this.   Aspirational is including some bespoke one-off item from your great-grandfather's hat collection as the centrepiece in a look book, not including unavailable suits on sportsmen because your current suit range isn't big or nice enough to suffice.
Why would you create a lookbook where half the f-ing suits are not available for purchase?   Interesting to see Matt Jensen featured himself in it as well.
Ahh sorry, there are a few Alfred Sargent Herrings at 275GBP, with most at 395GBP, are these also the same quality?
Does anyone know the difference in quality between the Alfred Sargent for Herring lines (eg Drakes) and the Alfred Sargetn Exclusive line (eg Moore)?
New Posts  All Forums: