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I only know how to use MS Paint.
No, they do not.
Any clues? From a suit marked Maurizio Baldassari at Barneys. 
$1680!! Maybe i should get into the trolling business...
I found it was better, but I also found I was a UK11 in the Inca and I'm a UK10.5 in the Rain.
This is the most hilarious #sprezz image ever:   Fxh will particularly enjoy it:
Not only is Drew Hoare's style pretty OTT, but now I have a name and a face towards which to direct my anger at MJ Bale marketing...
 Looks like someone realised they screwed up and took down the site.
Not sure if they're still stocked, but I saw this model of Barbour at DJs around six months ago.
Perhaps I'm late to the party on this one, but this is the best menswear blog I've seen in a while. It's a bespoke tailor in Warsaw, who I've seen a couple of suits they've made in the WAYWRN thread, but this having a scan through the blog it appears they've rarely put a foot wrong. Beautiful photos too.   http://zarembabespoke.tumblr.com/
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