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Probably doesn't warrant a reply, but can't help myself. My comment wasn't snide or snarky, wasn't intended as such and I doubt it was taken as such by anyone except yourself.  I think you waste enough time and cause enough issues misinterpreting comments directed at you, without delving into comments directed at others.Refer to my previous comment:I see you once again edited your comment, if this is what it looked like after I'd hate to see what it was before... But...
I don't know what you mean most of the time and I'm not sure you do either.
Man I can't wait until when I can wait a whole day between scoping out a purchase and making it. I have been eyeing Lindricks for two years, still can't justify pulling trigger...
Sounds like you know more about tucking than women and that's saying something.
I'm reposting my own joke, as I really think it was under-appreciated. I'm funny guys really I am please help me 
Gosh the first look here is woeful, this says more about you than it does us. Why don't you just tuck off to superfuture?
Not enough black right?
Shawly he'll peak at notch one.
 Thank you for alleviating my fears. Back to worrying about things that actually matter (career/family/topy?)
I finally took plunge on Suitshop and with the help of Remy ordered a navy suit in a nice open weave so I can use jacket separately.   Remy convinced me out of going 3 patch, so it's currently two patch with a jetted breast pocket. What are people's thoughts here? I keep thinking this just looks strange, but at the same time I understand his rationale that I'll be wearing it in the office and it could look a bit over the top.
New Posts  All Forums: