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In all seriousness, as I've explained before I don't hate MJ Bale. I think they have been a complete game changer in Australia, I like a fair bit of the stuff they do, I would and have recommended them as a great place to buy a suit on a budget. I have followed MJ Bale extremely closely over a number of years and have been frustrated at their slow but persistent shift from an innovative market changer in the Australian menswear scene to yet another of the high margin, poor...
White people doing westside signs and an ad with the word "swagger" in it.     We are truly living in the end times.
Found this tie at vinnies for $3, really nice, anyone have any idea who made it? Tag missing but says made in italy.
Out of interest Nabil, why do you say this? (I don't know anything about Kevin Seah)
Where to kop 110% wool suit? Brioni maybe?
I would have thought that's the reason half of them were in court in the first place?
Quote: Originally Posted by Foxhound    My First Challenge. Oscar Hunt Suit Oscar Hunt Tie Carmina Loafers Cottonwork Shrt Moscot Glasses Foxy this looks great, but I have to ask, don't you go to uni? Do you just get dressed up for SF Friday challenges? (I am slightly scared at the likely answer to this question...)
PSA: Herringbone has a bunch of pocket squares they're selling for $20 at the Martin Place popup. Pretty darn good.
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