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Out of interest Nabil, why do you say this? (I don't know anything about Kevin Seah)
Where to kop 110% wool suit? Brioni maybe?
I would have thought that's the reason half of them were in court in the first place?
Quote: Originally Posted by Foxhound    My First Challenge. Oscar Hunt Suit Oscar Hunt Tie Carmina Loafers Cottonwork Shrt Moscot Glasses Foxy this looks great, but I have to ask, don't you go to uni? Do you just get dressed up for SF Friday challenges? (I am slightly scared at the likely answer to this question...)
PSA: Herringbone has a bunch of pocket squares they're selling for $20 at the Martin Place popup. Pretty darn good.
Checked out Brooks Brothers store. Wow, that's what you call a fitout. Big ceilings, beautiful wooden cabinets, American memorabilia everywhere and a goddamn full size pool table. Must have been close to $5m. I imagine they got a great deal on the rent though given that part of town is a bit dead from a retail perspective after everyone moved up to Westfield.   Clothing wise I'm always a bit underwhelmed by BB, the suits just don't do it for me. The lapels are skinny or...
Context, context is key, lest I be misinterpreted again.
PoP, sorry mate, this is why the general rule should be if you receive more than 2 compliments on an item of clothing a day, take it off (some exceptions including pants). Great suit though, where's it from?
Either that or JM is a big deal...
Which comments actually got deleted though? I can't see?
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