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Mate, with no offence meant, every single question you have asked or issue you have raised has been answered and debated to death in this thread and in many other places.  In regards to your questions: 1) If you like the fit of a shirt, buy it, you're the one who will be wearing it every day so only your opinion matters2) Online MTM is a big risk if you have no idea what you're doing, certainly not a good option if you are on a small deadline. Just buy shirts that fit you...
I have quite a few nice pairs of shoes, I'd say most days I am well shod, usually in a pair of calf British/Spanish oxfords, but something horrible has happened...   I bought a pair of RMs and no longer want to wear anything else. I even considered the "Pitt St Cowboy" look the other day, something I've previously turned up my nose at. I look like my dad, have even worn my free dryskin jacket a couple of times and see everything else as uncomfortable.   What is...
100% agree, it's pretty much at the point where I ignore anything that includes the following words:  -dapper-gentleman-gent-igent-swag
Something that may fit you at DJS is Hardy Amies. They do a long fitting and quality wise are fine. Structured shoulder though. Good value on sale.
My tip for time saving polishing is ironically, take more time. I was polishing Hallams last weekend and did not allow enough time for wax/polish to dry between coats, The wax ended up just taking off all of the existing polish, right down to the leather and I almost ruined my damn shoes. Took three days of various polishes to fix and is still a bit visible.
Those videos are unique, massive insight into just how much work goes into a suit. Something about his accent makes it a joy to watch as well.
How good are those TVs Gerry Harvey makes eh? He is a bloody talented man.
I don't really care for this debate, but I highly, highly doubt Patrick knows how to make a suit. He could potentially make a shirt from scratch, there is no way he could make a suit, with no disrespect to him. Jacket and trouser tailoring is an extremely difficult, fine art that takes a minimum 15 years experience to do well. Given that the guys at American Tailors have complained that their apprentices of five years can't make a proper pair of trousers alone, there is...
Not my own BBQ work unfortunately, eating BBQ squid in Jap restaurant and my whiteboy chopstick skills resulted in dropping said squid into butter/soy sauce, with predictable results. Not to worry, kept my cool, then did it immediately again.
New Posts  All Forums: