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My tip for time saving polishing is ironically, take more time. I was polishing Hallams last weekend and did not allow enough time for wax/polish to dry between coats, The wax ended up just taking off all of the existing polish, right down to the leather and I almost ruined my damn shoes. Took three days of various polishes to fix and is still a bit visible.
Those videos are unique, massive insight into just how much work goes into a suit. Something about his accent makes it a joy to watch as well.
How good are those TVs Gerry Harvey makes eh? He is a bloody talented man.
I don't really care for this debate, but I highly, highly doubt Patrick knows how to make a suit. He could potentially make a shirt from scratch, there is no way he could make a suit, with no disrespect to him. Jacket and trouser tailoring is an extremely difficult, fine art that takes a minimum 15 years experience to do well. Given that the guys at American Tailors have complained that their apprentices of five years can't make a proper pair of trousers alone, there is...
Not my own BBQ work unfortunately, eating BBQ squid in Jap restaurant and my whiteboy chopstick skills resulted in dropping said squid into butter/soy sauce, with predictable results. Not to worry, kept my cool, then did it immediately again.
I wrote off a $150 Boggi shirt and a $100 Henry Carter grenadine in a horrible BBQ squid accident this evening, hope everyone else's day was better.
I'm not sure if this is possible due to lack of fabric, but has anyone ever had their Napoli suit pants made even slightly less tapered? The Napoli is the only cut that I think works for me due to broad shoulders, but the taper of the pants is annoying me.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand that Kent Wang uses the same factory in China that SuitShop uses, so Kent Wang is just SuitShop without the proper fitting.
I find that obviously ~12 ounce denim is cooler, but it has disadvantages. It stretches more, making sizing a bit more difficult and also it doesn't "hang" as nicely on the leg. The lesser weight means more bunching at the knee and it also wears quicker. For a first pair I would definitely recommend ~14 ounce, which as nabil and TBM have said should be fine for ~9 months of the year. I wouldn't worry about how stiff they are, this is part of the fun and they soften up...
New Posts  All Forums: