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Any clues? From a suit marked Maurizio Baldassari at Barneys. 
$1680!! Maybe i should get into the trolling business...
I found it was better, but I also found I was a UK11 in the Inca and I'm a UK10.5 in the Rain.
This is the most hilarious #sprezz image ever:   Fxh will particularly enjoy it:
Not only is Drew Hoare's style pretty OTT, but now I have a name and a face towards which to direct my anger at MJ Bale marketing...
 Looks like someone realised they screwed up and took down the site.
Not sure if they're still stocked, but I saw this model of Barbour at DJs around six months ago.
Perhaps I'm late to the party on this one, but this is the best menswear blog I've seen in a while. It's a bespoke tailor in Warsaw, who I've seen a couple of suits they've made in the WAYWRN thread, but this having a scan through the blog it appears they've rarely put a foot wrong. Beautiful photos too.   http://zarembabespoke.tumblr.com/
Foxy, just one less TOJ jacket every six months and you won't have to do this.
That was you not biting? You said I was ugly, assumed I was employed but shouldn't have been (because I was ugly) and further assumed I was a "tory" and this was again relevant to my ugliness. Stop being so reserved, I can't wait to see when you actually let loose. Are you going to make fun of my mum next? Sorry for assuming you were part of young Labor, that was harsh on them and I'm glad to see they've stepped up their vetting process. I'm not sure you understand what...
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