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Mate why don't you post some pics and people can offer advice on whether they truly are unsalvage-able. Unfortunately you will take a big hit selling them, unlikely you will get more than $250 or $300 each, particularly given you've made alterations, so if you can avoid selling it would be best.
Actually now I think about it, the new HB suits felt very similar to some Rhodes and Beckett ones I've felt, wouldn't be surprised if they were made in the same place.
What does the Loake club thing actually get you? I have 5 pairs of Loakes, why did I not know about this earlier...   I went into Herringbone today and had a look at what appear to be new season suit basics. I was horrified to see that it appears production has shifted once more, this time from China to Turkey. This wouldn't matter, but it's been accompanied by a cm or two shaved off the lapel (which was pretty much the last decent sized off the rack lapel out there) and...
Finding a Jimmy Rustle post before it gets edited is a bit like how rare finding a Vox post before it got deleted used to be, but somewhat less exciting.
Worse, what about if they all wore Aquilas?
Trigger warning: clothing rant There have been some good comments about this issue from various posters. Clearly, you need a personality to back up the way you dress or you will come across a prick. Either be a really nice guy, or at least be pretty laid back and poke a fair bit of fun at yourself. As Coxsackie said, never, ever, talk about clothes, lest in addition to being the guy that looks up himself, now people will think you are judging them for what they are...
Working buttonholes are rapidly becoming the new "French cuffs" of Australian officewear.
Yeah I see $59.90 too, which was pretty exciting to see. Hopefully the rest of the pricing stays within that sort of range. Can't wait to see the pricing on the OCBDs. Apparently Uniqlo isn't making the made in Japan raw selvedge anymore, which is a bit disappointing. I actually picked up a pair of the MIJ selvedge from Vinnies (Brand new with tags!) the other day for $30 and the quality of the stitching and detailing, in addition to nice heavy denim was pretty impressive...
Assuming y'all have seen this:   http://www.uniqlo.com/au/popupstore/index.html
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