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I don't doubt it, my impression from reading is that all of the suitsupply trousers are very slim, I'd really like someone to prove me wrong on this one. Potentially London is slightly fuller?
 Seriously though, is that Robert Downey Jnr?
Sorry Matt, if you don't disagree with this one you're so far down the SW&D rabbit hole that there's no coming back. (I reserve the right to retract this statement if you post an example of where it looks good)
Which one? I have several hundred after swanning around Hong Kong that one time.
Post a pic of your suitshop jacket, LIKE YOU PROMISED.
You might be confusing this with the old "devil's lettuce" nickname... Also, rocket would be a great name for a drug.
^^^I spat a bit of my stimulant on choice on the keyboard, almost ruined my grenadine.
I get what people are saying about the Napoli. It is the only cut likely to fit me as I have broad shoulders, but bizarrely they pair this with incredibly slim pants (fine in waist but super slim in calf). How many customers truly have broad shoulders and tiny tiny legs?   All suitsupply would need to do is add some more fabric at little cost to the legs to have them be able to be let out and it would make the Napoli a whole lot more accessible.   It's my favourite...
Not canvas. Leather. Still pricy. Potentially worth it on sale at ~$200-250, but I still prefer wearing my jack purcells.
New Posts  All Forums: