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Yah I've seen all yours thanks, but some more would be good.
Pics would be great, there's very few in-the-wild pics I've seen of Shanghai Tianzi.
http://www.smh.com.au/executive-style/style/slimfit-shirts-are-the-new-normal-in-menswear-20140701-zsovu.html   A genuinely woeful article, even by Executive Style standards.
Pics please, not enough of em posted.
A new low for you.
Good bespoke makers account for quite a bit of movement up or down in weight so that the suit can be adjusted.
I think I said "up to" because of higher level Herring shoes like the made by Alfred Sargent models, but I'll update that and a few other things when I get the chance.
Job security would be higher in the ACT than in any area in Australia, Tony or no Tony.
New Posts  All Forums: