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Far too polite, you won't fit in here.
Gents just an FYI, that Fox umbrella on massdrop is effectively the same as the TM Lewin ones. Mine looks exactly the same but apparently slightly better materials in the massdrop version. However the TM Lewin ones are $70 and can be picked up immediately vs $200 and a wait for the others. I was wrong about China too, it says made in england on the shaft, although you do have to take this with a little bit of a grain of salt.
Just colour in the rest of the white stripes with the same pen, solid blue ties are more minimalist anyway.
I went with one of the TM lewin umbrellas and just in time too, started raining on day back from store. They are indeed made by Fox, but I suspect by fox's shenzhen division... Better quality then a chemist umbrella but probably not amazingly so.
I won't have this unfair criticism of public servants.
Gents, a very rainy day and a soaked jacket in Sydney has me looking at umbrellas. I have historically not been able to stomach spending $50-100 of a piece of shit from a chemist. Is it worth spending a bit more on something nicer eg a Kent Wang or even a fox? Am I simply showing signs of internet menswear affluenza here or do you consider this a sensible purchase?   Alternatively, does anyone have any siggestions of somewhere to buy something better than nost umbrellas...
I thought this post was in reply to blahman's post about who is GOD.
Maybe a little short on the sleeves? I'd send it back for a quick alteration, you'll have it back in time for AW19.
Kaz's pics are...ah...interesting, as is his entire operation really. I've used him for shirts and been very happy. He has no "house style" for shirts, it's what you want and what i requested has been great and fit well. Personally I'm not a fan of his suits, but it's largely based on my build. I don't exaclty know how they would compare with a Suitshop or an Oscar Hunt.
Fantastic, this new thread wasn't really official until Foxy had posted a link to sell shoes that didn't fit him.
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