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I am not sure of price (I know it is not a cheap one) but I have heard from three separate sources that I trust that no-d-lay dry cleaning in Rozelle is the best in Sydney. Not sure if I'd bother for shirts, but for suits it's the only place I'd go.
Goddamit he beat me to it.
Impressive, but my future ex wife hasn't even been born yet.
Largely I'm just being a dickhead, but, for every mild mannered collector there are 20 cashed up upper management fuckwits who think they're the height of cool or trustkid fuccbois with a collection of gold bracelet rolexes to match their Hermes belts.
In my experience the only thing worse than a fake Rolex wearer is a real Rolex wearer.
This new thread is shit, no fights yet.
Funnily enough L capital did actually get bought out ("merged ") with US firm catterton and are now known as L Catterton.
I think that must just be out of date, as my understanding is that RMW has now fully cancelled the MTO program and will replace it with a whittled down, pricier "bespoke" program later this year for craftsman and Adelaide models only.
Has anyone actually seen these being sold anywhere? I can only see on ebay. If they are indeed real, only thing I can think of is maybe this is what will be sold to shitty wholesalers (think touristy australian shitholes), maybe some department stores.
RM Williams has marked up their signature craftsman from $695 to $1000 in a single go!
New Posts  All Forums: