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Changed my mind, buy the boots.
2 years too late? Or am I being generous?
Jeez thanks for telling us... Just kidding, but I'd love to pick up the beautiful burnished brown Hallams. I am indeed begrudgingly back in Oz.I was in Paris on the day of the Charlie Hebdot attack. Really odd mood, particularly in comparison to the Sydney siege (god I hate that name) I'd followed losely a couple of months earlier. Where in Sydney it was an atmosphere of shock and disbelief (every second shop in CBD was closed), in Paris there was an air of sad...
Foxy, with all due respect those shoes are pretty polarising. There is a good chance you will regret that purchase, particularly at that price and definitely given you are having to wait months for a shoe without returns and taking a risk with sizing. The Alfred Sargent's are more versatile, better looking (IMO obviously) and much much cheaper. Whilst I understand your viewpoint regarding pointy boots, and those wingtip carminas will likely look very good, those GG boots...
The rain last is a very aggressive last to do a boot in IMO. Personally I'm not a big fan of pointed boots in general. I just don't really see where they fit in, are they to wear with suits or to wear casually?
New Peter last and yes, agreed, but give me a break all my others were in the wash!
I'm a known contrarian. And for some reason I'm itching to get home and throw out my loakes...
Couple of other pics    
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