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The best part is that I'd strongly argue that women don't actually know what they're attracted to. They'll go shopping with their boyfriend and dress him in a Ben Sherman pink shirt and pointy black Aquilas, buy him a TAG for his bday, say "that shirt is boring" when he puts on a white or a blue shirt, "navy and grey are old man's colours" and then despite all this, find the guys who don't dress like this attractive.
"Looking good is all about being Brad Pitt in a white shirt and gawwwd *giggle* have I told you about the time I went to Italy? It was totes-mcgoats AMUHHHZING and it defs enabled me to become a mens-style blogger on the esteemed platform Executive Style when I failed to become a women's blogger. Basically I just ask my gay guy friends about clothes, sprinkle a bit of knowledge from watching Ocean's Eleven and my Gup Yuh and cash a check every couple of weeks. Great right?...
This woman's articles are more about documenting her own education in an area she clearly knows extremely little about than about informing her readers.
Yah I've seen all yours thanks, but some more would be good.
Pics would be great, there's very few in-the-wild pics I've seen of Shanghai Tianzi.
http://www.smh.com.au/executive-style/style/slimfit-shirts-are-the-new-normal-in-menswear-20140701-zsovu.html   A genuinely woeful article, even by Executive Style standards.
Pics please, not enough of em posted.
A new low for you.
Good bespoke makers account for quite a bit of movement up or down in weight so that the suit can be adjusted.
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