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Fitting at suitshop yesterday for my new blue patch pocket suit. Unfortunately I was left pretty disappointed, there are some big problems with the shoulders and neck that I don't really understand how they happened. Shoulders look like they've been measured/made quite a bit too snug and the way the neck of the jacket has been made means my shirt is showing about 2 inches of collar which just looks ridiculous. the whole top of the jacket looks too snug.   I was not...
It's called old-world styling, pleb.
Haha sorry you're right, bit grouchy, sorry OIi
How many times have do I have to outline the other reasons, let me dumb this right down. Rent expensive. Not many people in Australia. Even less people who like good shoes. If you want to sell, you need to cover rent. Not enough shoes to be sold to cover rent if same price as shoes overseas. Response is to increase price of shoes. Ideal? No, but you need to cover rent, pay people and maybe have enough left over to pay yourself.  Follow the above instructions and...
If Henry Bucks is being "monopolistic" they're not doing a very good job are they... A portion of higher prices in Australia is due to gouging. A much larger portion is due to higher wages, higher rents, smaller populations, higher transportation costs, a high exchange rate and a multitude of other factors.
Yes I do appreciate that and it seems crazy. But I guess the flipside is maybe they need to make that margin in order to justify stocking stuff like Carmina in the first place to compensate for low volumes. We all know how small the market for this stuff is in Australia, hard to cover the rent selling things in low volumes at the same price as overseas sellers who are making millions of dollars in revenue a month (Probably not Skoatiebolognaise but I Imagine Herring and...
 We're not talking about Apple or Google here. What's called "The Australia tax" by semi-edgy people actually refers to the fact we have high wages, a high dollar, high rents etc. Places like Henry Bucks which charge a small premium to online costs are hardly run by rent seeking fat cats. You want to try on stuff at a small retailer and buy online, fine, that's your right as a consumer, but don't make yourself feel better by concocting some illusion that sellers are raking...
They're 3 for $14
If you are a manager or above or simply insecure, maybe try TAG? I hear they make the BEST WATCHES IN THE WORLD.
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