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My MJ Bale winter collection:   Crappy collection tag :"Check this shit out"   Dark navy POW check suit Dark blue POW check suit Dark grey POW check suit Overcheck grey three quarter length double breasted coat (not big seller but statement piece) Blue/navy waist length semi-thick wool peacoat with nice big lapels0 Mid grey fine POW check trousers with side tabs   #innovation
In that case, I tend to side with JimmyHoffa. Oh god no I don't. Yes I do. But I can't. But I have to. *Explodes*
Yes, this is literally the only option.
Whatever you do do not head to the MJ Bale facebook page and watch the recently posted runway video. I will struggle to sleep tonight.   The shield-your-eyes-children eight button double breasted jacket makes an appearance THREE TIMES including IN A BLACK PINSTRIPE SUIT.   We are truly living in the endtimes.
Sorry, you are out of luck, the last store closed in late '09.
Money can be exchanged for goods and services.
On the one hand, it's general SF groupthink that brogues are not to be worn with suits in the CBD.   On the other hand, no one actually gives a shit whether your shoes have toe perforations or wings. The 1% that notice will probably think to themselves that you are wearing old man shoes and mentally pat themselves on the back for their slick black pointed Aquilas that their girlfriend told them to buy.   Personally, I get confused by chiselled toe brogue styles. Are...
Better yet, get rid of it all:
Who was speaking of buttons?
Secret handshake: just bump buttonholes. If your buttons get tangled, blush and use it to launch into a conversation about how superior working cuffs are.
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