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I humbly disagree. Most people on here would, and those who don't probably had their initial interest in men's clothing sparked by the fact that they did. You can still do some very interesting stuff with CBD. It can be very enjoyable to see what you can do with dressing, whilst still dressing within a framework steeped in tradition. It's not peacock flamboyant, but CBD dressing is about more than simply looking good.
 Foxhound, I'm sorry in advance if I come off abrupt, but there are multiple issues here: 1) Your first suit should definitely not be a fully canvassed $1300 MTM number. Frankly, until you have been wearing suits for a while you will have no idea what looks good on you, what is comfortable and what is versatile. 2) That something is made in China is increasingly irrelevant. China now has the ability to make extremely high quality suits and jackets and this has...
 Get in touch with member Romp on this thread and see if he can hook you up with some 3sixteens (still the best mid-range raw option IMO).
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 Haha of course not. It's such a shame though that the women look so fantastic, and partner with blokes who look like schoolboys in daddy's suit.
Wow does Marc Murphy punch above his weight. Some shocking suits and shoes going around once again. Andrew Swallow was wearing something the same shade as my polyster suit pyjamas that my girlfriend gave me. Dustin Martin, in the words of BT "boy oh boy wowee" that is a shit look. Paul Roos went for an unbuttoned double breasted tux...   Consistent themes: -crappy over-designed lapels -way-too-skinny pants, tapered ridiculously -standard Aussie-bogan Aquila dress...
 Someone will be sure to blame this on Abbott, probably Geoffrey Firmin.
 Why can't I be both?
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