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He he. Funnier still how you edited your original post because you picked up the hypocrisy!I admit I actually googled "Richard cranium" before it hit me! Haven't heard that one in a while.
A bit of politics indeed ladies and gentleman... Nothing like a state election to bring out those who treat politics like a sports match. It's all over my facebook feed, "the red team I support because my inner city parents taught me to won in that state with the sunshine and the three x beer, take that tone abet and your budgie smugglers lel". But, I must say that it's certainly nice to see Oli stop whingeing about the latest $50 mass produced shoe/pair of sunglasses he's...
Greetings from Salzburg where my RMs have stood up to a beautiful walk in the snow rather better than my tellasons, which have dissapointingly split at the crotch despite only semi regular wear over four months or so. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a place to get them patches in Syd? Took a better pic of my shoes as well. I would really recommend Vass to anyone looking at Carmina or C&J. They are certainly more reasonably priced than I first thought....
TBM that is unimaginable, I am so sorry in the very small way I can be. Just sitting here talking about it with my girlfriend and that is beyond comprehension. Thinking about you and your family.
Ive just been part of a horrible accident in Budapest... (Apologies for horrible hotel photos, Gerry and his skills could make these look hella sexy)
Topical early bday present from the gf Very nice present as I would never buy this myself (except through PP). Obscene price,the margin on these things must be in the hundreds of percent.
You are obsessed with looking like you don't care how you look like.
This is what I was alluding to before. Can't remember who first spoke about it (maybe Fama) but they say the market must be just inefficient enough that active investors earn a "finder's fee" or a small profit which motivates them to stay in the market and keeps it relatively efficient. No-one sensible ever actually claims the market is wholly efficient (even if their language implies they are), rather it is a debate about how efficient it is.
Wat? No one said that and no one would.
New Posts  All Forums: