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Better yet, get rid of it all: http://switzer.com.au/the-experts/david-bassanese/get-rid-of-the-gst-and-save-50-billion/#.VQi-QsIjWsk.twitter
Who was speaking of buttons?
Secret handshake: just bump buttonholes. If your buttons get tangled, blush and use it to launch into a conversation about how superior working cuffs are.
Yeah that's great and all, but show us your buttonholes or GTFO
Edited as I found a better picture, and also because what's a convo with Jimmy Hoffa without edits?
My god he's always watching
Yes and he's good.
Double breasted suits, keyhole glasses, almost all oxfords (instep too high), unstructured shoulders, double monks and high gorge jackets.
My advanced foreign currency knowledge tells me there's about a 50% chance...
New Posts  All Forums: