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Hoo boy, scathingly accurate
CLASSIC MJ Bale, how else will the edgy designer be able to show off their creativity without self-fabric elbow patches? Surely it's menswear 101 that you DO NOT add/change details on suits with the exception of pockets. I half agree with your comment about patch pockets in business settings, I think on dark colours they do not necessarily look too casual.
Any chance of pics, not enough pics floating around.
Just to throw another option in the ring, for the slightly more adventurous: http://www.septiemelargeur.fr/joffre---last-224--helix--p28675-en.html
I have actually had a lot of luck recently with this. I amazingly managed to save my squid affected Henry Carter grenadine I mentioned a couple of weeks back. I have a $10 piece of crap steam that my girlfriend picked up at a garage sale, and I'm pretty sure you can get the things at Kmart. I just throw a white handkerchief over the tie and steam away, maybe use another cloth to rub a bit at the stain, then steam again.
At first I thought this was a suit coat and was very worried for you due to its length and the width of the lapels. Upon realising it's a pea coat, I think this looks freakin' hectic, can't wait to see it finished. In regards to width of shoulders and hardness of shoulders, my guess is this is what was requested and on a pea coat it's not unusual, and it will look great.
Who would have thought that when you release a range of suits with shorts that you may have to discount them? MJ Bale always has a backlog of stuff to sell because they simply refuse to do standard collections, they need to have at least 40% of stuff be outrageous weird stuff. Why do a normal belt when you can add a nifty little leather patch onto the end to alienate half your customer base? Grey windowpane jacket too tasteful? Throw a red buttonhole on the lapel. Standard...
Mate, with no offence meant, every single question you have asked or issue you have raised has been answered and debated to death in this thread and in many other places.  In regards to your questions: 1) If you like the fit of a shirt, buy it, you're the one who will be wearing it every day so only your opinion matters2) Online MTM is a big risk if you have no idea what you're doing, certainly not a good option if you are on a small deadline. Just buy shirts that fit you...
I have quite a few nice pairs of shoes, I'd say most days I am well shod, usually in a pair of calf British/Spanish oxfords, but something horrible has happened...   I bought a pair of RMs and no longer want to wear anything else. I even considered the "Pitt St Cowboy" look the other day, something I've previously turned up my nose at. I look like my dad, have even worn my free dryskin jacket a couple of times and see everything else as uncomfortable.   What is...
100% agree, it's pretty much at the point where I ignore anything that includes the following words:  -dapper-gentleman-gent-igent-swag
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