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Yes he's always shied away from expressing his opinions, very apathetic guy.
Now I just have to work out how to polish them like this:     Source:
I went to Coombs for the first time and had some Loake strands resoled.   Wow, they did a fantastic job. Goodyear welted leather resole with half leather heel and they nailed it (hah).   Gave them a condition, threw in free chamois and can't spot an issue. Pricey yes ($95), but I've had these for four years and they after a polish they will look as good as new. Had a great conversation with a woman who appeared to be the be the Coombs family matriarch. Very well...
Bit late on this, but I would 100% recommend Septime shoes over Meermin. Quality and definitely design wise they are well ahead. The Septime Helix is IMO the sleekest shoe you can buy under about $700. Unfortunately, anyone with a large instep need not apply.     I have burgundy Loake strands like Wurger recommends, and they are my only shoes that get compliments each time I wear them. Unfortunately, this annoys me, but they are very beautiful and look as good as new...
SF has mafoofan, SF Aus has Foxy.
That jacket actually fits great
Don't ask Oli
I find the Liddesdale just a little on the old man side (no offence to more elderly gentleman), so I picked up a Chelsea, but more tailored than the Liddlesdale and a sharper collar. Wore it for a month straight in Europe and loved it.
Say what you want about him and the party, but you have to admit Mike Baird is getting it right in the sartorial stakes.   Looks like he has a wardrobe of MJ Bale suits and he has the right face and frame for it. Nice cutaway shirts and the least worst ties in the Aussie political sphere.
Nabil, do you have a source for this? I'm just very interested.
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