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God the other day I saw a woman wearing a brown skirt in CBD Sydney.   Do these people even styleforum?
Good pun opportunity, get on it everyone. You know the drill.
Easy mistake to make mixing up foxhound's shoe orders JM. He does get three pairs every second day... He's starting to make Gerry Nelson's collection look reasonable.
Reading, feeling up some shoes, male intuition.
It's not just the last, I don't think the quality stands up compared to something like Loake 1880 which is not a dissimilar price. There is of course a fair void which you've failed to mention between the shapeless blob of the park avenue (just kidding, I don't mind it that much and I appreciate many people prefer the understated american lasts like this and the Alden Barrie) and the stab-me-in-the-eye Vass lasts...
With no offence meant, I just don't get Allen Edmonds. They are god ugly compared to the cheaper English lasts (Loake/Barker/Cheaney), which themselves pale compared to some of the Spanish ones and more expensive English ones. I would take Loake or Meermin any day over Allen Edmonds. Absolutely worth the relatively small amount more.
Just the photos, the leather on pretty much anything over the $200 price range is all calf at Herring, they are in no way shiny. For a first proper shoe I would strongly recommend something out of the Loake 1880 range or Herring classic. In Sydney, you literally have no reasonable options other than Crockett and Jones at Herringbone for $600. Go Herring, the bloke I talked about before ordered them and had them 3 days later.
Coombs in the Strand Arcade is the best cobbler in Sydney but if you are resoling Florsheims it really doesn't matter and also consider whether it's actually worth it.
http://pickstitches.tumblr.com/post/69575388755/shoes-in-australia-or-lack-thereof Ignore bullshit at the beginning. At that price range, your best options are Herring (Herring brands or Loake), Meermin or Pediwear (Loake), the safest of which is Herring. Florsheim is very poor compared to what it used to be. I just introduced a bloke in the office to Herring and he won't be going back to Florsheim. I actually feel kind of guilty for starting what will no doubt be a...
New Posts  All Forums: