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More tie finds from me. I would never wear Versace ties given my age and preference for simplicity, but I do appreciate the concept. I feel like they are art pieces more than wearable accessories. Does anyone have a good link to a history of the various periods of design for these?  
 Sorry gents, as much as I want to pass it on for good karma, I'm pretty short on cash after buying various xmas presents for the family, so I might try and sell it. Even though it only cost me $1, if I put even a small value on all the hours I've spent on luckless thrifting it probably would have been cheaper to buy a new Marinella!
The $10 steamer my girlfriend bought from a garage sale worked wonders on that tie: [[SPOILER]]
Not really my style, but for $1 at the bottom of a bucket of about 500 ties, I'll take it.
Who else is a ballerina?
Was that the guy who was also one of the top lawyers in rural Australia? Also a pioneer of the French wardrobe?
Just the originals in low top. If I had the spare cash I'd get the navy too, good slightly less casual sneakers . A step up from leather JPs regardless. [
Cps were too good to pass up @ $220 , went to buy, out in all sizes except mine . It's a Christmas miracle!
That's Pitbull on the left, must have cost big money...
Goddamn Garry and his shirt yorks Ps what happened to that dude, he bailed before we could truly have a bit of fun. I'm always going to support people who go out on their own and try and make a business work, but you really need to research your market before you start trying to advertise to them. If anyone has some spare time, I suggest watching the video on the Chokman website.
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