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I agree, I walked into Country Road the other day and was pretty impressed all round with men's and women's stuff. Quality basics done right.
Wait until you do put on size and reassess then.
This week on the SF Aus cringe channel:   Myy favourite part is the opening graphic, but, other highlights include: -being taught about men's style by a guy wearing a casual demin button up with a tie. -faux politician speak from a guy wearing a buttoned up double breasted blazer without a tie -a guy wearing a 19 year old's idea of what to wear to a Great...
Historically, the grey label (collection suits) were made in Japan and are fully canvassed, have some hand finishing, often come in nicer fabrics and have a nicer soft shoulder. >$1200 and I would argue not worth it unless it fits perfect off the rack. The white label suits are half canvassed (debatable), made in China and come in a less fine wool. MJ Bale does some of these for 2 for $1000 and some in slightly bolder or nicer wool for $700-800.
 That's a laser printer, come on guys, pick up your game.
Some say he walked into the Canali boutique and never walked out.
Coombs in the Strand Arcade, best by far
I have a junghans max bill automatic and someone asked "is that a daniel wellington" the other day. Almost slapped them.  
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