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 That's a laser printer, come on guys, pick up your game.
Some say he walked into the Canali boutique and never walked out.
Coombs in the Strand Arcade, best by far
I have a junghans max bill automatic and someone asked "is that a daniel wellington" the other day. Almost slapped them.  
Yes he's always shied away from expressing his opinions, very apathetic guy.
Now I just have to work out how to polish them like this:     Source: http://skomakerdagestad.no/blog/loake
I went to Coombs for the first time and had some Loake strands resoled.   Wow, they did a fantastic job. Goodyear welted leather resole with half leather heel and they nailed it (hah).   Gave them a condition, threw in free chamois and can't spot an issue. Pricey yes ($95), but I've had these for four years and they after a polish they will look as good as new. Had a great conversation with a woman who appeared to be the be the Coombs family matriarch. Very well...
Bit late on this, but I would 100% recommend Septime shoes over Meermin. Quality and definitely design wise they are well ahead. The Septime Helix is IMO the sleekest shoe you can buy under about $700. Unfortunately, anyone with a large instep need not apply.     I have burgundy Loake strands like Wurger recommends, and they are my only shoes that get compliments each time I wear them. Unfortunately, this annoys me, but they are very beautiful and look as good as new...
SF has mafoofan, SF Aus has Foxy.
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