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Wait until you do put on size and reassess then.
This week on the SF Aus cringe channel:   http://media.smh.com.au/executive-style/essential-male/the-style-project-its-all-about-confidence-6472726.html   Myy favourite part is the opening graphic, but, other highlights include: -being taught about men's style by a guy wearing a casual demin button up with a tie. -faux politician speak from a guy wearing a buttoned up double breasted blazer without a tie -a guy wearing a 19 year old's idea of what to wear to a Great...
Historically, the grey label (collection suits) were made in Japan and are fully canvassed, have some hand finishing, often come in nicer fabrics and have a nicer soft shoulder. >$1200 and I would argue not worth it unless it fits perfect off the rack. The white label suits are half canvassed (debatable), made in China and come in a less fine wool. MJ Bale does some of these for 2 for $1000 and some in slightly bolder or nicer wool for $700-800.
 That's a laser printer, come on guys, pick up your game.
Some say he walked into the Canali boutique and never walked out.
Coombs in the Strand Arcade, best by far
I have a junghans max bill automatic and someone asked "is that a daniel wellington" the other day. Almost slapped them.  
Yes he's always shied away from expressing his opinions, very apathetic guy.
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