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Sometimes I forget this forum is a clothing one, rather than just an assortment of random discussions/arguments about cars/guitars/cameras and a place for Oli to brag about what he's watching on ABC.
I prefer Unnamed Player to you.
don't you get shirty with me now wise guy
One post, already stirring shit. More Jimmy Hoffa than Jimmy Hoffa.   I am actually in the shirt boat right now. It's far more difficult than it should be. If you want a plain dress shirt with button cuffs and a traditional semi-spread collar for a sensible price, it's effectively impossible to buy from Australia.   Kamakura looks great, but their sizing is extremely weird and it's putting me off. They do four cuts: large shorter man, slim shorter man, large man and...
He's back! 
after following brown man's advice^^
That's a big commitment. I wouldn't bet against you developing a gothic ninja style by then, in which case I'll offer you $3.50 each for your TOJs.
Pretty sure the only person in this forum with enough disposable income for this sort of thing is Foxhound, the rest of us are small-timers.
I just bought a pair of Hallams on the 348 and I was my normal size...
"Soft shoulders" are as foreign a concept to TM Lewin as "goodyear welt" is to Aquila.
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