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http://www.smh.com.au/executive-style/style/slimfit-shirts-are-the-new-normal-in-menswear-20140701-zsovu.html   A genuinely woeful article, even by Executive Style standards.
Pics please, not enough of em posted.
A new low for you.
Good bespoke makers account for quite a bit of movement up or down in weight so that the suit can be adjusted.
I think I said "up to" because of higher level Herring shoes like the made by Alfred Sargent models, but I'll update that and a few other things when I get the chance.
Job security would be higher in the ACT than in any area in Australia, Tony or no Tony.
Hoo boy, scathingly accurate
CLASSIC MJ Bale, how else will the edgy designer be able to show off their creativity without self-fabric elbow patches? Surely it's menswear 101 that you DO NOT add/change details on suits with the exception of pockets. I half agree with your comment about patch pockets in business settings, I think on dark colours they do not necessarily look too casual.
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