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Is this a shit joke or a shit opinion?
 The mind boggles at the thought of an entire generation of Foxhounds. Gen F. Just imagine the size of the second hand shoe market.Methinks Mr Sy that you hold women in a similar regard as you do derbys.
Not to be confused with the English Horn, which is actually French, and the French Horn, which is actually German.
If this is anyone's size and style, this is a pretty darn good bargain for a races suit or something http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Brioni-Tan-Suit-42R-US-34W-x-31L-/171153058581?pt=US_CSA_MC_Suits&hash=item27d9846b15&_uhb=1 
Sooooo... Do any of you guys topy your shoes?
Apparently they were in shoe trees (don't ask why he took shoe trees to the gym)...
A bloke I know just had his Meermins stolen at the gym. Get this, they left his phone and wallet, only took the Meermins.   What sort of monsters has #menswear created?
I wouldn't even dream about going bespoke before getting significant experience with MTM, and only if you truly are not satisfied with MTM.
I wonder what sort of shit you think the average Joe is into...
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