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Cheers JM, I'd spied the mr porter ones but neither of them quite float my boat, the first has peak lapels and the second has funny ribbing around the lapel, plus it's brighter than what I'm looking for. But I agree with you about them thinking customers like me a boring, I can think of some people who might be to blame for that... (Rhymes with "boxsackie").
Tried on a Canali Kei jacket recently and it fits me better than any off the rack jacket I've tried. Incredibly expensive, but I would probably by it in navy blue simply because it's a very long term piece and I can't find anything else like it. Problem is, I can't find it anywhere in a standard navy, I'm not even sure that they've ever made it! Complicated by the fact that Canali doesn't actually stock Kei in Australia, only importers like DJs have it. Why the heck...
Yah agreed but the things is in my experience many Italian shoes (I'm talking a bit more on the mainstream here) have much thinner soles. Not a function of their construction method, but makes them less attractive in my book and also less hardy.
I mean more the "italian style" of shoes rather than simply made in Italy. I think St Crispin which I linked in made in Italy. Most Italian shoes have flimsy thin soles that wear out quicker and in my opinion look worse.  The Italians make the best of many things, but I think the English make the best shoes.
As it appears your budget is, ahem, not small, I would look at: Gaziano and Girling: Crispin: Lobb: It's a personal thing, but I think Italian shoes are overrated. Most are Blake welted and don't live up to the price tag. If you truly must have something outlandish and colourful: Corthay;
Iron if they're showing in your pocket, although unlikely as you're likely folding them anyway. Linen is fine to iron, but you'll need your iron on full heat. Avoid the edges. If you're worried, iron underneath something else, maybe a crappy cotton handkerchief.
I don't think he'd appreciate you calling his livelihood boring.
Less than a quarter by body weight though.
In Australia, most men take "black tie" to mean "wear a black tie"
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