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If you are a manager or above or simply insecure, maybe try TAG? I hear they make the BEST WATCHES IN THE WORLD.
There's a few other things you're going to need:   1) Pink shirt to wear on Thursdays 2) Silver cufflinks, the bigger the better. It's also desirable that these be humourous, but not overly so. Think hot/cold taps or cricket bats. 3) Nylon backpack to wear over your suit. 4) Boot cut washed jeans for fridays. 5) Two or three polyester striped ties to keep in your office drawers for when you've got a meeting with the boss, a job interview or a date. 6) Couple of...
Definitely one hot potato I would love to give a ride in my big red car.I cannot drive
Really? I have 28degrees and pretty sure limit is $3.5k or something?
Hang on, I do agree with Oli here to an extent.   Yes, occasionally you can find some great Zegna/Paul Smith/Italian suit for $500 online or at some discount retailer but this is not the same thing. Often these suits are fully canvassed, great quality, beautifully woven, intricately stitched god-ugly monstrosities.   For the price point MJ Bale is still unmatched in Australia based on the following criteria: - you can try on in store - consistent basics in stock -...
In all seriousness, as I've explained before I don't hate MJ Bale. I think they have been a complete game changer in Australia, I like a fair bit of the stuff they do, I would and have recommended them as a great place to buy a suit on a budget. I have followed MJ Bale extremely closely over a number of years and have been frustrated at their slow but persistent shift from an innovative market changer in the Australian menswear scene to yet another of the high margin, poor...
White people doing westside signs and an ad with the word "swagger" in it.     We are truly living in the end times.
Found this tie at vinnies for $3, really nice, anyone have any idea who made it? Tag missing but says made in italy.
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