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As it appears your budget is, ahem, not small, I would look at: Gaziano and Girling: http://www.gazianogirling.com/St Crispin: http://www.saintcrispins.com/John Lobb: http://www.johnlobb.com/us/ It's a personal thing, but I think Italian shoes are overrated. Most are Blake welted and don't live up to the price tag. If you truly must have something outlandish and colourful: Corthay; http://www.corthay.com/
Iron if they're showing in your pocket, although unlikely as you're likely folding them anyway. Linen is fine to iron, but you'll need your iron on full heat. Avoid the edges. If you're worried, iron underneath something else, maybe a crappy cotton handkerchief.
I don't think he'd appreciate you calling his livelihood boring.
Less than a quarter by body weight though.
In Australia, most men take "black tie" to mean "wear a black tie"
I agree, I walked into Country Road the other day and was pretty impressed all round with men's and women's stuff. Quality basics done right.
Wait until you do put on size and reassess then.
This week on the SF Aus cringe channel:   http://media.smh.com.au/executive-style/essential-male/the-style-project-its-all-about-confidence-6472726.html   Myy favourite part is the opening graphic, but, other highlights include: -being taught about men's style by a guy wearing a casual demin button up with a tie. -faux politician speak from a guy wearing a buttoned up double breasted blazer without a tie -a guy wearing a 19 year old's idea of what to wear to a Great...
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