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Looks very good Coxie. How narrow do you find the trousers? More a matter of personal preference, but you look like you could probably take a long fitting throughout the body as well (assuming this is a regular).
I vomited all over my utilitarian minimalist white OCBD.
Will do, sorry Romp was just venting. Hopefully will work out ok.
http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/burqa-crackdown-facial-coverings-restricted-in-parliament-house-public-galleries-20141002-10p8pl.html   Burqa banned in parliament: "One of the key reasons for this is if there is an incident or someone is interjecting from the gallery, which as senators would know happens from time to time, they need to be identified quickly and easily so they can be removed for that interjection," he told the Senate." One would be...
Fitting at suitshop yesterday for my new blue patch pocket suit. Unfortunately I was left pretty disappointed, there are some big problems with the shoulders and neck that I don't really understand how they happened. Shoulders look like they've been measured/made quite a bit too snug and the way the neck of the jacket has been made means my shirt is showing about 2 inches of collar which just looks ridiculous. the whole top of the jacket looks too snug.   I was not...
It's called old-world styling, pleb.
Haha sorry you're right, bit grouchy, sorry OIi
How many times have do I have to outline the other reasons, let me dumb this right down. Rent expensive. Not many people in Australia. Even less people who like good shoes. If you want to sell, you need to cover rent. Not enough shoes to be sold to cover rent if same price as shoes overseas. Response is to increase price of shoes. Ideal? No, but you need to cover rent, pay people and maybe have enough left over to pay yourself.  Follow the above instructions and...
If Henry Bucks is being "monopolistic" they're not doing a very good job are they... A portion of higher prices in Australia is due to gouging. A much larger portion is due to higher wages, higher rents, smaller populations, higher transportation costs, a high exchange rate and a multitude of other factors.
New Posts  All Forums: