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Be careful with the Edwin sen. I own a pair and like them, but wow do they expand in the waist. My pair is probably a good 1 and a half to 2 sizes too loose in the waist after purchasing. You should really size down a full size, even if it seems extremely tight as it will stretch big time.
Recent name changes have meant I've had to abandon plans for a troll account combining the best of Michael Sy and Foxhound. It was going to be called, wait for it:     Michael Fox   or   FoxSy Lady   Oh what could have been...
Hang on, you've been holding back all this time? Boy oh boy wowee is this thread about to blow up now Jimmy's in town.
Yeah foxy this proved my point.Sprezz issues with this fit:-not clear if tie blade longer than front-pocket square too neatly folded-laces done up-no pink or electric blue elements-lapels 30cm too skinny-no leather folio in hand-photo not taken in conversation with 50+ y.o. italian man Sprezz rating 2/10 Would not post on Sartorialist
 Truly the ultimate put down. If a woman compliments you, you're clearly not sprezz enough. 
Why the hell would Herringbone send an email advertising C&J shoes to their mailing list when clearly 2/3 of the styles are out of stock in all major sizes?   "Look at all these great shoes we don't even have in stock when we advertise them"
Ah I see the new Patrick Johnson lookbook is out.
In regards to Tobias' post and Uniqlo OCBDs, I just stumbled across this seller: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/UNIQLO-Men-Oxford-Long-Sleeve-Shirt-White-Gray-Pink-Green-Blue-NEW-080923-/231072242854?pt=US_CSA_MC_Shirts&var&hash=item35ccfa9ca6&_uhb=1   More expensive than in store, but we Aussies don't have much of a choice. $52 with free shipping is still a bloody bargain compared to what we're used to. Be careful with sizing (all the HK sizes are one up from what you're...
SuitSupply is great, but you will have to take big risks on picking the fit best for you and then again risk it on size. Just go to MJ Bale. From a cost perspective, most tailors/alterers charge the same regardless of what sort of suit for most suits. Suitsupply suits are no harder to alter than others. Or, if you are worried about sizing or want something nicer, give Suit Shop a buzz.
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