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Ive just been part of a horrible accident in Budapest... (Apologies for horrible hotel photos, Gerry and his skills could make these look hella sexy)
Topical early bday present from the gf Very nice present as I would never buy this myself (except through PP). Obscene price,the margin on these things must be in the hundreds of percent.
You are obsessed with looking like you don't care how you look like.
This is what I was alluding to before. Can't remember who first spoke about it (maybe Fama) but they say the market must be just inefficient enough that active investors earn a "finder's fee" or a small profit which motivates them to stay in the market and keeps it relatively efficient. No-one sensible ever actually claims the market is wholly efficient (even if their language implies they are), rather it is a debate about how efficient it is.
Wat? No one said that and no one would.
 I "assume" that the only way to consistently beat the market (other than luck and leverage) is having superior information, having superior interpretation of existing information or getting information faster than others. But, there are so many different interpretations of what constitutes "information" that EMH becomes a rather meaningless thing. I it when people say that successful investors are just lucky and EMH holds, but I also dislike it when people point to...
What I get out of the EMH is that if you don't have information others don't, or a better interpretation of that information then there is no reason to expect that you will beat the market, indeed after transaction costs you probably won't. So, for an individual investor, it effectively is futile to expect you will beat the market. In regards to your other points:-You need lot's of monkeys to write Shakespeare, but not many to beat the market.-I'm rather poor with...
And this is of course fine, and great advice to students or young people or people in general, if it were not for the minor complication that it is incredibly difficult and often close to impossible for most people to be employed to any extent in their passion, even (as fxh thankfully pointed out) if their passion is not something pointless or illegal. The world is filled with wannabe photographers, fishers, ballerinas, artists, models, Beyonces, style bloggers, porn...
New Posts  All Forums: