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If your mum told you to jump off a bridge/take off the RM Williams, would you do it?
Could be I've just stretched them a little. I actually really like having a proper length blade, but yes could probably be shortened just a bit.
As I've requested of about three posters, all who've promised and not delivered... Can we please have some damn pics!
I find a single four-in-hand on your Grossas make the back blade longer than the front (I won't be having any of the Pitti BS) and I'm 6 ft 2!
Well they're no Passagio Cravatte but impressive nonetheless.
Standard Friday garb:(standard Friday comment: "What's up with the cuffs?)
I remember the first time I went to Italy and what really struck me was the ankles...
This Rolex building looks suspiciously like the new NSA complex.
I'm sure the feeling's mutual, although potentially not confined by an age bracket.It's certainly a totally different conversation to the one that you thought I was referring to. Maybe read a bit less, and slower?
It's like you write a response in Microsoft Word, right click and go to synonyms. It's not simply about quality, it's about lack of imagination. And it's about the vanity of buying something to improve your image in the eyes of others, simply because the average person knows how much what you just bought cost. Most people don't buy Tags or Rolexes because they're good watches, they do so because they know nothing or very little and simply want what they think is the best...
New Posts  All Forums: