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I was kidding, honestly the type of people who freak out about inkjet printed vs screened silk are the type of people who buy $1,600 wine coolers. A custom printed tie would be beautiful and in many ways more meaningful. Bonus points if you get Henry the wombat on the back.The problem with many pattern ties is that the pattern is too big. Any very small pattern can work well for all age groups. I can absolutely see a very small yellow wattle flower with green leaves on a...
No not him, don't worry, JH is a couple of years away from starting at university.
Surely you aren't suggesting INKJET PRINTED???  
I have the Hirsch strap on my Junghans and have had no issues with it.
I like this. I think I agree that maybe plain ties are out as many already have these, but stripes are pretty polarising. No offence, but I think schoolboy. Something in printed silk with a pattern like you've suggested would be fantastic, although I think you'll find Jason picks based on sample sent by the manufacturer, designing your very own silk is tricky.
2) Agreed on flag front, it's way too MJ Bale, not to mention our flag is shit. 3) Solid black doesn't seem in the spirit of SF members.  I would support a green grenadine fina or even a green in the silk Jason posted and I am quite annoyed I missed out on fatso and see no reason not to do a repeat run using him
It is time for a new members tie.
Coxie, what is your verdict on shanghai tianzi?
Literally what I was going to say
Cheers Cox, great colour and buttons could easily be lived with or replaced, but not Kei cut I don't think. PS very conservative for you! Looks good.Do you mean Kei cut fxh? Structured shoulders on normal Canali cut don't suit me, and neither do completely unstructured shoulders on many other jackets. The Kei has just enough padding that it fits me perfectly across the shoulders and neck. Certainly can see what you are saying about barrel chest, the jacket is probably a...
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