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Coxie is certainly this forum's Edelsten, although perhaps Geoffrey is a bit less eccentric
The saying "people in glass houses..." does not come close to adequately describing you
Yes of course PJ but it's a different price range to the ones this bloke is looking at
Ok so in reply to this, I would not go to either of those stores, nor would even consider any of those online retailers. If you are after affordable MTM in Australia I would choose between Oscar Hunt, SuitShop, Herman Brothers or Deerstyle. The others do not come close to these in terms of quality, fitting expertise or styling. You may still be happy with the outcome and your mates may have been happy with theirs, but you won't find people on this forum recommending many...
Agreed it's a bit dated but pretty sure it says to ignore most guys like institchu. It's simply not the same quality product, same experience level of fitting, same classic fit/styling that appeals to most on SF as PJ/SS/OH. There is a reason I have never seen someone post on this forum a suit from Institchu. A quick look at "Montagio's" website confirms the same. And who are the Oz based online retailers?
Oli puhlease post pics
This is a really bad thing to do, often this results in marks and damage to the jacket.
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