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Don't think this has been asked before. Where can I get a big, preferably self tie bow tie in Sydney? Looking for something evening wear-ish, but a little loud is ok (eg burgundy velvet/something polka dots). Size wise I'm after something like the Tom Ford ones. Am I dreaming if I'm trying to find one of these without paying the $300+ Tom Ford price?
http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/entertainment/sydney-confidential/myer-snaps-up-labels-from-rival-david-jones-in-battle-to-win-over-high-fashion-blokes/story-fni0cvc9-1226993928198?nk=5049f421a6af9fb2ce5284608e1d5c10   Contrast pick-stitching, marketing featuring overuse of the word "gentleman" and the fastest changing product catalog in Aussie menswear history coming to a Myer near you.   Very, very bad news for TM Lewin and Rhodes and Beckett.
If your mum told you to jump off a bridge/take off the RM Williams, would you do it?
Could be I've just stretched them a little. I actually really like having a proper length blade, but yes could probably be shortened just a bit.
As I've requested of about three posters, all who've promised and not delivered... Can we please have some damn pics!
I find a single four-in-hand on your Grossas make the back blade longer than the front (I won't be having any of the Pitti BS) and I'm 6 ft 2!
Well they're no Passagio Cravatte but impressive nonetheless.
Standard Friday garb:(standard Friday comment: "What's up with the cuffs?)
I remember the first time I went to Italy and what really struck me was the ankles...
This Rolex building looks suspiciously like the new NSA complex.
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