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The rain last is a very aggressive last to do a boot in IMO. Personally I'm not a big fan of pointed boots in general. I just don't really see where they fit in, are they to wear with suits or to wear casually?
New Peter last and yes, agreed, but give me a break all my others were in the wash!
I'm a known contrarian. And for some reason I'm itching to get home and throw out my loakes...
Couple of other pics    
Hmm interesting. Well they are marked Linea Maestro on the site and on the boots themselves,so Meermin must still be marketing their GMTO under this line, even if it is constructed to the classic line standard.
My unimpressed friend-owner-of-Meermin boots would like to assure all you naysayers that his boots are indeed Linea Maestro
The trick with RMWs is to make friends with someone that works for a company that gets the staff discount (obviously easier said than done). RMWs still has plenty of agreements with big agribusinesses to sell at 40% discount on ALL new stock (used to be 60%). This brings the Signature craftsman down to a reasonable price.
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