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That's ok, the treehouse is already full with me, Oli and JimmyHoffa. But I would be interested in a response to the crux of my argument, immature profanity aside (I was a little high on codral whilst writing it).
How. Fucking. Dare. You.
What a complete shitstorm. My less than five cents: TBM asks a brave and difficult question, but in my (admittedly close to worthless opinion), it's based on the false assumption that language has no context in relation to the Mcguire shitstorm from a few weeks back. Regardless of how much an idiot McGuire and his cronies are, there is no reason to believe that they actually were threatening violence or having anything to do with violence by using certain words. Language...
This being scared of what you wear thing is getting old. Has anyone noticed how the people given a hard time about what they wear are generally big personalities/somewhat divisive to begin with? The clothing element is just something obvious and physical to give them a hard time about. How many times have you seen someone quiet, agreeable and timid be roasted behind their back because they are wearing a sock for a tie, or a handkerchief in their pocket, or worse, non-black...
Didn't like your Kazuna ones Oli?   Look at that tasteful printed silk tie. That colour? It's called "deep magenta". And the material, that's "Macclesfield". My god... It even has a dimple.
Any pics? I'm pretty interested in this, been looking for some cheap, long, printed silk ties.   The way PJ's suit prices are going, no wonder he has to insider trade.   Ballsy wearing patch pockets to a court appearance, but I guess sprezz comes first.   In today's edition of shit executivestyle articles, a man compares a $10,000 Huntsman suit (or rather he largely just brags about having bought it) to shit bought in Hoi An and comes to no conclusion.
I don't know much about perfume, but I guess that all makes scents
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