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Yeah even though I disagree with a lot of what she says and dislike her writing style, I'm not really sure how who she purportedly had sex with in uni is relevant in any way. Indeed it's this kind of view that helps her justify some of the claptrap she writes.
How that woman continues to get weekly airplay in the SMH and Age, with limited criticism is beyond me. I can only assume sensible people are worried they'll be painted as woman hating fools if they even slightly disagree with her.
I assume by "iconic" you mean mass produced, well marketed, internet hyped, Chinese produced items which are shadows of their heritage. Eg Times, converse, Ray Ban, Persol. Or, perhaps I am mistaken, did you mean purchasable through TheIconic.com?
 Of course one could argue that both were morally reprehensible...
I tried this the other night, very nice, but to call the Lagavulin "polite" is like calling Jacqui Lambie "a bit eccentric".
Not sure about that fxh, this entire outfit screams to me that you could be a bit of a tool.
I bought myself a Lagavulin 16 a couple of months ago. Then my dad gifted me a Lagavulin 16 last month. Then today a guy at work has bought me a bottle of whisky, it's a (wait for it) Lagavulin 16... There are far worse things to be thrice gifted though.
All of these verbose replies are making it really difficult to slot in snarky one liners.   That briefcase is uncomfortably good looking. But, have you considered how it will affect your ability to be taken seriously by your clients? That appears to be bridle leather, which surely conveys you are a little stiff. Calf would have conveyed a certain softness and relatability. The inclusion of both handles and a strap screams indecisiveness. The brown colour implies...
That's all you'd ban? How liberal of you, I'd be far more authoritarian. 1) All lapels will be measured at door and three strikes system will apply for anything less than 3 inches.2) Shoes too pointy will be used to poke your eyes as a lesson. Shoes too blunt will be used to club you over the head.3) Any "Boss" or "Hermes" belts will be used to implement 20 lashes. Unless of course you're into that sort of thing, in which case I will make constant empty threats to lash you...
Did you study Vietnamese history at the University of Hanoi?
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