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hey guys what size shirt would you recommend for a girl about 5'6-5'7ish, very thin?
bump for a great seller.  got my 5th avenues about 12 days after sending my request and paypal payment.  smooth transaction.  will definitely buy from this seller again as soon as I save up the money!
Just curious, what do style conscious people think about this shoe (for casual non athletic endeavors with jeans etc)?     
lurking and just wanted to say also appreciate all of the advice in this thread.  New to SF and it's sort of overwhelming... is there a subforum or an ongoing thread for the budget-conscious non-ballers on SF?  Something akin to what is offered on but crowd-sourced by SF users?   Thrift route seems a little too intense for me and I think I saw a sales watch thread seemed to mostly point to sales on crazy expensive stuff/stores.
read most but not all 40 pages in this thread...   i'm about 5'7, 155, pretty athletic build 39" chest, 30" waist... will these shirts be billowy at the waist level?  I usually wear size small    
Been lurking for a while, decided to join up.  Stumbled across a few blogs a couple of a few weeks ago and since then I've been reading and reading and reading... so much to learn.  This is almost harder than med school. lol
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