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Anyone have photos of a Camille Bordeaux colored strap?  Tough to make out what it may look like from the online strap generator.  I'm thinking Mafoofan may have had one on his black Portuguese, but not sure and photos I've seen of that watch don't focus on the strap.  Anyone else had experience with some of the less expected strap colors from CF?
DLjr--That strap looks fantastic.  What padding profile and thickness did you ask for? 
Here's a related question for you guys:  do most ADs happily go along with requests for never touched watches?  I know some shops are very careful with their watches and basically don't allow potential customers to try pieces on to ensure that watches stay in great shape.  However, the much more common shop seems to let anyone try their watches on, and seem to unload these pieces at no additional discount.  It seems unrealistic to expect stores to keep their watches...
I agree that the Port's movement is fantastic, but I think impressive is a better descriptor than beautiful.  It's huge, and fills up the caseback unlike any other automatic movement that I can think of.  In that way, I think it's true to the Portuguese's origins as big watches with big, pocket-watch movements.  The effect of having a case sandwiched by expansive crystals covering the movement and the dial is unique.    Not sure what comparisons you're drawing between...
Well, if you wanted a white-dialed, new RO or you liked a bit more bulk, you'd stick with the 15400.    Have you received both of your new purchases yet, or just the Cartier? How are you liking them?
Interesting that you mention you're considering the AP and a JLC ultra thin moonphase.  Very, very different watches, but both have silver, non-white dials!  What led you to those two watches, and what else might you be considering?    On the 15202: I thought that it only came with the blue dial.  Tried it on at an AP boutique and the salesperson said it didn't come in silver/white.  The 15202 is fantastic, but is more understated than the 15400 with a silver face.  I...
 I would also suggest taking a look at GO, perhaps a Senator Automatic, Senator Chrono or Senator 60s.  They're dressier than the other options, but have finer finishing than the Rolex and IWC, as well as an in-house movement.  The Chrono is big and can swing more casual than the other two. 
Thanks for the response. I wear suit and tie everyday to work but don't otherwise attend many dressy events. My main watches are an IWC vintage series Inge and a GO pilots watch, as well as a Seamaster for weekend wear. That is to say, I don't have a dedicated dress watch but do have watches that I find suitable for most occasions.I actually tend to think there is more overlap between the ALS and Audemar than you do. Surely the Lange is dressier but I don't view it as a...
Anyone have thoughts on a classic Royal Oak (either the relatively affordable 15400 or the pricier and more special 15202) vs. a Lange 1815 Up/Down?
Do you need to be selective finding a cobbler to replace your heels and toppying soles??     Shoe repair guy who visits my office replaced soles on goodyear welted shoes by simply gluing new soles on.  I wouldn't go back to him for a sole replacement, but I'm considering using him to simply replace heels and toppy a couple of pairs of nice shoes.  Is there any way he could mess those up, or any need to find someone else? 
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