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Do you need to be selective finding a cobbler to replace your heels and toppying soles??     Shoe repair guy who visits my office replaced soles on goodyear welted shoes by simply gluing new soles on.  I wouldn't go back to him for a sole replacement, but I'm considering using him to simply replace heels and toppy a couple of pairs of nice shoes.  Is there any way he could mess those up, or any need to find someone else? 
Any suggestions for dependable, competent, no-nonsense watchmakers in NYC?  I need to service a Seamaster with an ETA movement, so no specialized experience necessary.  Many thanks.
I think it's a bad idea.  First, the folks who buy from you are enthusiasts who care about full canvasing.  Casual buyers are probably a small fraction of your clientele.  Second, with the full canvas suits just 150 bucks more, most would just spring for the slightly more expensive model.  I also think it improves your credibility to only offer fully canvased suits. 
Do you happen to have photos of the shirt from order 3062?  Satisfied with the collar?   
I'm considering trading my Glashutte Navigator toward an IWC Portuguese Auto.  However, I already have a Vintage Inge Laureus edition.  Do you think that this is a bad move because the watches are too similar?  I also have a Seamaster and a Montblanc dress watch, so my collection isn't huge.    Any input appreciated.   
People will probably hesitate to answer your question because it's constantly asked and answered here.  You can find lots of great info by searching.    To summarize:  Brooks Brothers, SuitSupply, Kent Wang and eHaberdasher are popular suit brands which run between 500-1000.  If you shop around, you could get a nice Italian suit such as a Corneliani or Zegna for under $2k.  Ralph Lauren Blue and Black Label suits are popular here as well, although the latter are...
Any guidance on what color tie / suit would go with this shirt?    http://www.amazon.com/Barba-Napoli-Lavender-Purple-Shirt/dp/B003ZWVJUU   It's a little darker and less versatile than I expected when I purchased.  Not sure if it can safely be worn with a business suit.  Thanks!
I think it would be tough to do all callbacks with one suit.  You're flying / taking trains, doing multiple sets of interviews in the same day or series of days.  Lots of wear for one suit.  If you can keep the suit looking good; avoid soiling it, etc., you should be all right.   But unless you can space your callbacks out, which isn't the best option (doing them quickly shows interest / avoids losing your spot to other applicants who beat you to the interview), you...
What's the best way to get wrinkles out of silk ties? Hanging for extended periods hasn't done the trick and I'm very hesitant to use an iron, even over a towel and at low temperature.  Any other suggestions? 
Those pebble-grain wingtips look amazing!    Does anyone have guidance on sizing if I'm a UK8 for the Carmina Simpson last, but a UK 7.5 in Carmina Rain and Inca?    I'm thinking 8 might be it, but am unsure.  Thanks!  
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