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Anyone with knowledge/ experience with the Apparat pants, in terms of sizing and fit? I'm aware they're cropped but that doesn't bother me since I normally take a shorter inseam anyway. And happy to hear recommendations for comparable brands along same aesthetics and function.
Thanks, JG. I don't mind the collar standing either and prefer the hood attached. Interesting to hear they're going to give it a warmer treatment--insulation-wise, it's the perfect fall-winter transition piece for me. Though I wouldn't mind the fishtail design being incorporated. 
Curious to learn if anyone has an opinion on the current Galvanic IS vs the older version with the built-in hood, either style-wise or function. I've got the older version but have been contemplating updating. Want the two-way zipper and insulated pockets but would prefer to stick to the shorter length too..quite a pickle. Thanks for feedback on prior posts, btw.
Thanks, that's helpful to know and def. way more acceptable. Will keep my eyes peeled. I'm currently using the mainline Pender, which has a side handle too, btw. Functionally it's terrific but growing tired of the overt branding.
Thanks for all the great insight. Yea, the full price is hard to swallow. What's the lowest anyone's noticed from a third party? I slept on a nwt Nomin on eBay at 450, which I'm regretting now. That said, anyone looking to retire his I'd be interested.
Does anyone here own the Nomin backpack? Curious to learn what general impressions are, and if there's any other brand/ style comparable to it on the market for less cost worth considering?
Anyone have suggestions for removing stubborn wrinkles from their jackets?
Skovbo13, Curious to know if you find the armholes high and restricting in the Field IS vs the Monitor S
Thanks for the replies. Inclined towards the Partition, too. Seems to be no end to the Veilance addiction
Right, I was really getting at which one has more utility in the forum's opinion. 
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