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Thanks for the replies. Inclined towards the Partition, too. Seems to be no end to the Veilance addiction
Right, I was really getting at which one has more utility in the forum's opinion. 
Looking to add a Spring piece. Thoughts on the Partition vs the Mionn three-quarter, guys?
Not sure if this helps, but it's the only one I have. This was last week in Chicago and I had a wool cardigan underneath.  
It does look a bit long in the sleeves. I'd size down one. Fyr, I'm 5'10" 158, 38R, and own the Monitor Down in S.   As for the earlier comments about puffiness, I can layer a cardigan underneath and it still looks pretty sleek, imo. Have gotten plenty of compliments on it already. I never mention it's Veilance unless people specifically ask--bc of the pricing it seems obnoxious to say. 
Hey Raixe,   Just came across this post. Don't know where you are with the biz now, but really digging the few pics you posted! Just two questions: what kind of leather do you use and where can I get my hands on one?
Hi,  Fantastic Ro bag! Ashame I came across it so late. Would it still happen to be available??   Thanks, JL
Club Monaco's also selling mac styles this season:   http://www.clubmonaco.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12473654&cp=12243591.12280933.12454393&ab=ln_men_apparel_outerwear   Tried on the navy - narrow cut but was tight around shoulders.
New Posts  All Forums: